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Health Minister expected to bring COVID-19 update later today

Health Minister Carvin Malone is scheduled to give a public updated on the territory’s status as it relates to COVID-19 later today, Friday, August 21.

The minister gave that indication while responding to questions from BVI News this morning.

Our news centre had sought to find out the number of persons health officials identified as having recently come into contact with Patient Number 12 — the BVI’s latest COVID-19 case.

“My official update is not due until later today and hence I will NOT conduct any pre-interviews,” he told BVI News via WhatsApp minutes before 11 am on Friday.

Patient 12 is said to be a legal BVI resident with no recent travel history and is believed to have contracted the virus through ‘community spread’.

The patient has frequented “bars and night clubs”, Malone recently said, adding that an aggressive contact-tracing effort is underway.

The individual is currently isolated at the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital where he is being treated. He presented at the medical facility with with ‘moderate symptoms’ on Wednesday.

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  1. Lies and more lies says:

    This patient doesnot have any virus. He just an asthmatic person. You all need to test people good and stop cause bad news on the territory. This go ernment is the worst thing the b.v.i ever witness. You just want to lock down the country, but not this time. Stop give out false news to the people. Why it’s always 1 person? You all need to stop tell lies and run the country the way it should.

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  2. Wondering says:

    What time is the up date?
    And where are we to find the report?

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  3. in time come says:

    shut down these clubs and bars now stop this spread

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  4. Vision less government says:

    This visionless government just using covid 19 to help with their lock of governance. I am sorry for the b.v.i under this leadership. These no brainers just killing the country. Stop watching people bars and study the countries business. Why it’s not in a church or supermarkets or any other business etc? Why it have to be a bar. You all full of s**t.

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  5. wow says:

    99.8% survival rate. Open things up. Only the strong survive. Lockdown is worse than this flu

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  6. Trouble says:

    5 anegada, 4 tortola and climbing

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  7. Stupes says:

    I think you need to chill and wait for the update.

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  8. Tis we says:

    Bars and clubs must close now

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  9. hahaha says:

    Most stupid comment. A true blooded Covidiot.

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  10. @ lies and lies says:

    Don’t be like the orange leader of the united states. Ignoring the virus is not going to help you.

    Or are we going to pretend the BVI is too blessed to be able to develop viruses and deceases like we did with Zika?

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  11. Brace says:

    It’s not looking good. Brace yourselves. Watch how fast this will get out of control. When people do not listen to the law and abide , these are the results we all will reap! An entire country will pay for one mans ignorance.

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  12. Agreed @Brace says:

    But although people aren’t listening to the law, the law isn’t sticking to their rules and fining/charging people. I think if the police and the government really did what they said they were going to do with all these rules. We would barely have a worry. Because i really don’t think some people would be willing to pay 5k all the time or spend jail time for all the partying they be doing. They would rather stay their behinds at home and definitely comply by the rules. The laws made were like a joke and so are the people because its obvious they don’t care for their lives. But i hope those same people don’t cry for a lockdown when cases increase cause they didn’t care to keep it down when we didn’t have any.

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  13. Peaches says:

    My question is how these types of information gets leak into the public domain? Change the workers that have access to confidential information before it is announced by the Health Minister.

    Change the workers! They are not confidential!

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  14. Real talk says:

    People still smuggling on each of the islands so what you expect..brunch of fools thinking it’s the bar’s and the clubs…why not the churches etc.

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  15. true says:

    Yes 5 Anegada and 4 Tortola and all from a guy who came in from St Thomas to party and his friend didn;t bother telling anyone now hos family and friends all have the virus.

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  16. Mad Max says:

    Half the people commenting on these blogs and on Facebook boards know people involved in smuggling people or who have visited USVI illegally yet they are not talking and making excuses and suggesting lockdown/curfews etc.


    The community is only as strong as its weakest link!

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  17. @lies and more lies says:

    He has Covid he got it from his drinking buddy from St Thomas that sneaked in , he knew he was not supposed to be here but went drinking and partying anyway.
    He has now given the virus to his son his daughterin law and 3 grandchildren all for a drink and a party
    Not false he has Covid-19 and it is all over Tortola, even reached Anegada.

