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Health Department closes Foxy’s for sewerage issues, Director accused of sabotaging business

Foxy’s Tamarind Bar on Jost Van Dyke has been ordered closed until the business rectifies its sewerage-related issues.

This was revealed during an emergency press conference held by the beach bar’s Director of Operations David Dietrich as well as the establishment’s part-owner Philicianno ‘Foxy’ Callwood on Tuesday, October 14.

“Foxy’s current status of business today is that the Health Department has closed them down at the moment,” Dietrich stated.

In her response to the closure, joint-owner and wife of Mr Callwood, Theresa, accused Dietrich of being involved in sabotaging the business and ultimately forcing it to close. 

“We had a sewerage issue because somebody managed to stick a bottle in the vent at the back of the septic system so that it backed up. Then he (Dietrich) made sure everyone went home including the plumber who was fixing the issue in the morning, so he could bring the Health Department over so they would close us, and that is why we are closed,” Mrs Callwood alleged.

“We’ve fixed them all. The Health Department has gone over this afternoon and we should be able to be open by tomorrow. Now I hear that he (Dietrich) has carried our staff in for labour violations so he’s trying the next tactic. He also told Dean (Foxy’s son) that he has 15 more up his sleeve to keep us closed,” she further claimed.

I quit

Following a series of other accusations from the Callwood family of Jost Van Dyke, Dietrich who was working at Foxy’s since 2015, immediately resigned from his post as Operations Director. 

He said he feared for him and his family’s life and felt that the business-related issues should be resolved by the family.

“As of right now, I consider myself no longer the Director of Operations at Foxy’s nor do I want to be. As of today, I resign from that position as Director of Foxy’s. I have no interest in getting killed or having my family killed,” Dietrich stated.

Plans of sacking were already in place

Mrs Callwood and her daughter Justine, who is also a director of the business, said they had already prepared a termination letter which they planned to serve Dietrich, had he not resigned.

Dietrich has until October 24 to vacate the premises of Foxy’s and to hand over any business-related documents in his possession, the Callwoods have said.

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  1. BuilderBob says:

    “Dietrich has until October 24 to vacate the premises of Foxy’s and to hand over any business-related documents in his possession.” presumably this is the demand in the termination letter not sent. It is put as a factual statement, but appears to be a litigator’s demand.

    No idea of the pros or cons but to bring the child into the public eye was wrong.

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    • @BuilderBob says:

      The guy resigned before he letter was read. They read the letter because they already had it, but he made it easier for Tessa, so at lease she don’t have to pay him severance since he resigned.

      If he resigns with immediate effect, he needs to leave. But then again, he seem to be employed by Foxy so that’s a different can or worms.

      The guy is playing on Foxy’s head and has most likely sat down and over time, gave Foxy enough reason to turn against his family (even though the family might have had issues already)

    • Mammoth says:

      The man knows he is putting his family in a bad situation. He can easily keep his daughter safe by not trying to steal land from a local family. It’s on him.

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    • Educated says:

      David and his family have worked with foxy for a while, seems foxy trusts them, I’m not surprised, as much as this is a family business David has been a professional and all the people that have been profiting without working will be upset, shame that foxy wants to work with them, David is a good guy and it will be shown soon who foxy trusts

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  2. true says:

    Well done Mrs Callwood, I thought things would get sorted properly and that includes how things are done on our small islands, time for that guy to leave the BVI AND REMIND HIMSELF how lucky he was to of been in the BVI for so long and how lucky he got to leave.

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  3. Wowza! says:

    Wife and child were not threatened. Someone (Foxy’s son) who had enough of him said along the lines of “you need to go, pack up your wife and child and go from here. we don’t want you here.” Being the master manipulator that he is, Dietrich started screaming “are you threatening my family, are you threatening my family?’ That way he can get sympathy from Foxy and pretend like he’s a victim, the way he always does.

    Foxys opened for Interline regatta and the plumbing went at end of night. A plumber was called in next morning. While the maintenance manager was in the kitchen, Dietrich sent the plumber home and then a vodka bottle was found shoved up the vent.

    This guy is a bully. ask any of the staff.

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  4. nalyd says:

    The press conference was in poor taste in my opinion; it just caused all sort of dirty laundry to be aired and damage the reputations of all involved. Beyond Foxy’s closing for health related issues, nothing else should have been known. Hope it turns out well for all involved, especially the family members.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Know the following will not stop the wheels of long range planning expropriation, but karma has a way of behaving sometimes, doesn’t it?

