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Grandmother sells food to fund 4yo grandson’s cancer bills

“It has really been a shock and not something that you were prepared for. I don’t think I have had a dry eye since that day” — Jasmine Watson; grandmother of four-year-old cancer patient Jahdiel.

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Before January 9, four-year-old Jahdiel Watson was a typical four-year-old attending the Kids Connection Centre and living with his parents in Purcell Estate on Tortola.

“He was never sick, always up and frisky, riding his bike, running,” Jahdiel’s paternal grandmother Jasmine Watson explained.

However, the toddler’s life and those around him drastically changed when his mother and subsequently his teacher noticed that part of his torso appeared to be disproportionate.

“His mom noticed that he had a higher tummy on the left and she took him to the doctor, but the doctor said: it’s, nothing he’s OK. He then went to school, but he didn’t want to eat, and so the teacher insisted that he ate something,” Watson told BVI News .

It was during the time when the teacher tried to convince young Jahdiel to eat that she touched his stomach and discovered something was gravely wrong.

Cancer diagnosed

The four-year-old was subsequently rushed to a doctor, and an X-ray was done on him indicating that he had a ‘mass’ in the mid-section of his body.

Further tests were conducted and the four-year-old was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Jahdiel was subsequently flown to Miami where he had to undergo surgery. His left kidney was removed. He has been undergoing radiation and chemotherapy since.

“Some days are good, some days are bad. It has really been stressful on the family, but I thank God because at least he still has life and through it all, we have a lot of support,” Watson said as tears flooded her eyes.

Selling food to fund medical expenses

Watson said since the discovery of her grandson’s illness, the family has been bombarded with hospital and other expenses. Watson explained that the surgery cost $100,000 and the radiation which he recently concluded came at the cost of $40,000.

Jahdiel also has to undergo 27 weeks of chemotherapy at the Nicholas Children’s Hospital in Miami.

She said while friends and family, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the National Health Insurance and the BVI Cancer Society assisted the family, they are still in need of financial help.

As a result, Watson and her husband decided to prepare food for sale to raise funds. The first food sale occurred at the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park in Road Town on Thursday.

“I just thought I would initiate something that would help my son and his wife because it is very stressful on them,” she said, adding that Jahdiel is an only child.

Jahdiel’s parents have temporarily relocated to the continental US to care for the toddler.

Watson further said besides from being afraid of the hospital and the treatment he has to undertake, Jahdiel “is still himself.”

“It has really been a shock and not something that you were prepared for. I don’t think I have had a dry eye since that day,” she said.

Persons minded to assist Jahdiel may contact Jasmine Watson at 284-543-9988.

Watson mounts tents in Road Town to sell food to fund grandson’s medical expenses.

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  1. Wow says:

    Now this is a cause to fight for

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    • NHI says:

      Where is NHI in all this. Children are supposed to be covered completely.

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    • The truth says:

      Grandma… They hiding the truth. Forget the chemo. Marijuana oil is the cure.

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      • OZYMANDIAS says:

        Unfortunately Adventist don’t believe in reality. My heart crying for this youth smh. The 27 weeks of torture touch me deep in my soul. I could only imagine the pain of this youth smh please come to senses please quick alkaline foods nartural roots and CBD OILS. He is a BALCK youth so natural is the way for his body, if you don’t believe then google all the WHITE youths that have been saved with worst cases of cancer.

  2. A second opinion is alwaus best says:

    A second medical opinion is always best. I too was initially misdiagnosed for mine particular condition. While not as severe, had I not been diagnosed accurately as a second medical opinion given by Dr. Penn, I too could have been in grave danger. Thank God for Dr. Penn!

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  3. Oh man says:

    Poor little guy. I hope everything works out well for him. As a mom of two, the tears is flowing. He is such a little cutie pie.

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  4. Say so says:

    Just prayed for him.. Blessings!????

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  5. ? says:

    May the good God cover him under his percious blood how to get intact with you for further donation.

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  6. GoFundMe? says:

    Wow. How horrible. Is the a GoFundMe account t to donate?

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  7. Oh no says:

    I feel your pain mommy! I will pray for your fsmilh and try to encourage persons to assist. These doctors in the BVI do not assess patients enough.

