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GUILTY: Father claims ‘mistaken identity’ after having sex with 15yo daughter

The building that houses the High Court in Road Town, Tortola.

A 43-year-old local who was found guilty of incest on Monday has claimed that it was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ when he had sex with his then 15-year-old daughter nearly two years ago.

Eight of the nine-member jury panel returned with a guilty verdict.

The man – whose name is being withheld to protect his child – testified that he was under the influence of alcohol and thought he was having sex with his girlfriend on the night of December 15, 2016.

Throughout the course of his trial in the High Court, the Crown relied on the victim’s testimony, DNA evidence, as well as the testimony of a retired police officer who reported the matter after the sexually-assaulted minor raced to his home asking for help on the night in question.

The incestuous dad is now in custody awaiting his sentence which is scheduled for January 14.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that the daughter came over to Tortola from a sister island to attend a family event that was happening the following day.

As pre-arranged by her mother, the father was supposed to pick her up from the ferry dock and take her to her grandparents home.

The incestuous father, however, opted not to take the minor to her grandparents’ house but, rather, to his home.

The court heard that the man later went to work and, one his way back, had a few alcoholic beverages before returning home.

Later that night, after taking a bath, the underaged victim was reportedly lying in bed when her father came into her bedroom and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

He then continued kissing her but this time tried inserting his tongue into her mouth, the court heard. The teen clenched her teeth and tried to push him away. The lewd father persisted.

‘Daddy no, Daddy stop!’

He proceeded to pin her down and eventually overpowered her and had sex with her, the court heard.

The underaged daughter reportedly told the court she shouted, “Daddy no, Daddy stop” but he did not stop, and he ejaculated inside her vagina and on her body.

When the assault was over, she ran to the bathroom and he followed. He asked the child not to tell anyone, including her mother, and promised her that he could get her anything she wanted.

The young lady told the court that she agreed so that he could stop pestering her. She later returned to bed and pretended to fall asleep.

It was during that time that her father, believing she was sound asleep, called his then-girlfriend, who came to pick him up shortly after.

The court heard that when he left the house, his daughter packed her travelling bag and ran next door to ask for help.

The neighbour, who was a retired police officer, alerted the police and she was taken to the hospital for a medical assessment.

The assessment found her father’s semen was still embedded in her vagina. The assessment also showed that she had tearing of her hymen (a membrane which partially closes the opening of the vagina and whose presence is traditionally used as a mark of virginity).

The semen was later tested and it was found to be a match with her father’s.

Her father was subsequently arrested, charged and granted bail.


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  1. Scar says:

    Lock him up forever.

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  2. A Man to Another Man says:

    Man you should b protecting your daughter from sexual predators. You should not be a sexual predator targeting your own daughter. Incest is a crime even in the Bible.

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    • Hodgie says:

      Man like you give good men bad name. I beg for you to be castrated.

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      • Leave it here says:

        I ain’t hear they say nothing of rape though… Obviously there was some kind of consent.

        • Madoff says:

          Consent? Really? Its rape if only because of her age.

          It’s certainly rape, because she said “Daddy, don’t do it” and ran away at the first opportunity she could and reported it.”

          When the master used to have his way with young girls he could get away with it. Those times should have passed.

          We need an explanation from the prosecution, why this matter is considered incest vs rape!

        • You idiot says:

          she said NO Daddy! And even if she didn’t get the words out are you insinuating that a father can have sex with his child? she is also a minor…hello!!

    • ?Really now says:

      Why don’t we have a problem when the royals do it? This is an atrocious act but the hypocrisy in this inbred community is rich!

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      • WOW says:

        Of course is a problem when royals do it. That don’t mean we have to condone it tho. We just don’t say anything to royals because they’re “royal”.

        But if that’s you trying to justify that man’s actions, you should be locked up with him.

