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Harsher penalties for illegal dumping, gov’t to install CCTV cameras to monitor practice

Health Minister Carvin Malone. (BVI News photo)

Government has commenced discussions to implement harsher penalties for persons caught illegally disposing of large waste materials.

Minister responsible for waste management, Carvin Malone, said the government also has plans to install surveillance cameras to monitor select waste bins in the BVI.

In a recent interview with BVI News, Malone said the current penalties for illegal dumping are too small to be a deterrent to offending residents. He said these persons prefer to risk paying a fine when they abandon their derelict vehicles and other large waste by the roadway than to pay to have these waste items disposed of the right way.

“We are looking at the law to make sure that people are discouraged from just leaving their cars along the roadsides. Enforcing the law is one thing. I think the fines are another and we have to find ways to do it so they are truly discouraged,” the minister said.

“One of the things that we have been talking about is putting CCT cameras around some of the most violated areas where the bins have always been abused. So we have to look into all of the aspects so that we can send a clear message that you have a responsibility for safe disposal of your vehicles, construction material and garbage.”

Show some national pride

And while appealing to the general public to take national pride in their methods of waste disposal, Malone said government has done their part to make it easier for persons to properly dispose of larger waste materials.

“We have made provisions over and over for the transportation of derelict vehicles or vehicles that have been old in age to take them down to the Pockwood Pond site where we already have an agreement to transport all of the derelict vehicles and all of the materials in two areas that are now accepting them,” Malone said.

But despite these measures, Malone said some persons are still opting to be negligent in their disposal of waste.

“Folks have stripped vehicles and left them close to the garbage bins and left them in abandoned areas and it is not a good thing to do. It creates a lot of issues and I think that each citizen has a responsibility to keep these islands clean and as safe as they could.”

No date has been given as to when the waste management laws will be amended to come into effect. But, the minister has assured that the government is currently working to get it done as soon as possible.

“They are being examined more closely now than before. So I’m not sure if it would have made the 2019 budget. Because of the time frame left, we had to really adapt what was there. But, we are clearly trying to get it into the next budget cycle so we can then have this done. If it isn’t done before in terms of the urgency of it, well then it will have to go in terms of supplementary appropriation,” Minster Malone stated.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They will find ways and means of contuining their dumping, including escorting the waste over hillsides at nights. See the north side for proof of this.

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    • Hah says:

      While hiking recently I was shocked to see a bed down the hill in a non residential area in the hill overlooking Sea Cows Bay. What nasty bastard would do such a thing. Whole bags of garbage and electrical appliances appear to have been dumped over the hillside.

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    • White Tax says:

      Why don’t you use the “White Tax” money (better known as the environmental tax collected from visitors at the ports) to clean up the garbage. Force the property owners to get rid of their garbage, derelict cars, boats and junk so that the island can become pristine once again like before self rule. You charge a tax to visitors but the ones destroying the environment are the locals. So typical of the African Belongers

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      • @ White Tax says:

        Though you have voice valid concerns, did you also have to demonstrate your obvious vile and racial hatred for the African belonger and other.

        Your evident racial hatred is abhorrent. And, this is not the first or second time you have posted such racial dogma exuding wanton hatred for the African descendant and African blood in particular.

        And, if any of us wrote such vile responses attacking your kind, we will be classified as racist. So, what are you then?

        You should proceed to leave the African diaspora and live among your kind.

        As, your words are ripe with intentionality and brutality. Guess you are longing and wanting the good days again. Sorry, but never, never again race soldier!

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      • Jane says:

        @White Tax please stop your horrible racial slurs. You have a good point about the environmental tax being used towards this but your idea is completely undermined by your incendiary language. Just stop it ok? I am a white person and I did not move to the beautiful BVI because I hate black people. I am not sure where you live, but perhaps you can find a rock somewhere far away. You are vile.

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  2. Good move says:

    $2,500 fines for illegal dumping.

