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Guy Hill appointed as new Prison Superintendent

Guy Hill

Guy-Michel Hill has been appointed as the new head of Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam Ghut.

He has been contracted to serve in the post for the next two years effective on July 3.

As the new Superintendent of Prison, Hill will be responsible for the efficient management and operation of the rehabilitation facility.

A government media release issued on Friday said Hill has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the public service, particularly law enforcement.

“He served in various ranks at the Immigration Department including the leadership role as Deputy Chief Immigration Officer prior to his retirement in 2018,” the release said.

“Mr Hill holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology from the University of Texas at El Paso along with several training certificates in the areas of criminology, surveillance, supervision and investigations.”

Hill is the immediate successor of Verne Garde whose contractual appointment ended on July 2, 2021.


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  1. Congrats says:

    Congrats Guy. Your task will be great, but you can rise to the occasion. Be brave.

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  2. Good thing says:

    The one who does act like the prison is his keep saying how he is the best qualified person for the job. Since he was acting and driving the jeep, he really thought he had the position LOL

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  3. Adic says:

    Good vibes Unc.

  4. Peaches says:

    Congratulations to you Mr. Hill right man for the job.

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  5. Born here says:

    Congratulations to you Mr. Hill right man for the job.

  6. Math Tutor says:


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  7. Resident says:

    Does it make sense to appoint some one to run a prison who it appears has never before had a senior management role in a prison?

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  8. Mbviga says:

    good prison needs a good cleanup, he needs to fire half of those officers for corruption

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  9. Lodger says:

    But what does he know about running a prison?

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  10. The rock says:

    Jeez I wanted him to be the chief of police!

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  11. AND still Working says:


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    • Moses says:

      @And still working…..the current Commissioner of police was retired…Did you have a problem with that? Dam blue belly rat.

  12. SHAFT says:


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  13. Concern citizen says:

    Congrats sir be brave. Ask God’s guidance and protection daily for the tasks a head.

  14. Hey says:

    Mass up the hill now. This guy doesnt play around. It will finally be a real prison.

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    • KilleBrew says:

      @Hey… There will be no mass up no Hill from this man. He calls a spade a spade and not even you want to deal with that. Our people are too dam lawless and want to b**ch when they are being corrected. I know this man to be very fair with people, local or foreign doesn’t matter. I wish him all the best. This is our dam country and ALL of us need to protect it, even those that were granted indefinite immigration status.

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  15. A Friend says:

    Be careful Guy. There is a Sr. Prison Officer up there who has a history of undermining every previous Prison boss up there. He is notorious for it.. hHe will pretend to be for you whilst cutting you down behind your back. But God is good all the time.

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    • Blindman says:

      Mr Hill aint no coward right man for the job everyone that was there were afraid , but i’ll tell you this Mr Hill whenever it comes to searching the prison never let your officers know just communicate it with the police and will be surprise of what you would uncover especially in E wing and check the record book about that 65″ tv on remand block no record just appeared overnight place corrupt especailly the management everyone getting money under hand from the west boss so watch them

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  16. 8th District Gyal says:

    Congratulations bro! With God on your side, seize the time. Be brave!

  17. ReX FeRaL says:

    @Resident…. you need to shut up and stop hating. Has Andrew Fahie ever run a country?

  18. Wish you well. says:

    Yes, watch out for those snakes.

  19. Yea man says:

    You truly cant keep a good man down, atlease for too long. If mr Hill was treated right from the begining i dont think this place would have been in the mess it is in right now. He has great foresight of what went on and is still going on here,but the Political train was always ready to derail him due to envy,hatred, jealousy and greed. Those things are just temperal, they dont last forever.
    Mr Hill you continue to be you, i know you could face whatever comes your way and with God on your side anything and everything is posible.
    Face the task,charter your course, and be the best you can be always.
    You are our hero you are a true Soldier. You deserve to be respected foryour love for this country, let them see how, and why,. Through this new endeavor we wish you the best, and the greatest of success……….. Blessings galore.

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  20. true friend says:

    Congrats G..Hill. Word of advice:
    [A Friend] is talking truth becareful of pe*** big words he a smart man and will turn all the prisoners on you

    • To true friend says:

      I’m sure you’re talking about the “sugar city” one that act like he know EVERYTHING and always bad talking the others

  21. hmmmm says:

    wish you luck, you going to need it

  22. Father says:

    They need to give younger generation a chance these people done retire. Jeze

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    • Germaine says:

      @Father…. Did you make the same comment about the current commissioner of police? God isn’t done with native son. guy hill.

  23. E. Leonard says:

    Gui, congratulations on your appointment as Supt of Prison. Leading and managing a law enforcement organization/agency is a difficult and challenging job; a penal institution more so. Nonetheless, you have and have demonstrated the requisite knowledge, skill, ability and experience to effectively lead and efficiently manage Her Majesty Prison. It is not going to be a walk in the park or a day on the beach. However, stay the course, stay focus, keep your eyes on the prize, be vigilant, stay strong, do the right things……etc. Best of luck.

  24. robert says:

    what took them so long and good bye ndp

  25. robert says:

    what took them so long and good bye ndp

  26. Congrats Mr. Hill. Take it Serious. says:

    I will suggest you get as much new officers as possible, with a new mind set onea that you can train your way, those thats there are Leopards, Also look at the possibility of out sourcing the Guard Jobs to a private company..The present system and structure will not work. U will fail..

  27. No homo says:

    Congrats….this one of the most pleasant man I ever came across in the bvi.
    Like do you know when some one has the light yea u cam see it in him.
    Just remember your doing a duty for your country an for the better development of the futher bvi.
    That’s a position that comes with a lot of integrity but think about the future.

    Dong he look like beres?

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  28. Home Boy says:

    Congratulation my brother, wish you all the best in your new very challenging job. I do hope you get the support from your Senior Management Team. You will meet opposers but you were selected to do a job and try to make a difference. As I said before it will not be easy, just keep your head on and put GOD first in whatever you do daily. Will keep you in my PRAYERS.

  29. bvi says:

    hope you know what u getting urself into up there not easy good luck u going to need it

  30. Shavoy Samuels says:

    Congratulations Mr.Hill
    Once time again to show your leadership skills
    Kudos ?

  31. marlo says:


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