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      • U nasty man!!! says:


      • BS says:

        If you are a man sounds like you would do it to your daughter….Do have any idea what that child endure thru out this ordeal?My heart crys out for this innocent child….Do you even have a heart?to wrote such a commment…Omg! I can just imagine what this poor young lady got to go thru for the rest of her life….This animal damn b***s had to to cutoff then stuff it in his mouth dirty pig

      • BS says:

        If you are a man sounds like you would do it to your daughter….Do have any idea what that child endure thru out this ordeal?My heart crys out for this innocent child….Do you even have a heart?to wrote such a commment…Omg! I can just imagine what this poor young lady got to go thru for the rest of her life….This animal damn b***s had to to cutoff then stuff it in his mouth dirty pig!ypo sickened my stomach.

  3. Madoff says:

    He was granted bail?

    Do we live in a civil society? Our elected officials have ignored our children by failing to rebuild their schools. Our courts are now protecting rapists?

    This is a matter of rape not incest! Do women have any rights here?

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    • Hello..... says:

      It is a matter of rape and incest

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      • Madoff says:

        The penalty for rape is severely different than the penalty for incest. The crime of incest usually implies consent on behalf of both parties.

        What that monster did to his child did not involve her consent. By all accounts he raped her. Why wasn’t he charged with rape?

        The usual penalty for raping children is life imprisonment or death. The penalty for incest varies and may involve a small fine.

  4. Just Curious says:

    I would like to know who is that juror who heard the evidence of the child coupled with forensic evidence showing that the father seen was inside if his own daughter and believe that the father wasn’t guilty. That’s one of the reasons why jury trial should be abolished and leave the deliberations to three judges to give the verdict. I am glad his A$$ Will be at HMP until next year and I hope he gets the same amount of years like his daughter’s age. Thanks to the other eight jurors that makes justice happens.

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  5. political says:

    granted bail because of political friendship . hmm u my by but reading this is unbelievable. pray u get time up there to realise what excess amount of alcohol consumption can do to ones soul.

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    • Alcohol you say? says:

      The premeditation was there before the alcohol…when he failed to carry the child to her grandmother’s. I can only wonder how he sat and plotted then went to the rum shop. May God heal this young lady completely.This one is beyond hurtful. He planned it.

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  6. The Truth says:

    Boy you is a real s***t.

  7. Lord Have Mercy says:

    This is the saddest story I’ve read in a while, I commend the 15 Y/o for being brave enough to get help on the same night and not keep it secret.

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  8. Reply says:

    First, let me say to the victim, I am so sorry that you had this terrible experienced by the man who should have been there to protect you.

    Know that you did nothing wrong. I applaud you for testifying against your so called father. I trust that your mother has gotten you the necessary psychotherapy to cope with this horrible horrible experience, so that you can move on with your life and hopefully have healthy relationships in the future.

    Now, mistaken identity? I cannot believe this low life used that as an excuse. Did’t his child’s cries of ‘Daddy no, Daddy stop!’ not make him realize he was committing a crime against his own child? Mistaken identity my @ss.

    I would like to spend one minute in a room with this guy…just one minute. One of us would not be coming out of that room. People like him need their @sses thoroughly beaten.

    There is no amount of alcohol one can consume that would cause one to rape their own child. This guy had this idea in the back of his mind. Let’s call what he did what it is: Incestuous rape. He need a lengthy stay at Balsum Ghut.

    While there, I hope he is miserable every single day, and one of the guys who has read or head of this case mistake his identity and beat his a$$ real good.

    I am mad just reading this story. You cannot go any lower than raping your own child. While I am 99.99% a law abiding person, this is one exception where I could end up in jail.

    I cannot guarantee I could control myself if something like this happen to my child. Horrible.

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    • Disgusted says:

      I agree with you 10000000% but to add, I pray he gets locked up with the gay men and buss up his batty until the day he is released……

  9. 8th District Gyal says:

    This is very, very disturbing. I pray this young lady is provided acute counseling. Young lady, I am so sorry this happened to you.

