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Handover process starts! New top cop to be sworn in April 19

British law enforcer, Mark Collins will be the next Police Commissioner of the British Virgin Islands.

The handover process between the outgoing and incoming Police Commissioners have already started.

Commissioner Michael Matthews met with his successor, Mark Collins just yesterday, April 6.

Matthews shared that information in an interview during Claude Skelton Cline’s Honestly Speaking radio programme on Tuesday but did not disclose what was discussed between the two top cops.

He said incoming-Commissioner Collins will be officially sworn in on Monday, April 19.

Matthews has been serving as the BVI’s top cop for the last five years.

“I’ve got real mixed emotions about stepping down because there will always be things that I would have wanted to be done better and there would have been things that I wanted to have done and we just never got around to it. But I do think when I look back — and I know I would be accused of looking at it through a biased lens in some respects — but its not me saying it. People have said it to me. We have made progress,” Matthews stated.

He further said he believes he is handing over the Police Force better than he inherited it.

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  1. Jane says:

    Self-praise is no praise. Mick has had rings run round him. Nice bloke, but lousy cop. BVI is in the mess it is now in part due to his failings. That poor girl was murdered and the killers have been laughing about it ever since.

    Lets hope the new white British policeman will be our saviour (I have my doubts). Maybe next time we can find a top cop more representative of our community (not British, not white, not a man).

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    • Rascist says:

      The fact that only one race is representative of your community shows how homogeneous the BVI is with its lack of diversity. Just look at all the local government. We know who the real rascists are

    • To jane says:

      Well um, whoever you are…if someone was murdered, then gosh at least mention the “poor” victim’s name. And how do you know the killers are laughing?? Have you met them?

      • Smb says:

        We’ll have he or her been arrested? If not then we can assume that not only the perp of that heinous act is walking, talking, eating and doing the everyday living but must be laughing sedway when he sees the CoP. Not only him but others as the list of unsolved murders grows ever longer with apparent no hope for resolution for berieved families.

  2. look alike says:

    he reminds me of Mr. Foot who was running the prison

  3. @ jane says:

    Are you laying the blame of the little girls death on Matthews? Or that fact that her killers not found? Everybody must be failing you if you are that totally off in your thinking. Many others were charged and convicted for murder on Matthews watch. You will forever be waiting on your saviour.

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    • Jane says:

      No, not blaming him for the murder. Blaming him for failing to modernise the police force that is one that is and of its community. Blaming him for not making them get out of their squad cars and walk the streets, build up trust. Blaming him for allowing low level crime and antisocial behaviour (scooters, littering etc etc) without sanction. People know who killed that little girl and it is a failing in policing that they didnt trust them enough to name names. This hubris is misplaced by him.

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  4. Top cop says:

    I think the fact that he has the largest drug bust on UK soil is a clear sign that he is good at his job. The murders are most likely as a result of this seizure.
    The capture of the corrupt cops was also a sign of success.
    I think the success is measured on the results. These has been a lot of changes here recently and im sure lots more to come.

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