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Karma has a way sometimes. However, it will not stop the inevitable, planned and executed years ago, the usurpation of another prime beach property from a lcal into the ownership of the european.

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    • What?! says:

      There are no Europeans in this story! This is nothing to do with skin colour or “locals”, it’s a family dispute.

      The weird guy does not appear to own anything at all. what the deal is who knows…

      The kids think they are owed something from their dad and he seems to think they don’t deserve his business. That happens a lot and the Dad or Mum generally don’t owe the kids anything.
      An accounting would be interesting but in a cash business so much can walk before it hits the bank and the books. Happens elsewhere too in businesses that should have been flush.

      Ultimately there are provisions in law for this sort of impasse. Value the business, Foxy pay up and ASAP go your separate ways. The lawyers will be the only winners otherwise.

      Other businesses, get your arrangements papered.

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  7. Scammer says:

    This guy Dietrich’s is not to be trusted..he has done this several tines in the US scamming companies. Look him up

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  8. No nonsense says:

    As far as I understand, the situation is family issues and the other party has committed a few illegal charges. Over stepping his bounds at the bank,sabotaging the business along with misleading Foxy. He is not desirable for the BVI. And on top of that close a reputable tourism buisness. I would say, cause for deportation!!

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  9. Hello Scammer says:

    If you have any information please contact the family. they have been researching him but nothing seems to stick to that slippery man. If you know of businesses he has scammed it can help heir case.

    He did reportedly run off from Seafood Jungle at Cabrita Point just over the border in St. Thomas — there is still an old link on TripAdvisor if you look it up.

    But he is Brave and has no shame. So he’ll just say ‘Prove it’ and laugh.

    He is a total sociop***, hope the government intervenes.

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  10. scratching my head says:

    That guy Dietrich says in the press conference something along the lines of ” this is an issue between “Foxy and Mrs. Callwood and not David Dietrich.”

    Bro, didn’t YOU and FOXY call the press conference????

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  11. Ahhh says:

    List the scams instead of making accusations
    Everyone acting like Foxy is already in the ground
    Let the man run his business and try to make a profit to leave his heirs

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  12. Tourist says:

    Sounds like David is trying to de-value the business, so Tess will not get as much as she should. It appears Foxy and Tess have not been getting along for some time.

    Not sure what his ultimate goal is in all of this. I would guess he was promised a piece of the pie.

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    • Fact not fiction says:

      judging from other comments, Seems lik this only started when Dietrick came to the BVI hmmmm and he says he’s never done anything to cause trouble guess again.

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  13. Online Now says:

    Watching on last night it was clearly a matter of Foxy believing his family did not have his best interests at heart so he turned to someone who he thought did.

    He clearly doesn’t trust his family and feels he should have more to show for his years in business than he does. He certainly isn’t suffering from dementia as has been accused.

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    • Planassing says:

      This man appears to be looking at what’s in it for David. This reminds me of the story I read that when the Europeans went to South Africa with Bible and when the Africans opened their eyes from the prayer meeting, the Europeans had the land.

      Resolve this issue, please and let David walk with his two long empty hands how he came. A lot of people come from where they couldn’t make it and come to the BVI and ‘eyeing’ what local people and their ancestors worked hard for and took licks for and want it for themselves. The time has come to wise-up, Virgin Islanders.

      The same tricks from the plantation era still exist. Be ware of these ‘wolves in sheep clothing.’ Look at Cooper Island, look at what exist in a lot of the outer islands ..”Don’t come here. Come by way of boat…”

      Wicked Edomites!!

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  14. Onlooker says:

    Something does not seem right! Foxy may be in the beginning stages of dementia! This is not like him. This guy seems to be taking advantage. For all the years I’ve known them the family has all gotten along. Foxy entertained with his impromptu songs but Tessa has always been the behind the scenes manager. She really helped to grow that business. They have always been a close loving family.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    It is hope that Foxy, the man, has his head on, his eyes open and his senses in tune.

    Where ever some people are, confusion, lost and worst is standard.

