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Health Ministry plans workshop on depression

The Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital in Road Town

The Ministry of Health will be hosting a workshop to educate clinicians, caregivers, and the public on the signs and symptoms of depression.

Chief of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Services, Gracia Wheatley-Smith said the workshop will be held on Wednesday, October 5 at 7 pm via the Zoom platform and will educate participants on the epidemiology of depression and practical tips in the clinical use of antidepressants.

There will also be discussions on the international classifications of depression and the categories of antidepressants and pharmacological properties.

“We need to increase awareness. There have been quite a number of prescriptions received to treat depression along with an increased need to import psychotropic to treat persons experiencing depression,” Wheatley-Smith said.

“We expect that following this workshop the depressed patient will get enhanced medical care, persons will be more informed and aware of the signs and symptoms to be able to help someone affected, and with the new knowledge we can improve our lifestyles and rally together to assist persons in need early,” she added.

The workshop will be facilitated by former head of the OECS/PPS and Individual Consultant in Medicines & Supply Chain Management, Francis Burnett and Director of Turning Point St Lucia, Robert Huggins who has a Masters in Counselling Psychology.

Health practitioners including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians allied health professionals, caregivers, family members and persons diagnosed with depression are welcome to register for the workshop at a cost of $10. Three continuing education credits will be available for clinicians.


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  1. SMH! says:

    I just getting depressed thinking about this workshop.

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  2. lmaoo says:

    Imagine somebody got run down on waterfront and it take the ambulance near a hour to reach… That is depressing.

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  3. AH hope am wrong says:

    but I looked at the brother on TV in the HOA and you didn’t look right ,/ I hope you are taking care of yourself

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  4. WOW says:

    The article was just published and look at the ignorant comments. Many people are suffering from depression and they don’t know where to get help because of the type of society we live in where people like to judge others,laugh at others and gossip. SMH

  5. @Wow says:

    Like I said, the stigma in the islands when you seek professional help is that, “Something must be wrong with you!”

    I recommend anyone who is suffering from trauma, stress or depression to seek help.

  6. @wow says:

    Lord knows, I am deep in depression and stress and your comment is the very reason I will not seek help from these people here in this BVI. You hit the nail on the head.

    Everything becomes a gossip hotline.


  7. $10 says:

    They are charging TEN United States dollars for a workshop about depression, while our minimum wage is at a measly $6.00. The same depression that in many cases results from poverty and financial ruin because most people here work for LESS than that same $10. Raise the minimum wage and let people be able to afford to LIVE and not just SURVIVE. That’s a start on curbing depression locally.

    Also, if you really want to help people when it comes to mental health matters, you do it out of the genuine concern and the kindness of your heart and do it for FREE. People are paying their hard-earned $10 to listen to something on zoom that they can google on their already overpriced mobile data or internet. A lousy zoom meeting can not help anyone unpack years of trauma. Just another ineffective cash-grab.

  8. Mick Mars says:

    Let me host one, nuh? A joint, a bottle of water and some good conversation will cure most all forms of depression if you think positive enough.

  9. Real says:

    I totally agree. People depressed because they always broke and can’t afford to do nothing but pay bills the cost of living here is ridiculous in comparison to what most people getting paid. If you making average income in the bvi you still living paycheck to paycheck and will never own land, build a house, travel none of that. Your tax money don’t do nothing for you in this place even this very workshop costing you $10 let nhi cover it. When you got too much people working hard every day and still can’t afford nothing what you expect crime gonna rise and people will be depressed like what’s happening right now… This place is depressing and a workshop not gonna fix it

  10. God is watching says:

    The bulling in these workplaces is causing this, the abuse at home, etc.

    No antidepressant will fix it, it will only make the people worst.


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