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  18. Guest says:

    It seems the rule in BVI is we ok with smuggling drugs just don’t smuggle people…….

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  19. Lol says:

    This Is what those of you who where saying open the boarders, “ we don’t have any cases here , so why do we have curfew?” I guess non of you foreseen this . Although we didn’t have any cases here we had a problem with our boarders. That was the problem and these new cases are the results of that problem. Now we shall all go back on lock down and this one will be a long one. I hope you all are happy . You got what you wanted . Now suffer the consequences of your ignorance. I am also pissed at the gov for caving in. They faulted and they were not wise. A gov should stand it’s grounds and not cave no matter what. Especially when people’s live are in danger. Well that’s my two cents. Enjoy your lock down because I certainly won’t. I was depending on the gov to keep us safe and they failed. They lifted all the vital restrictions that would have kept us safe . Such as opening of the bars and lifting the curfew. Had these things been in place , there would have been no party , there would have been no reason for him to smuggle into the BVI. VIP stand your ground and stop flip flopping. Smh

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  20. Dictator says:

    Time of the speech is a secret so have time to make thing up

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  21. Correct says:

    Yes, lawlessness and not enforcing laws will be our downfall. We will get the message someday..

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  22. Time says:

    To shut down the bars, strip clubs, clubs and every bars in the other communities. These are considered NON ESSENTIALS. I tend to agree, if you have the need to drink, simply buy what you like to drink and drink at home.

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  23. @ correct says:

    Unfortunately the BVI has been lawless for a few years now that is why we are in this position.

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  24. smh says:

    Has he given an update as yet?

  25. ? says:

    So the owners and workers sont have families to feed too?

  26. HonestTruth says:

    More like 400 years.

  27. Update says:

    Please do me a favour Hon, whenever you come on with an update PLEASE give a brief intro…… you take too long to get to the point.


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  28. @vision less government says:

    Yeah, I suppose YOU would have done better- this government is prepared; the Cuban doctors (cavalry) are here and ready for this outbreak and all the testing, meds and equipment we could get are here with more coming.
    The NDP would have sat back and let the private sector ‘do their thang….’

    ALSO: I spent the day Wednesday at the hospital and running around town to shops – are we mostly stupid or willful here on Tortola? For every person I saw with a mask- including IN THE HOSPITAL- over half had masks pulled down below their nose with only their mouth covered!!!! USELESS, why you even bother?

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  29. Boyy says:

    The streets are talking .

  30. Hahaha says:


  31. Hmmmm says:


  32. The Truth says:

    Lord please stop stupid people from reproducing.

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  33. No nonsense says:

    Dem on the way with the concoction cocktail for us. Our head is in the sand and we are brained wash about a *COLD*. There was NEVER a vaccine found for cold, how come with this strand there is a rush and to the highest bidder?

  34. Smh says:

    We need to stop! BVI had VOVID-19 lurking in the shadows for some time now. The Government just hid it well. Now we blaming illegal entry and man coming in the BVI to party. What about those people who died recently from shortness of breath..we out here in bars, night clubs and even churches rubbing up on each other, even at the hospital Doctors and nurses are without mask. If we want to play the blame gam some of us shouldn’t look far.

  35. Taki taki says:

    Lol this employers talking all hospital informations them needs to change all of them amd guess what bvislanders them taki taki. Nobody wants employing them that’s the reason .shame people

  36. Taki taki says:

    Exactly is them bvi locals has bote bringing people from st thomas to the territories sick and taking them to,night clubs amd bars shut them all boats , clubs and bars closed! Before be to late.

  37. Strip Club says:

    What a joke go to the strip club and watch social distancing especially in the back rooms

  38. Nobody will die. says:

    Stop it. Nobody will die.. This Virus is harmless with out 5G Radiation…Thats why weve been having all these recovering cases.. We dont have 5G here and we dont need it…The one death came in badly sick..England, Italy and Canada, they kno that 5G radiation plays a part in making this Vurus deadly, check your info u will see that England, Italy, and Canada are all putting laws in place to reduce and in some cases eliminate 5G Radiation, They have a significant reduction in cases and death, only America that is naive suffering.. We will be ok.. Quit the message of fear.. we dont need that, lets spread hope and optimism.

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