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Handling COVID without UK’s help is something to be proud of

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has said residents should be proud of the territory’s ability to handle the COVID-19 pandemic without the financial backing of the United Kingdom government.

“We have done all of this on our own. As people of the BVI, we have a lot to be proud of. We know that when we started, we asked for funds. The UK said — through their representative here — ‘exhaust all your funding that you can’. Whether it be Social Security, whether it be the reserves. And we are at this point because of the people of the Virgin Islands and the taxpayers which we are accountable for,” Premier Fahie expressed.

He continued: “It took us a couple of million dollars well to make sure that we keep the BVI safe. As the Premier, I know that it is tough for persons who will hear that we have to defer the marine opening on the 8th, I apologise for that part. But I do not apologize for doing what is necessary to keep the people of the Virgin Islands and our visitors safe,” Premier Fahie said.

Earlier this year, Premier Fahie indicated that the United Kingdom denied the territory grants to assist with its battle against COVID-19.

Amid other sources, the government accepted a $40 million grant from the Social Security Board (SSB) to offset its economic stimulus package when COVID-19 hit the BVI earlier this year.


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  1. Really? says:

    The U.K. Has sent supplies and test kits and are sending vaccines. They also sent a navy ship and helped fund our boarder security. By the wa, we were really upset about the Navy ship.

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    • Hmmm says:

      This was his aim all along when trying to keep away the navy ship…prioritized making his gov look good over our safety!

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    • One word for you all says:


      Feel that inside your wick hearts. The world is changing right before your evil eyes! Watch it destroy your wicked deeds towards humanity. Your rule has ended… your white statues have falling. BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!

      • Please says:

        You might want to have a lie down. Life is clearly not being kind to you but things will pick up.
        Just stay kind and realise that we are all the same in our hearts. No need to go about saying such
        Negative things about people. Every life
        Is as valuable as every other regardless.

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        • @Please says:

          Yet evidence has shown throughout the years and now that some have placed and treated African people very poorly. Their lives and children are of little value to many of you…but things are changing, so deal with it, because Black Lives Matters!!!

  2. Truth Sayer says:

    The Premier is giving us false information. The UK did give us testing kits and other medical supplies because the Government did not have enough as it reported to the public. Furthermore, the Premier should tell us if the UK did not have to give him permission to bring in the Cuban doctors. The UK help did not have to be in money but all assistance given is help. PREMIER PLEASE STOP TRYING TO FOOL PEOPLE.

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  3. vip heckler says:

    I wonder why is the premier, the speaker and the consultant constantly beating the war drums with the governor and the UK?

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Friends in the UK just bought a rescue boat. Why so much hatred built on false information against the UK. VI is a Territory of the UK. It is like hating yourselves. There must be something in it for mr speaker. c o. s-c and af as no one else seems to like the theme they keep pushing.

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    • Mary says:

      The UK Government is very cheap, where supporting its colonies financially is concerned. Shameful. Premier Fahie needs to push Independence.

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  4. Hmmm says:

    The Foy once again patting himself in the back. The BVI is in self destruct mode because of the Foy. Nothing with regard to Covid has been handled correct. Placing a Territory into total isolation is not the answer. People die, starve and commit crimes when that is done and it’s happening here. The Foy’s plan to reopen is a farce. Months to train, test and organize and in lieu of this the only planning done was a party at the airport for him and his cronies. The reputation of the BVI around the globe is forever tarnished by this mans ineptitude. Now he continues his plot for independence so there is absolutely no one watching over him as he consolidates himself as the King Fear. Be careful people of the BVI, you might actually get what you wish for and it won’t be pretty. Happy Holidays to all.

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  5. COOKIE JAR says:


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  6. Premier is right! says:

    We are ever so grateful for our local manufacturers, I am not sure what we would have done had they not ramp up production for our test kits and supplies. I also heard that our local vaccine is on the verge of being internationally approved, great things are happening!

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  7. Minister says:

    Folks, that $40 million from the social security was to balance the budget. Don’t be fooled.