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  3. Dumpsters says:

    While you are at it Minister please provide some recycling dumpsters so people can choose to do the right thing…
    Without them all the green recycling reducing talk is just hot air..

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    • :) says:

      Most People will just dump anything in those Recycle bins. They don’t care. Laziness and nastiness has become the new business model for some people. Just take a tour of the island and you’ll be amazed at where all kind of garbage end up. It’s not only the large bulky stuff that are being thrown everywhere. People don’t even have time to take their daily garbage to the dump anymore.

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      • :( says:

        So does this mean that you are advocating doing nothing and not even give clean living citizens the Opportunity to recylce? If so then by your very trashy loser attitude you are as lazy and damaging to the island as those persons you so pompously decry..shame on you.

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  4. good idea says:


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  5. Ausar says:

    Install them(camera’s), on the electrical lighting posts,Honourable Malone!

    Place them also on strategic buildings-i.e.churches,schools,etc.,!

    And, hire litter enforcement officers, with STAGGERED hours, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am,12am-8am, so that we can catch these criminals and fine them accordingly; fines beginning no less than two grand for first offense, five grand for second, and ten grand for third or greater offenses!

    Only such stiff fines can permanently deter the art of the litterbug!

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  6. Blah! says:

    And when they find the perp on camera and realize who they’re related to nothing will happen. Remember the oil that was dumped in the ghut right there by One Stop Mall? They investigated and found out who did it and the cleaning cost Government over $200K. Was the person responsible for dumping the waste penalized? NO!

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    • And says:

      It should not be brush under the rug if it is someone you know or what their status is.I have seen a business man dumping trash along the road way in the bushes. I turned to my husband and said we should report what we saw,my husband said even if we do,nothing is going to be done because the business man is going to get away with it because of who he have connections.Wow, in the BVI it is not what you do,it is who you are in bed with.Damn shame.

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      • Unfortunately says:

        “And,” that has been and still is true here. But not just here, but every where else on this planet.

        No nation, country, territory or landmass where capitalism is practiced is free of corruption, theft, greed, money addiction, environmental degradation and more.

        In most, the addiction to and accumulation of money has superseded all other values. Hence, even those who are charged with environmental cleanup details fail in their jobs.

        The rest of the population, recognizing the disinterest from the top, simply follow the visible examples of greed, corruption, and selfishness and diminished values for property and country.

        Hence, if we are to achieve a clean BVI, laws, taxes and clean environmental mechanism will have to be implemented that pattern those of developed countries.

        Europe and America are examples of this. St. Thomas is another example of such. Were it not for taxation and its proper use, all those nations would be as dirty as our, and i am feeling shame to write our, but it is true, little beautiful islands.

        Last, and equally critical, many, many of our people are pride less, period! They take no pride in the cleanliness of their yards, property, their surroundings or the general upkeep and looks for those or country.

        Therefore, they drop their trash wherever they are when the contents of it have been consumed. It is a terrible shame to witness the horrid degradation of the property that i was born and raised right there in VG.

        Everyone has lost all sense of cleanliness and property aesthetics, in favor the accumulation of the green back. No more are pride in one’s surrounding and that of country exist. Where is the pride of our people, from here and across the diaspora gone?

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  7. Expat says:

    Mr. Minister, I think the government could institute a system where bulky waste is picked up say once a month. Residents could be informed beforehand so they will know when to bring out such waste. Maybe we could budget something from the environmental tax to take care of this.

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  8. Looking says:

    While you at it Mr Minister tell The Environmental Health Department to put drums by the Festival Village for the waist oil please.

  9. Tired says:

    If ‘TALK’ could sell, the BVI would be the richest little nation on earth! SMFH! For the last 20 years we have been hearing the same s**t and look at the place. It looks like a f**king DUMP! Look at the other Caribbean Islands that we look down on, they don’t look like this. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Look at the market square, festival grounds, the heart of Road Town from the roundabout straight down to Prospect Reef area, old cars, old boats, dug up roads, overgrown shrubs but we brag about a $300mil + budget a year. When will we really stop the talking and start getting some stuff done?

