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Hanley fined for stealing from Immigration


Immigration Officer Donald Hanley has been convicted and fined $3,000 for theft.

Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards slapped the 35-year-old with the penalty when he appeared before her yesterday, July 17.

He was ordered to pay the fine or serve six months in prison.

Prosecutors say the Immigration Officer stole the funds back in March while working at the St Thomas Bay Jetty on Virgin Gorda.

The law enforcement officer reportedly used an office key to enter and raid the Immigration office at the Jetty. He stole $140.

It is said another Immigration Officer alerted police after discovering the cash had gone missing. Hanley was subsequently arrested.

He pleaded guilty in court and Magistrate Richards ordered the offender to compensate the Immigration Department for the stolen amount.

The Virgin Gorda resident is now scheduled to return to court in relation to an unrelated robbery charge.

In that matter, police accuse Hanley of accosting a woman – who was on her way home on the night in question – and robbing her of an undisclosed amount of cash.

He allegedly committed that offence during the same month of the theft incident.

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  1. Was it worth it. says:

    Was it worth it?

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    • me again says:

      @ was it worth it

      its called the “power of d Puss”
      when U have a BADD woman U will walk in Fire to keep dem happy

      POOR TOM

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  2. What!! says:

    For $140.00 he has fu**** up his life , who wants to employ a thief.

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  3. ms wize says:

    wow this man must be in a desperate situation. it’s not worth it. best you had beg for the money.

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  4. Faith says:

    Something is obviously wrong with this —. Can his family members please find help for him asap

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    • OMG says:


      Family ? Get help U say ?

      One jus outta Court for same ting
      Another jus lose supermarket job ; same thing

      Old ppl sa “ DONT. HANG UR HAT WHERE U CAAN REACH “‘

  5. Sticky Finga says:

    Wow! Whenever I saw this dude walking down the road,he always dressed and looking Sharp. Sometimes you see people and you think they’re life is golden,but we really don’t know what demons they’re fighting. SMH it seems like he will just get a slap on the wrist

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  6. Haha says:

    This is Karma… these Immigration officers, especially —, always seemed to have an issue with us in the office. An attitude for every little thing.

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  7. pappagua says:


  8. Wow says:

    I don’t know him that well but from seeing him around I would’ve never expected this s*&t.

  9. Why? says:

    Will he still keep his job, a position that requires trust and integrity?

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  10. Wow says:

    Always pay immigration with credit card, dont trust them sorry.

  11. oh dear says:

    Very poor choice. I hope that you can learn from this and move forward in a positive direction. We rise by lifting others. Enough of the hateful comments. ALL HAVE SINNED.

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    • Move says:

      All have ‘sinned’, all don’t thief! Stealing is just like killing, we all have sinned but don’t try to lump everything as one, what he has done is f—ing disgusting especially as an officer of the law.

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  12. Oh says:

    Did not know this guy was like that.

  13. CNN VG says:

    Ayo need lock up he so call w—- cuz
    I uderstoos she had a part to play in it too. Acting as if she innocent like she aint do nothin but was the one who drove him to where the woman was.

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    • U a s---- says:

      Some of ayo have brothers,uncles,cousins locked up n ayo dont know if them alive but still on social media talking s**t everybody does f*** up in some way so while ayo talking ayo mind ayo dont get catch when ayo doing ayo wrong doings too

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      • U a s---t a month says:

        If tola and VG people could sign language and you dont have to hear or READ how they talk would be a GREAT THING.

  14. 008 says:

    So tired of hearing ‘sob’ stories about people who pledge to be in trust.

  15. Tremors says:

    Dred i does see u but u surprise me to rawtid ur work place for $140 man better u had come a road and barrow that. same month again robbery wth seems like u was under some serious finance pressure but dah doesn’t give u right to make them kinda duppy move brodda think before u leap u got kids come on man strupes mi vex until

  16. Sigh says:

    This is gossip not news dumb article

  17. Jvub says:

    He g– mehn

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