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Have you seen these men?

Reported persons of interest to law enforcement agencies in the BVI as at December 29, 2021.

The following is a media release from the Immigration Department:

The Chief Immigration Officer, Mr Ian Penn has confirmed that the 11 individuals pictured are persons of interest.

The matter was immediately reported to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) and is an ongoing and active investigation.

The eleven (11) individuals are as follows:

Haitian Nationals: JN-Reynold Lindor, Dunel Gaspard, Stheker Regisma, Paulma Charles, Dieubon Francois, Migenson Lafleur, John Peter Louis, Emmanuel Theresias, Marcel Dieudonne and Jean Robert Emojene.

Venezuelan National: Jose Rafael Bracho Montilla

The Chief Immigration Officer is asking any member of the public who may have any information or have seen any of the men pictured below to please contact the RVIPF hotline at 311 or the Immigration Department at 468-4717, 468-4715 or 468-4754.


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  1. About time says:

    I will not be reporting any of my black brothers or sisters.politicians and their crew seems to think they own the earth.first get rid of that white governor who has no ties here.

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  2. This page is also helpful says:

    419 Scam Alert
    People, go and check this out on Facebook and you will see the true face of a local scammer

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  3. ????? says:

    Any rewards?

  4. Anonymous says:

    First, it’s a good thing that for a change pictures of individuals being sought are being provided to the public to assist the RVIPF with their whereabouts.

    However, a critical part of the story is missing. What are these 11 men being sought for? Should readers have to dig around previous reports to find out?

    Should I ask my neighbor who they are? Are they escapees, and if they are from where did they escape and when?

    Are these men armed and dangerous, or is it safe to marry one for the New Years. I am single, free, and thirsty. I can do with a good man around the house for New Years. I see 11 young handsome men that can do the trick.


    In addition to the pictures, just what is the background story here? It certainly would help motivate people to keep an eye out if the reason(s) they are being sought and the surrounding circumstances is know. Don’t ya think?

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    • Gametime says:

      This is a charade in an effort to appease those in the community with omplaints about photoless escapees announcements plus election time soon come.
      This dozen criminals,no doubt has been welcomed and secured as is the norm in these parts.
      The charade continues.

    • Joe says:

      So true, no information concerning why the law searching for those guys.

  5. BuzzBvi says:

    In the House of Assembly?

  6. Yes says:

    On BVI News!

  7. Helpful says:

    No. Not seen them.

  8. Hello? says:

    Most likely these guys have escaped to St. Thomas . Don’t sit here and pretend that you don’t know that’s what these guys come here for. They don’t want to be in Tola they want to go to St. Thomas. One just told me the other day that opportunities for his kids over there are better. He said once they step foot in the US they are welcomed. Just saying….

  9. Tongue Fu says:

    Check at your nearest KFC or Mcdonalds. The authorities must be take people for fool. You put pictures out there when you know very well that these Men are no longer in the BVI. When did they escape? How did they escape? What were they being held for? Who paid their bail?

  10. Beef says:

    Over trellis the bush..things going missing at night

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