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GPS tracking tech to eliminate quarantine security fees

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Returning locals who may wish to quarantine at their home will no longer have to worry about the mandatory security fee of $3,500, once the government’s mobile tracking app and wristbands become operational.

This is according to the Minister of Health, Carvin Malone who made the announcement during Tuesday night’s national address.

Because of government’s plan to introduce the GPS technology, which will track and monitor the activity of all persons utilising the devices, the need for physical security outside one’s property will, effectively, become obsolete.

“It is important that we can easily track and trace and with the application of the app of which we speak. We are going to be able then to cut back on that very expensive notion of having physical security,” Maline stated.

“For nationals returning, with the inclusion of the app, we’re going to be able to allow you to quarantine or isolate within your house without the $3,500 for instance because you would not have that added security cost because that particular app would be able to minimise or reduce the occurrence or the need for the physical security,” the minister explained.

Measures in place to ensure adherence

Malone also said government has implemented the necessary measures to ensure all persons in possession of the tracking technology adhere to the protocols.

He said if these protocols are breached, those persons caught in violation will be punished.

“It would come at a price because if you are intent on violating the particular protocols, then the fees would have already been established and the particular tickets will be issued,” he warned.

Back in August, Malone had said the $3500 fee was to cover the cost for 24-hour security surveillance for a period of 14 days and was a vast reduction from the previously-stipulated $6,048 quarantine cost.

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  1. What about says:

    Does this also apply to returning work permit holders and exemption holders???

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    • @What about says:

      The indication given during the press conference is that the entry protocols will apply equally to everyone, including returning work permit holders and exemption holders.

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    • Think says:

      Here’s a bit to think about before you all venture down on your vacation. You will be required to put an app on your phone for gps tracking. Welllllll, guess what else the app may be able to do. It may be able to glean all your personal information from your phone. Credit card info, banking info, personal conversations, emails, etc. And to whose hands does this info go to while you sit in quarantine? Place your trust in the almighty but not these people.

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      • Oh Please! says:

        You are talking about the BVI’s here…have you ever tried to cash a check in the country!? It takes over an hour when there are 4 tellers. Everything is hand stamped 3 times, there are 5-6 forms that are filled out. ALL PAPER.
        There is almost no chance these tellers could even log onto their email in less than 20 minuites, and now they are going to hack your Apple Phone with 64-bit incription?
        The BVI’s is in the stone age as far as technology goes. If they have a tracking device, they will loose the data and it wont work because of no cell coverage. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO MASTERMIND A HACK OF TOURISTS PHONES.

  2. Hmmmm says:

    Andrew Fahie you and your government need to stop the bull s**t. When you all lock out people long enough and they find other places to go, they are not coming back. The VIP government have their heads up their a**es, and their brains have turned to mud. Who the h**l is advising this government? Bad job.

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    • No nonsense says:

      The rich and famous!! Their money and power is of paramount importance than little poor black me on election day. To h**l with that government. Hope the governor is listening to our cries and assist!!

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  3. Apollo says:

    Oh. Just like the electronic leash that I put on my dog! ? Welcome to Her Majesty’s prison, tourists.

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  4. West says:

    We in the 1st district would like a device to track and trace the $3000, plus the $10,000 for the district. Every one can walk their garbage to the bin but the house to house collection was collecting two(2) weeks ago. Why we have to pay for quairrtine and testing? Where is the money for it?? We want to see the break down? As for the your district a tourist area, it looks like shyte!!

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  5. Rubber Duck says:

    If this system actually works I will show my backside on the chapel steps.

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  6. Come Now says:

    You are telling me that the tourist can come and be quarantine for four days but me as a local have to quarantine for 14days. When are you going to invest in RAPID testing and stop this bulls. Rapid testing and the Covid APP is a good combination. Who ever test positive then should be taken into secure quarantine. Lets maximize our little scarce resources and not squander it. Rapid test on entry and the extended test 14day later.

  7. Craziness says:

    So I can come as a visitor and get the phone app then leave my phone in my hotel room and leave my room and walk about wherever and where I want for the day? This country don’t even put tracking devices on the criminals out on bail. How dumb can anyone be? How dumb? Craziness. Bye bye all tourist based businesses.

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