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  10. Buju says:

    What a disgraced, shame on this father

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  11. Well sah says:

    There was a judge in Dominica some years back that man would’ve definitely been castrated no mercy for you

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    • @Well sah says:

      We need a judge like him here. It is disgusting to know that a father would do this. The teenager is one brave and smart young lady and I pray she gets any help she would need. We need this registry urgently for these predators.

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  12. Give him says:

    That jury had to be smoking or something…..the young lady was a virgin…even so his semen matches.

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  13. Webster says:

    Totally disgusting! And to think that with all that evudence, one jury felt that he was not guilty. SMDH in disbelief!

  14. Luvz says:

    To the young lady, I am so sorry you had to go through this. I hope you have a strong support team with you. Keep your head up! Bless.

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  15. God don't Sleep says:

    This Story Touched Me. this man hurt that little baby girl for the rest of her life!!! sentence him!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. Eagle eye says:

    It would have been nice for the public to know who he is,especially the ladies.

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  17. Miss says:

    The one person who is supposed to protect her at all cost, took something so precious from her and the dirty b*****d didn’t even have the decency to use protection. smh

    • umm says:

      Mistaken for his ‘girlfriend’ although she is crying out for “DADDY” to stop.
      I’m feeling sick to my stomach.
      He needs to be castrated.

  18. Musa says:

    Life up the hill easy case done dea


  19. The Observer says:

    Some man does only c.u.m to their senses. After they nut they realize the wrong dem do

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  20. Fuming!!! says:

    OMG…..She held on to her virginity up to that point as a young teenager, where there’s so much peer pressure….to lose it to a sleazy nastiness of a man, who is supposed to be her protector? Listennnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????

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  21. Ms wize says:

    @ eagle eye he is married… poor wife. Stupid married him after all this .you have s teenager too huh? ☻???? shame on you so call daddy

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  22. Was abused says:

    Set his A** free so I can castrate him with a rusty knife and stuff his private parts down his throat. It will give me great pleasure to see him suffer. I was sodermize and raped by grandfather, uncles and cousins when I was that age. The thing is, no one believed me when I was crying out for help. I have this intense hatred for men that resort to messing with underage girls.

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  23. Mother of 2 girls says:

    Listen….am so piss off right now. What kind of man would stoop to dat level. Its funny how he was sober enough to beg her not to tell and sober enough to call his woman right after. He had it planned all along or why else would he refuse to take her to her grandmother. My wish for him is dat they deal with him good and proper up Balo. Nasty piece ah low life. If he did dat to his own daughter imagine someone else’s daughter

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  24. Nam says:

    Stinking dutty dog. He has violated her in one of the worst ways. Throw away the keys.

  25. All i have to say says:

    Nasty,perverted, sleezy disgusting flea bag man.

  26. Miss moffet says:

    One of the guy in prison should do the same to him every day. And pleas mistake identity, he through he was a virgin woman

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  27. Mark says:

    I hope he get jail time for rape snd incest.

  28. Anonymous says:

    DEATH PENALTY. This made throw up. Sick. Sadly there are a lot more fathers Like this out there. Hate those mf like poison!!!

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  29. Queen Ifrica says:

    Daddy don’t touch me there, I’m gonna tell on you one day I swear. Can’t you see I’m scared, you suppose to be ma father.

  30. Sick to my Stomach says:

    I read this and cringed…cried and shaked my head in horror….this is a teenagers worst nightmare.
    My heart goes out to you brave young woman. You did not deserve this and I know u will never call him daddy again. He is not a father but a serpant. My dear….he will feel pain here on earth and way after death…as out God sees and knows all things. How could he…really… your flesh and blood..your baby girl… much love to you my dear. Hold strong and know that he will pay!!

  31. Wow says:

    Unbelievable!!! Throw away the key…that monster!!

  32. Ausar says:

    Mores, mores of a depraved society!

    Such activities are endemic in this society!

