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Health officials in isolation awaiting COVID-19 tests after being exposed to cop suspected of having virus

East End Police Station

A few public health officials are said to be in quarantine and are awaiting their turn to get tested for COVID-19 after being exposed to someone suspected of having the virus.

BVI News understands that the officials came in close proximity to a police officer who recently acted as an interpreter for the Spanish-speaking East End residents who tested positive for the disease a few days ago.

Information to our news centre is that the health officials recently shared a vehicle with the cop in question.

The officer has since been tested but the law enforcer’s results have not yet been confirmed with our news centre.

In the meantime, BVI News has further learnt that the East End Police Station is on standby to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it can be reopened to the general public.

When contacted on Monday, Police Information Officer Akia Thomas, said: “I cannot confirm or deny this at this time.”

Our news centre also reached out to Health Minister Carvin Malone but did not get a response from him up to publication time.

There are currently 12 known active COVID-19 cases in the BVI — nine of whom were confirmed last Friday.


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  1. SMH says:

    This thing is getting serious while we are acting like it does not exist in the BVI. The virus does not care whère you are from and if you are rich or poor….all are vulnerable. The government need to lockdown the place for a while, but I doubt they will….so prepare yourselves

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  2. oh bwoy says:

    The BVI up shitstreet because of greed

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  3. Sigh says:

    This is a sad state of affairs. All because of a few selfish people. Smh

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  4. all ah we says:

    People let us all turn informants and rat out who ever is doing stupidness in this country to put our lives at risk.

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  5. Megaschmega says:

    When contacted on Monday, Police Information Officer Akia Thomas, said: “I cannot confirm or deny this at this time.”

    That’s a conformation

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  6. L Ipton says:

    This is just the beginning. We may have to embark on a nationwide testing program if we are to truly identify our real caseload. The Trump ideology of ‘having more cases because we have done more testing’ becomes relevant.

    A number of persons are infected with the virus that only testing will aid in revealing its true number. We better brace ourselves for another lockdown with full safeguard mechanism in effect if out in public to curb the spread or accept that virus is here to stay and some will subsequently recover while a few may move beyond their physical earthly experiences.

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  7. Be rational says:

    Covid will be around for years, learn how to live with it and stop closing down every time we have a case, the economy can’t take it and it is irrational!

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  8. Well then says:

    5 Months of b*llshit all for nothing, and they are saying ” wait for the vaccine , you do know that to work the vaccine must contain covid 19 in it for it to work, so basicly you have to be given covid 19 for it to work, what is going on now is pure b*llshit and just messing with us , but not to worry that mo**n will be along at 9 tonight to tell us ” were not out the woods yet” ” covid 19 is not playing around and neither are we” and the other buzzwords that are meaningless but meantioned over and over to make it look like he has a clue when its clear he hasn’t

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  9. Wow says:

    VIP losing grip of this virus. All because they listened to the few that wanted bars open and no curfew . Now we all have to pay for a few ignorant people… and all a sudden C***y gone mute! … Preacher man now blaming the police and taxi man .. also mute. You are the ones who called publicly for the few restrictions that were keeping us safe to be lifted. Now what will you tell the people. Don’t fair , it’s only the common cold ??? Lmao …sets of Jack a** alyo is!

  10. chacho says:

    You could stay there with that

  11. CARE. says:

    People should be bamed for not adhering to the guidlines put fourth by government and all this or some of it could have been avoided.

  12. Local says:

    @ well then you have a little point concerning how vaccine comprise of but calling our officials m***n is down right rude and out of place , these officials premier and his ministers have been doing their d**n best to keep us safe and for a few foolish studio selfish money hungry persons out there that only care about themselves has made things worst for our little country. Sad to say if government can’t afford to shut down people safe guard yourselves and only the strong will survive.

  13. Vaccine says:

    The vaccine can take another couple of months to be developed.