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    • He Needs 2 Stop It says:

      Mr. Fahie needs to stop it. We are not fools. The UK hasn’t stopped pitching in since hurricane Irma… and had Hon Fahie humbled himself and accepted the UK’s “one-percent backed loan” our territory would have been in much better condition; with much improved roads, seaports, airports, flood and hurricane prepared etc. Everyone knows that SS was pressured into doing what seems like being generous. The late Hon Willard Wheatley is credited with getting BVI off “Grant in Aid” back in the 70s. He ran the territory like a good steward;; often doing like the Ant; storing away some of our Resources for unpredictable times, like Now!. Based on Hon Fahie’s idea of “being praised for accomplishing moments of goodness, Hon Stoutt built the community College, Hon C B Romney is credited for his pioneering vision and work in the Financial Services and Cruise Tourism area and others played their part in other significant ways; rewarded by being returned to office again and again. Be humble.

  8. More fables says:

    More lies. Who sent the test kits? Who is helping to secure the borders? This administration tells too many fables.

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  9. Lie. dat is lie says:

    lies…you hear lies

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  10. awa says:

    People, we need to come together as one and get rid of this administration.

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  11. *face palm* says:

    The man is l**ng out of his teeth. Good thing is we all know this. Don’t be fooled!

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  12. USA says:


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  13. King l**r at it again says:

    This government l**d their way to an election victory and they are now trying to l** their way through the 4 year term they got. Their in******ence and i*****tude is front and center in everything they do. The time they spent l**ng would have been better spent actually planning for the country. We saw the test kits that came in from the UK. The UK boat is helping to curb the smuggling which the government claimed was the cause of the second spike. Now here is Black Trump trying to feed us coo coo and telling us it’s chocolate.

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  14. Agenda says:

    Obvious that there is an agenda that is propelling all this hate for UK and the Governor,,Not good,,

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  15. king liard says:

    This guy reminds me of the north korean leader. He need to change his name to kim jong foy………

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  16. YOUTH says:

    The BVI has done well.

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  17. Wow says:

    The level of political bias in these comments is so clear. You people need to read.

    The Premier is right – we got no financial backing.

    He did not say we did not get assistance. Of course we got supplies.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      The financial backing came by taking money from the SS and using it for something that it was not intended. In many places this would be a fraud. Same would be said for sewage money being used for a vanity project. Smells a little bad to me.

    • @WOW says:

      Stop talking F**K! What do we gain by picking a fight with the UK? The Premier needs to lead by example and get the place moving again instead of being so small minded and petty. The BVI has been spending its own money for decades so why is he making it seem like this is something new? The UK doesn’t provide us with grant and aid for how long now? Why is Hon. Fahie making it seem like he broke some glass ceiling talking about we did this on our own? The BVI has been passing its own budget and paying for its own affairs before many of us were born so he needs to stop with the bull s**t. Everything they do ends in total disarray and confusion. The Government is fractured, the leader is a v****ctive d****tor who is only concerned about his personal agendas and not the Territory’s well-being. We should not have to be talking talking talking about doing anything on our own. He needs to lead the Territory and let the voters decide in 2 years whether he did a good job or not. If he is so powerful and mighty why doesn’t he simply be a leader and ignore the Governor/UK? The show of strength is FOCUS and ACTION, not petty, divisive h*** speech every week.

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  18. Joe says:

    The Premier throwing stones at the British Governor.

  19. WEW says:

    All the big island names are doing fine. The little guy is getting screwed as their social security disappears

  20. Replace him says:

    … There must be someone better in the government that could lead. When you cannot trust someone it affects everything. Our Premier doesn’t tell the t***h. What example is he setting for the younger generation?

  21. Omg says:

    I’m so pleased the premier is taking full responsibility for this total cluster&@$k of border repopeming and the spike caused by not protecting the borders by refusing the navy ship

  22. Really? says:

    Where did you get the tests? St. Thomas, or what?

  23. Oh says:

    If my memory serves me correctly the UK provided Covid tests and assistance in getting tests blocked from leaving the US earlier in the pandemic. How quickly the ungrateful forget. Smh.

  24. jah Andrew.. says:

    Andrew V**O dont post comments against you so I hope You see this one.. Stop Talk So Much S**t!! nahhhhh please… You ain’t got no work to do bro?? People are no longer blind we see through you and your tactics it is not working anymore so just stop and get to work mon.. We Love the UK We love being British Citizens just accept that and relax!!

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