    So sad that another one has had to experience this. The stories I’ve heard over the years..Shocking!

    Sadly, she’s not going to be the last. I dont understand why the judiciary can’t get the sentences to cases like this commensurative with the crimes committed.


  33. Mother of 3 says:

    OMG i here reading this,and can’t hold back my tears,i was burning up inside knowing that the one person who suppose to be her protector,has destroy her in the worse possibly way,we the parents need to know who the m*$#!*@c**t is so we can deal with him,we will cut of piece of his manhood everyday and feed him with it.Nasty dutty piece ah s**t

  34. Ann Marie George says:

    They should sentences him same age as he daughter nastiness.

  35. Mad back woman says:

    Just brought memories back to me ,this family friend raped me too, all now I have feelings to do him something very bad,this was when I was 15 years too,I couldn’t tell my father ,he would have killed him,I was scared of him for years after that ordeal

  36. Anonymous says:

    He is worst that a four legged dog I hope he rot in prison.

  37. Patricia says:

    He is worst than a dog I hope he rot in prison he knew exactly what he was doing.

  38. Wtf says:

    Dey grant him bail!!wooooww….he need bury mehson nasty MS

  39. umm says:

    Mistaken for his ‘girlfriend’ although she is crying out for “DADDY” to stop.
    I’m feeling sick to my stomach.
    He needs to be castrated.

  40. Anonymous says:

    These are not the facts of the case. Majority of what was written here is lie. You should be able to sue a newspaper for slander. I’m sure this post will be conveniently left out.

  41. You should be ashamed says:

    This was a closed case and for what is supposed to be a reputable newspaper to print such distortion of the facts of the case, is ridiculous. You should be allowed to sue. But that’s how things are done in a small place where even law enforcement is corrupted. Majority of this so called news story are lies and doesn’t even line up with what the young lady said. I’m more than disappointed in BVI news. It’s noy the first time you rush yo out out a story and print lies and untruths. I want to say the truth but I am begging whoever wrote this story to go the write thing and correct your lies

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    • Um says:

      Which bit did they get wrong? Did or did not the father have Sexual intercourse with his daughter who was underage?
      The rest doesn’t matter. If you have sex with a minor that is rape – if that’s your daughter it’s still rape plus incest which even worse if that’s possible.
      Don’t have sex with underage children. It’s really simple. If you do you are a pedo and need serious physiological help as well as removal from society.
      Rape is a cowardly act done by men (and women) who are the lowest form of scum. If you are trying to protect him you need to ask yourself some serious questions about morals and ethics.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Facts matter. I’m not defending anything. There are men men on this island that should be locked for having sex with minors in their family. My point is this is supposed to be a newspaper printing facts. It’s a disgrace that I can’t trust to get the facts of a case from the news. Don’t twist me words. My point is print facts so that people can truly know what’s going on.

  42. Fed up says:

    What the hell u doing having sex with a 15yr old anyway…. Blame the man yeah but these lil thots guilty too… struppes

  43. Unknown says:

    Really he thought it was his girlfriend. It sounds like he well planned it I hope the court don’t forget him when giving sentences, you sick p***k

  44. Uncle Buck says:

    “I’m sorry judge, I thought it was a different 15 year old.”

    That can’t seriously have been his defence? What an idiot.

  45. God don’t sleep says:

    When the truth about this really come out. I hope all of you will have something to say then. Things aren’t always as they appear and every young “girl” doesn’t always tell the truth

  46. dj says:

    I has a building block (2) and chain. I no’s where deep water is— who got boat?
    Can get extra blocks and chain for those who don’t see how wrong this was– including that juror. Sic Sic Sic
    Who da hell is Royal?

  47. Just curious says:

    How credible is this site I’ve waited to see if any other site mentioned the so called facts of this case but none ever did I find it hard to believe that this journalist and news site had exclusive rights to this story. Something just don’t seem right here, is it that the info might not be factual thus the reason no one else carried it .

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