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Greenland sewerage issue to be fixed by year end

Sewerage flowing on the street on a section of Tortola.

The long-standing issue of sewerage in Greenland and other communities on the eastern end of Tortola is set to get some much-needed attention.

During a visit to the affected area this week, Works Minister Mark Vanterpool announced plans to properly address the matter.

According to Vanterpool, a portion of the $65.2 million government recently borrowed from the Caribbean Development Bank will fund the project.

“We are now putting a consultant team on it for the final designs to have the sewerage working from East End, Greenland, and Long Look coming down to Paraquita Bay where we have the tertiary treatment plant,” he said.

“We hope that by the end of this year we can see some major works along these lines.”

Temporary fix

In the meantime, Vanterpool said government will be implementing a more immediate solution.

“We are hoping to have it temporarily fixed and maintain it so that we can see a better solution for the time being,” he said.

District Representative Marlon Penn described the issue as vexing and said he is anticipating a swift remedy for the situation.

Sewerage literally runs on street

He said there was a short-term resolution to the sewerage issue years ago. However, the 2017 hurricanes caused those efforts to get undone.

“It has become very, very uncomfortable for the people. The sewerage is literally running in the street.”

“I am very concerned that this has been going on for this long and we have to address the situation once and for all. This vexing problem has been [present for] over two decades now,” he said.


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  1. Baughers Bay says:

    Please add Baughers Bay to the districts with huge sewerage issues. It terrible out on the main road from ZBVI down to Lyndon’s Bar.

  2. Socrates says:

    What happened to the supposed approx $8M that was borrowed from the EE/LL sewage project to fund the Tortola Pier Park? Was a design contract already in place? If so what is the status of the design project? How much of the CDB loan will be earmarked to the EE/LL sewage project? Is not exposure to raw sewage a health risk? Are the health of residents of this area being monitored? Do the Water and Sewage personnel have the training, certification, and experience to maintain the collection and transmission systems?

    • H--- D---y says:

      The original Pier Park Budget was full funded sanitary system within the $45 Million Project Budget, no Government funds would have been needed. When the BVIPA took over the project they already had what they refer to as the “Soldiers of the Party” in place. When i refused to award to those entities i was removed form the project. D— S—— was involved in these awards to highest bidders aligned with the Minister. The people must look deep into their projects to prevent the on-going corruption.

  3. Resident says:

    This is S**T running in the streets for YEARS now and you telling me that NO ONE see this as a MAJOR concern ?
    Yes we are aware and we are working on it ; THIS is completely UNACCEPTABLE from our leaders ;
    Are we waiting on the “ hadda know sympton” that is typical to Virgin Islands Culture
    This is part of the problem of NOT having VISION not planning for the future
    And GREED yes allowing buildings to go up beyond building lines NOW No room for expansion of “ side walks / bike trails / green space bot even road expansion
    Heard them in the house Talking about Bermuda “ town limits”
    Should be ashamed ; irs ayaa got Road Town full o s**t.

  4. Zedal says:

    post it now

  5. Island Man says:

    Scooter Riders in East End are Terrorist;
    I know this is not the right place; however am a single mother and am very frustrated. The loud shooters are terrorising me every night in Long Look. O please my baby cannot sleep and àm having nervous breakdown. Please my people, speak to your sons and ask them to stop the riding these loud noisy bikes. It is not doing me justice. I just frighten I might do something bad. I need help! Is East End police station still open at night? Please stop the scooter riders with the loud vibrating noise. Please please…

  6. Pinocchio says:

    Yeah right! Like the Lee road on VG going to be finished by the end of April.

  7. Wes says:

    LOL This has to be today’s smile. How much of the money will actually make it to be spent on the project?

  8. Sam the man says:

    Which year end? If it’s M—– overseeing it won’t be this year and — won’t know how long it will take, how much or who’s paying but apart from that he’s doing a great job – let’s give him a reward and honour mediocrity as the NDP do all the time just look at the performance of all their politicians – what a sorry inept bunch they are , yet try so hard to look the part but it’s all talk, talk, talk and no action!

  9. Sam the man says:

    which year?

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