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Gumption raises thousands to rebuild elderly man’s home despite having no place of his own

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Despite not having a home of his own since the 2017 hurricanes, Allington ‘Gumption’ Creque has raised more than $40,000 to rebuild the home of an elderly man on Virgin Gorda.

Speaking to BVI News on Sunday, Creque said he sprang into action when he witnessed the concerningly dilapidated condition of the home of Anderson ‘Andy’ Hamm of North Sound, Virgin Gorda.

“He was living in a place you shouldn’t even keep your dog so I said, ‘this is not acceptable’,” Creque stated.

“The day when it (works to the elderly man’s home) started was his birthday so that was like a new beginning for him. He is just someone who mistakenly got left behind. There were a few people from different organisations who visited him and just kept on promising but they never showed up.”

Using his social media influence, Creque generated support from roughly 60 persons who donated approximately $20,100. He also got help from other private donors such as the Ministry of Health & Social Development and Ninth District Representative, Vincent Wheatley.

“We raised over $40,000 and the house will be completed very, very soon,” an elated Creque told BVI News.

The old, unstable two-bedroom structure has been demolished and reconstruction started in earnest roughly three months ago.

I have no home

While championing efforts to restore the elderly man’s home, the altruistic Creque is yet to find a home for himself.

“I still don’t have a place of my own and I have been staying in people’s houses since the hurricanes. But I see him (Mr Hamm whose home is being rebuilt)) as somebody that nobody is going to take seriously and just keep on promising,” Crequed said.

“But God is just using me in ways that he wants. It’s a fuzzy kind of feeling and it’s beautiful at the same time,” he added.

This latest act of kindness and philanthropy is not the first time that Creque — the owner of ‘Sea It Clear Glass Bottom Tours’ — has sacrificed himself to assist persons in his community.

Immediately following the hurricanes, some of his loyal customers raised some $23,000 through GoFundMe to repair his boat that was damaged during Irma.

However, with the permission of those said customers, Creque instead used the donation to purchase food, generators, and school supplies for the needy.

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  1. Impressive says:

    Now that’s what you call “Pay It Forward”…you are good people Mr Creque! I wish you continued success.

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  2. LOL says:

    Might as well we vote for this guy next time around because he is doing more for the 9th district than_______

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  3. He’s the best says:

    Gumption is a breath of fresh air in these times of self entitlement and outright greed. Leaders eat last.

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  4. Thank Be To GOD For You says:

    We Need More People Like Gumption In The BVI. May LORD continue To Bless. I Know Your Bless Prosperity Is Coming Soon.

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  5. great says:

    Your reward will come from god soon….Love your heart of gold.

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  6. Thank Be To GOD For You says:

    We Need More People Like Gumption In The BVI. May LORD continue To Bless. I Know Your Bless Prosperity Is Coming Soon.

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  7. @LOL says:

    This is such a dumb comment – Gumption works very closely with our newly elected District 9 representative, so please don’t speak on something you know nothing about. His spirit drives him to do stuff for others that a government representative financially can’t do. He has many contacts who are willing to donate, so he uses that platform to help the people of the 9th.

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  8. Dear Mr.Gumption says:

    One of the best uplifting news story of the week. I don’t know you but you have a wonderful heart.what you did,I would have done the exact thing. Young man you are so blessed and will continue to be blessed.From the bottom of my heart, thank you and God bless.

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  9. Heavy says:

    only one word ..REALEST

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  10. Adic says:

    Good vibes.Keep up the good work my brotha.

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  11. One eye fowl cock says:

    Well done good and faith full God will open up the doors of heaven and bless you stay focus

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  12. wow! says:

    Mr. Gumption shamed us all, no money can buy that warm fuzzy feeling. Walk in the path of Christ

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  13. Fruity Chocolate Berry says:

    May your blessings return to you 100 folds.

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  14. Great Man says:

    A true example of a caring human. Thank You for looking out for the elderly man.

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  15. Haha says:

    Now ask yourself in an Island with so many churches where are the articles with so and so church doing anything noteworthy besides reopening and seeking more offerings. Where are the Christians and what have they done. Christianity should be about following the path of Christ but most think Christianity is just going to church every Sunday and ignore their neighbours.

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  16. Good deed says:

    This is great gump Buh why you don’t have no place of your own mommy got a big house in the hills go there until the bigger picture

  17. nah hoo says:

    That old man family should be ashamed of themselves….Them is the same set who will be fighting for the same house as soon as old boy close his eyes

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  18. ? says:

    Continue with your kind and loving heart my brother you are doing what the good God say we must do may God continue to bless you and keep you am inspire.

  19. Lavanta says:

    Continue on. Be blessed as you bless others.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Well done soldier

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