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  14. @ be irrational. says:

    It is not about leaning to live with the virus per say. Rather , it is the people who do not adhere to the rules and regulations??? You can try to live with the virus all you like but if people don’t listen and follow rules put in place to prevent the spread then we all all doomed!

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  15. Ray of sunshine after the tropical storm that wasn't says:

    We have to learn to live with this. It doesn’t have a high death rate compared to flu and pneumonia, except among the elderly who also die more flu etc. We need to protect them. But we need to run our businesses. I’m behind in the rent already. If our hospital is not being overwhelmed because most cases are mild, as they are, then masks, hygiene, social distancing should suffice.

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  16. IT IS TIME says:

    This is where the GREED of few will result in the DOWNFALL of a multitude. SAD. I must agree however, that it is time to do ISLAND WIDE TESTING. It is the ONLY WAY to know what we are really dealing with. So many things have come to light.
    1. Our borders are NOT protected.
    2. The above only pinpoints the fact that we
    have a great deal of illegal aliens in this
    3. A greater effort is needed by those tasked
    with protecting our community and borders.
    4. Economically, I do not know how we are going
    to survive another lock down but IT IS
    5. We have become COMPLACENT. We all about the
    place acting as if we are covid free.
    6. COVID 19 is here to stay. We must co-exist.
    7. BVI, humble yourself. We have not learned
    our lesson as yet so we are doomed to repeat
    the same mistakes.


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  17. Taser Cop says:

    BVI cops especially East end cops are c*******s. God don’t like ugly.

  18. Mmmm says:

    This island is serious about the covid 19 virus, and sooner or later they will have to live that for a long time, they will stop talking about the same thing so much

  19. God says:

    Some of us speak badly of Hispanics because of covid 19, but we are worse, who have lived our whole lives full of hatred and bitterness. we have to be realistic,

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  20. Worker says:

    Yes *** police is at lambert walking up an down like on vacation what a thing … is a Bully they need police to security

  21. treu says:

    Lets just close all the Spanish bars and clubs in the country get rid of the people who throw trash where they stand and have brung the country to its knees with lockdown after lockdown. They bring nothing to the country except to send all the money back home where else do you think $200,000.00 a day being sent out comes from, it aint wages it is ill gotten gains.

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  22. Hmm says:

    Are they still wasting time putting implementation in place for locked out expats instead of focusing on whats going on in their own islands. Hhhmmm

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  23. Lb says:

    So yall really thought that we would go through a worldwide pandemic without getting community spread at some point? Sounds stupid. Whether it was the smugglers or when we open to tourists this was bound to happen at some time…so stop acting naive for God in heaven sake. This ain’t going no where do learn to live with it.

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  24. Lodger says:

    I am afraid island wide testing will be about as successful as the attempt at a population census. No way will they persevere finding everybody to test.

  25. lol says:

    You will need to test everybody every week a couple times to tell people what? Wear your mask, isolate if you sick, wash your hands, and cover your cough. Humans are just too harden and greedy and only care about themselves.

  26. Anonymous says:

    COVID-19: VI the envy of the C’bean right now- Dr Pickering

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  27. Practice What You Preach! says:

    Why does it seem like those health officials and the police officer were not wearing masks?

    I keep saying Govt Departments expect you to adhere to protocols and they’re not doing so.

  28. Back to the Basics says:

    If we want tighter borders how about issuing some pairs of binoculars to the cops. All this ‘illegal entry’ that is causing this is happening in plain sight (HINT – they are coming in through West End). The knuckleheads are going right to the docks. There is ONE bridge going to the main land. Post a car there too! Stop all this stupidness and knee jerk ‘need more funding’ crap. Police and Emigrations need to go back to the basics. In 1750 the British had this place wired tight. Post some lookouts. Hang the people that break the law. End of story….

  29. What says:

    @L Ipton Do you have money to buy all the test kits needed? Do you have the correct number of technologists to run the lab machine ? How many lab in BvI can do the test?

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