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  8. Miami Florida says:

    Ms.Watson, I don’t know your family but your grandson is in our thoughts and prayers. Nicholas is a excellent Hospital for children. With the proper treatment he will be ok. With God,all things are possible. That beautiful little boy is going to be ok.

    Like 18
  9. N...H...I! says:

    Where is the NHI…that’s is what it was set up for? Why can’t NHI assist the people with this child’s medical bills? ?? ???? Is it because his lineage is not belonger?? Lord help us.

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    • Bruce says:

      Government can not and should provide healthcare. This is a window into the future of healthcare in the BVI.

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    • Hmm says:

      She said while friends and family, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the National Health Insurance and the BVI Cancer Society assisted the family, they are still in need of financial help.

    • IJS says:

      NHI covers 80%.

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    • Guy Hill says:

      @N..H..I….please stop exposing/expressing your ignorance and stupidty publicly. NHI covers ALL Persons legally residing in the Virgin Islands. What’s your moot point about Belonger lineage BS? Get a grip. Life is real.

  10. the help you need says:

    marijuana Oil is proven to kill all cancer cells please look into this for his treatment as chemotherapy is useless and will kill him.

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    • Here goes... says:

      Wow I’m sure you can cite the medical research to back up this statement. It’s new to me but I’m sure all the doctors will be glad to know this…

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      • Let's go says:

        There IS medical research. And the doctors DO know this. However the medical industry is a money making industry and if everyone is cured of cancer using the well known marijuana oil, then that would see big financial losses in the industry. Look into it for yourself and you will be surprised with what you will find.

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    • Yep says:

      Chemo kills the bad and good cells.

    • Enforcement is Key says:

      Documented but NOT proven to aid in the prevention and developing cancers. Please be sure to choose your words wisely. False news would be to say “proven to kill all cancers. Factual news would be to say a form of CBD Marijuana is being on furthering studies to decrease cancer cells.

  11. Guy Hill says:

    Prayers are up for this youngster. Be Brave.

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  12. go fund me says:

    Ask your daughter to set a go fund me page so it can be shared with your BVI family and Adventist brothers and sisters in the mid Atlantic area of the US.

    If she does post the link here in the comments please.

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  13. D says:

    Get some Cannibas Oil that will cure the cancer. Make sure it is the real thing. Do some research onlinet it. Sending prayers. abou

  14. Charnele says:

    Sorry to hear about the child’s situation. Will pray for him and his family. You can set up a go fund me page to help with his medical expenses.

  15. Ausar says:

    Kidney cancer at such a young age..My God..

    What is glaringly clear from this article, is that something in our community has made that little boy ill.

    And I want to believe that the water in this country is bad, very bad, and is contibuting to the causes of renal failure, in all it’s forms.

    There have been persons residing in this community that have suffered from kidney issues after drinking territorial water-by cistern, potable, or other sources-with its heavy salts and rubble-in taste, that results in renal failure and subsequent dialytic operations to aid in the extension of life.

    We’ve really got to look into this situation. Sure, cancer affects all and is caused by a myriad of factors, but kidney issues at such a young age should have us all scratching our heads and start to really investigate what possible circumstances may be the culprits.

    This is why a medical institution in this country is so key. Medical research,and the key areas of research,will assist in the etiology of diseases. And this is so needed,like immediately!

    Yes, the Former Minister Walwyn, has incepted this instiution, and I am hopeful that our Premier with his historical data and input in this area of expertise, will lead the way to get this country on board with medical knowledge, etiology, and training!

  16. BDeal says:

    My prayers for the little guy.
    Children should not have to deal with these situations!! I ask, was he not born there in the BVI? If so, shouldn’t he go to England for treatment? If he’s a US citizen, I would recommend St.Jude in Memphis, TN…God’s speed to your recovery little one! ????????

  17. AJIC says:

    Mrs. Watson, I realise as an ADVENTIST you may have been conditioned to believe the worst about marijuana. Most medicine comes from plants like the marijuana plant. It is how you use the plant. Some use it for good and some for bad. Please try your little one on the marijuana tea and oil. It is known to have miraculous healing qualities for Cancer.

  18. GOSH says:

    Terribly sorry to read about this beautiful boy’s illness. I would recommend that the parents try Great Ormond Street Hospital in London for further medical care.


  19. tizonlyme? says:

    So why is this other doctor still practicing?

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