  16. Foxy Callwood M.B.E says:

    If you would like the real truth Just come see me “Foxy”and ask,I am upstairs at Foxy,s almost every day. They are saying all these horrible and untrue things and clearly distorting the other facts about David and his family.just look at what they said and did to Jesus and see who people are preying to now.
    Please !!!!! come to see me so I can set the record straight about David and My family as well as what happened to Foxy,s Bar over the years. So then maybe you will be posting facts instead of lies.
    Truly yours Foxy Callwood M.B.E.

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    • fraud says:

      we know it is not foxy typing this because foxy don’t even have the slightest idea of sitting in the front of a computer. once again David back down. You are still pushing your way in. let him speak for himself WITHOUT YOU THERE

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  17. Hmmm says:

    Why would Foxy need another person to manage his business other than that of his children or wife. He claims to say in the press conference, that monies missing from his account. No accountability, when queries were asked to his family. Maybe, a change of management was his idea so he may see some sort of change of revenue on his part. All will tell in due time.

    Stay tune!!!…..

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  18. Foxy Callwood M.B.E says:

    Why not just ask me “Foxy” everyone is just talking about something that they really have no idea about.
    Yours truly Foxy Callwood M.B.E.

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  19. sad says:

    This is a family that I know and love all of them. It is sad that David was able to convince Foxy to hold this press conference. I am concerned that this guy even knows what is in Foxy’s Will. That is deep. However, a person can make a Will today and leave with their lawyers and then do another one tomorrow.

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  20. dogfish says:

    Do not mess with the Callwoods! 🙂

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  21. Anonymous says:

    David was bad news from day one.

    Good work callwoods!

    Missing JVD,

    -catamaran boys

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  22. LEB says:

    How very sad. My, my the many hours we’ve spent being entertained by Foxy, and enjoying the bar, shop and grounds — he deserves better!

  23. Peaches says:

    Environmental Health quick to run to the restaurants, but can’t come down hard on persons who are guilty of having people having to walk on sewage in their yard. Set of bias thing them!

  24. Foxy Callwood M.B.E says:

    Again why is it that you can only chat anomalously on here and you cant just come ask me”Foxy before you post such non sense. I guess its because your just ignorant or a relative that is on the taking end of things !!!!

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  25. Foxy Callwood M.B.E says:

    Why are you all talking about dementia, Why not just come see me and find out for your selves. This whole family problem was long here before David ever came to JVD.

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    • STOP says:

      David we know its you writing and not foxies. I am now convinced that you also has mental problems

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    • Wise Counsel QC says:

      you are wealthy man,ask the man why he has valued your shares at $1m ???


      Elder financial abuse or exploitation is defined as “The fraudulent or otherwise illegal, unauthorized, or improper act or process of an individual, including a friend, that uses the resources of an older individual for monetary or personal benefit, profit, or gain, or that results in depriving an older individual of rightful access to, or use of, benefits, resources, belongings, or assets.”


      Elder financial abuse is big business. It’s estimated that older adults lose more than $36 billion every year to scams, fraud and exploitation.

      Power of Attorney abuse is used in order to acquire money, assets and possessions.
      Who commits elder financial abuse?

      The sheer number of financial abuse victims is frightening, but what may be even worse is that the abuse is often carried out by someone close to the victim. One survey found that two-thirds of financial crimes against the elderly are carried out by close friends or other trusted individuals.

      The perpetrators of elder financial abuse can include but not limited to:
      Friends and acquaintances
      Trusted employees in responsible positions

    • DAVIDGOHOME says:

      David, shut your wood-slave ‘rarm up from blogging piss on here. Tell it like it is, you looking to fool off Foxy so you can sell his shares and cash in, but you better don’t let the spirit of Queen Mary, Budhoe and the ancestors of the Aneborg uprising start to stir on the JVD people. We shall not tolerate it in this BVI. Every Virgin Islander groan with vexation at your folly. Run, Edomite, run; them on your tails. The audacity of you, David.
      Let him feel JVD cat-o-nine tail, man.

  26. My Opinion says:

    This was a very disturbing chain of events, embarrassing to say the least.
    Why did all that dirty linen have to be aired in public? I saw absolutely no need for that.
    A family gone awry; Nature’s Little Secrets exposed…shameful.

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  27. No nonsense says:

    I remember way back when Ruben Chinnery sang a song”them planting marijuana naked”. Where the hell David Drench was then. Leave our people and our Island in peace!