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  10. What!!! says:

    More laws that will not be enforced because some of ys consider ourselves above the law and untouchable

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  11. Country above Self says:

    Perhaps, we can shame the culprits by using the various media & print methods currently available; ie, Facebook, Instagram, etc using the following caption “Nasty Nincompoop, have you seen this person?” Imagine that person driving on the JWF HWY and their face pops up on one of those electronic billboards.The new Law can be amended to include an increased fine and the person(s) can also be ordered to hold a sign with the caption “NASTY NINCOMPOOP” for an entire day in the middle of Road Town.

  12. Include says:

    Please also look at legislation for property owners who allow their septics and waste water to run into the streets and become a health hazard for others. A building on the carriage way has water running on the sidewalk and pedestrians have to step into the road to pass. Also the hill leading to a he emergency room has running water from an adjacent property. The stench going to the emergency room is unbearable.

  13. Hmm says:

    Start in Purcell and Free Bottom! I have no idea how those people are so nasty… it’s ridiculous! Take pride in your surroundings man… geez

  14. Shame of my Country says:

    Some people in this Country is beyond dirty.I carry garbage bags in my car and sometimes I find myself picking up pieces of trash along the road way.I have seen drivers toss food containers and soiled diapers out their windows. If I chew a piece of gum and I can’t find a garbage can, I would put the wrapper in my pocket and discard it when I get home.Why can’t we all get together in each community and pick up the trash in our community.when my bushes or grass get to high,I don’t wait or depend on the Government, I trim the grass and bush myself. A weed wacker and hand lawn mower is not that expensive.

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    • The cleaner says:

      What I can’t stand seeing is people who’s front and back yards look like a garbage dump. They complain about rodents and snakes but they are the ones that is providing a home for the rodents and snakes.They are also dropping their property value and other people in the neighborhood property value.Who doesn’t like a nice front yard? The first thing that I say in my mind when I see a messy front yard is damnnn the people that lives there is nasty.

  15. Here's what I'm going to do says:

    If I see anyone dumping garbage the illegal way, be it the side of the road,bushes on other people’s property, yeah a lot of you is guilty of doing that, I will tape you in action on the DL and blow you up on Facebook so everyone can see. One of my pet peeves is litter bugs.

  16. son of the soil says:

    Most of this nastiness is caused by these nastiass island people who brought their nasty habits with them, especially those santos, jamdowns and haitians

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    • @Son of the soil says:

      I have to agree with you on this. The above mentioned is truly nasty for sure.The Government is to be blamed for this.They allow them here. Those people don’t care because where they come from they live nasty like that. Someone said to me the other day, running water and somewhere to sleep is like paradise to the above mentioned.

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  17. one ah we says:

    Too many illiterate rejects and low classed coming in to this country

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    • @one ah we says:

      Know why? no Country is going to get rid of their best people. Countries will allow their worst to leave. Countries love to let their worst go, let them migrate and be a problem to another Country.

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  18. Sure right says:

    They let the worse of the worse in the Country. Tortola use to be such a nice place to live.Road Town never use to look like a broken down Ghetto. People all over the place setting up shop,dirty unsanitary food trucks, garbage,dirty running water in the street you name it. Honestly,I would prefer to live with the stray cats.At least when the cats do their business, they have the decency to dig a hole and cover it up.

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  19. CW says:

    Look at these comments.




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  20. reality says:

    there is a major lack of education of the ramifications of not recycling. young and old don’t fully understand the health hazards to our planet and all humans here and around the world. People need to be taught what happens when plastic tyres old batteries etc are burned. The government needs to LEAD this education and to provide and monitor recycling throughout all our islands and be diligent and forcefull to make sure violators are punished

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