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Gun crimes hurting businesses, BVICCHA stepping in

The recent upsurge in gun crime is beginning to hurt the local business sector, and the BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association (BVICCHA) plans to intervene.

That is according to BVICCHA Chairman, Louis Potter.

“Crime is never something that you want to encourage in a community and the very fact that it is gun crimes and it’s happening in the evening, it definitely has an impact on the way people move around the community and will have an impact on business,” he said.

Streetlights are still being restored in the territory and Potter believes unlit streets encourage assailants to participate in criminal activities under the cover of night.

The BVICCHA boss, therefore, said police must become noticeably more serious about fighting crime.

“It is not enough for us to wait until we begin to get the shooting and the killing. We must stamp out criminal activity of all kinds.”

He further said the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force’s mission against crime should be stronger and clearer to residents.

“[They should] enforce laws across the board so that people understand that there is a no tolerance,” he reasoned.

Community policing

According to Potter, talks are underway to address the issue from the Association’s standpoint. He said he would also like community policing to be re-implemented.

Effectively, community policing is a law enforcement strategy that focuses on building ties and working closely with community members.

“That begun to take off and then it just fizzled out. We would like to see that return,” Potter said.

Potter also endorsed the RVIPF’s move to partner with the larger law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom. UK detectives are in the territory assisting to solve serious crimes such as murder.

He also said he supports having closed-circuit television, also known as CCTV video surveillance. However, he said it must be done in a way that does not invade people’s privacy.

The territory has seen a considerable increase in gun crime since the start of the year and Police Commissioner Michael Matthews believes they are drug and gang-related.

Local law enforcement agencies are now rolling out a new security plan that is expected to stabilize the crime upsurge.

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  1. Whatever! says:

    This organization is ‘all talk’, toothless, and inept! All bluster and no breeze – can’t think of a single thing you guys have done for business growth here while you celebrate and give out awards to only those in your little group! Get out and actually do something for once!

    • What can be done says:

      What we need is a union to act for the workers and tell the management of these businesses how to run the businesses. Is there nobody in the BVI capable of setting up a union? Maybe somebody who is retired and would not need to spend all of the members subscriptions on their salary.

    • sub zero says:

      I do hope that laws across the board lets no politician get away with stealing our tax money. While their pockets become fat as ours get smaller. I just hope that politicians are held accountable. For seems like the Governors past and present let them ill treat us in every possible way. I hope the banks stop their high interest rates robbing poor people who working two jobs just to put roof and food in our children mouth. Slave till we dead while politician and banks rob us and we get no kind of justice

  2. Watcher says:

    my my…searching for relevance

  3. Strupes says:

    Dont blame police .

    • Ken says:

      Agree, police are the option when things HAPPEN as in Reactionary! This starts at HOME! Teach the people to be good, to not steal from young ages. If someone comits a crime publicy SHAME them, tell thos families that they have to do community service for the crimes that the family has brought upon the community! Now your crime will stop…..Shame does wonders and if the Family has to work off a public debt that the criminal encountered it will stop fast..

  4. hotelier says:

    Who does this organization represent? Not hotels that’s for certain.

  5. Richgdgy says:

    There are 3 types of people in this world!People that Make things happen,those that Watch things happen and people that say WHAT HAPPENED?Take your pick BVI!

  6. Lazy says:

    BVICHHA never heard of them, what do they stand for or do for commerce?

  7. Silent says:

    I thought that they were going to sponsor some CCTV cameras. Talk is cheap sir.

  8. CW says:

    St. Martin the other Caribbean territories hit by the hurricane season are boasting about their re-building experience and in the BVI it’s more of the same. Inept leaders elected by inept residents will always breed more of the same. Use your energy to dictate your own recovery and future. Nobody will do it for you!

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