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  28. Ron Morrisette says:

    I watched the painful video and i think it’s very sad that Foxy and Tessa are at odds, with an “outsider” coming between them…..For over 40 years,behind the scenes, Tessa has honestly kept the books of the business making it possible to grow the family’s operation with a gradual surplus.. She combined doing what needed to consistently be done on a daily basis with Foxy’s vision to create an attractive “opportunity” for someone who could take their time to cultivate Foxy’s trust & loyalty….I would love to see Foxy properly value the amazing effort(work) and long time love and loyalty of his wife Tessa. He could not have had a better,more trustworthy “partner”…If Foxy’s health were to suddenly deteriorate,it would be Tessa and his daughter who would care for him…..He should try to remember who really loves him. It’s not the “outsider” who waves the potential for making more money with the possible involvement of a “Kenny Chesney”..That is doing nothing more than appealing to Foxy’s ego… Foxy,you don’t need more money; you need more peaceful time in your life… I know firsthand , because my own brother,the lawyer on St John,put “greed” ahead of “love” by taking my share of the family property above Cruz Bay.. Don’t permanently alienate yourself from those who truly LOVE you..!!!!!!!!!! I used to run the Sundance for Ashley and the Nikki V for Varlack Ventures back in early 80’s….Foxy,protect what healthy years you have left, and trust Tessa and your daughter who is “blood” to you and “of the culture”… It is clear that the present arrangement will not work for anyone involved……Foxy, your personal health needs to be given a priority by yourself,so cut your ties with this David guy and trust Tessa again………………Respectfully,
    Ron Morrisette

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  29. Father Time says:

    Foxy needs to rehire Thomas Warner. He did nothing but great things for the business, even though David was trying to his best to con everyone off the land and out of their money.

    Tessa is no better.

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  30. rastarite says:

    PLEASE stop commenting rubbish. Stay out of this quagmire unless you know the TRUTH. Time will tell

  31. Quiet Warrior says:

    Family dirty linen being aired in public. Why? Look like a family gone wild. Something gone awry. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Did that MAGA hat worn by part owner had anything to do with this royal mess. Need a MJVDA hat to right the tilting ship. Every tory has at least 3 sides; what is the real tory? This tory seem to have more holes than Swiss Cheese.

  32. No one special says:

    This stuff is upsetting, even for someone like myself who has absolutely nothing to do with it apart from halfway knowing the players, enjoying a good party on Jost and having the story force fed to me.
    I feel lucky I am not involved in a headache like this, the last couple of years should of been enough for anyone! but after reading it….”Schadenfreude”…. is the only word that comes to mind…. Don’t feed the animals.

    I wish everyone well and this will be the last time I think about it, but for all your sake, just like the post above that broke their ‘S’ key half way through because they were so passionate….. stop washing your linen in public.

    ps. A word to the wise from someone who has been on the receiving end…. don’t take sides in local family disputes unless you can sharpen and use a machete better than the other team…… especially!!! when it comes to land/money….. That would definitely be the most important advice I could share and should be on the visa stamp when entering the country.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Outside looking in:
    It is a very sad day in JVD to see such event taking place in my homeland. There are many opportunistic individuals among us, just waiting to prey on the weak and vulnerable souls. We must have vision and foresight to overcome such characters when they cross our pathways. I pray for the CALLWOOD family. The best thing for that stranger is to get off JVD fast!

  34. Telling It Like It Is says:

    I visited BVI 3 months ago and I witnessed David’s work for the Island. David along with Foxy reopened a music school for the local children of the Island and were planning to build a secondary school next. I saw with my own eyes how his family has supported the local youth and everyone I met on the island spoke very highly of David and his wife for caring so much about the island’s future.

    All of this nonsense about David being a “con artist” is just that – nonsense. The list of reasons cited for closing down Foxy’s is much larger than a single pipe (moldy ice, broken toilets, animal excrement, etc.). That’s not sabotage, that’s NEGLECT! That falls on all of the “directors” shoulders. If [they] supposedly pumped all of the business’s profits back into the business, then [they] should be held responsible for those violations.

    I will always love JVD and continue enjoying it until the day I die. But it is clear to me now that Foxy’s best days are in the past. I left with so much hope for Foxy’s vision of investing in the youth of the island and developing more sustainable businesses for the locals to thrive. That’s all I ever heard David and Foxy talk about – a thriving local economy to keep the youth gainfully employed and proud of their little slice of paradise. I’m afraid that’s all now just a pipedream… Sad 🙁

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