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Heated argument forces HOA into adjournment

Speaker Ingrid Moses-Scatliffe rises to demand order in the House of Assembly on Thursday.

The House of Assembly was forced into adjournment on Thursday after a spirited argument ignited between Works Minister Mark Vanterpool, and Third District Representative, Julian Fraser.

The argument was in relation to the Recovery and Development Plan which the Smith administration is attempting to have passed in the House.

While making his contribution in relation to why the plan should receive the House’s approval, Vanterpool reminded his colleagues that the $400 million loan guarantee the UK is offering will be under the said plan.

He then noted the problems in communities such as Carrot Bay in the First District, and Sea Cows Bay in Fraser’s Third District.

“The coast roads need to be fixed using concrete and steel. We can’t keep putting on asphalt. Let’s borrow some money and fix the coast roads. And, at some point, if we can’t get no water in Sea Cows Bay, lets put a plant in Sea Cows Bay or Pockwood Pond and get the water to the people down there,” said Vanterpool.

It was at this point during his comments that Fraser interjected with a remark and/or question that was not audible to the public but seemed to be related to his Sea Cow’s Bay constituency.

In what can be described as a sharp response, Vanterpool then told Fraser: “Don’t come ask my no little stupidness, man. We are going to fix the country.”

Stop pick-picking

Vanterpool then proceeded to complain about Fraser’s fixation about the issues in the Third District.  The fiery works minister then sought to explain that the recovery plan will cater to the needs of all districts, including the Third.

“… Are you going to pick, pick and talk about real stupidness about every district? Vanterpool said in remark seemingly directed at Fraser.

“The money is in here (in the recovery plan) under broad terms. The Recovery and Development Agency is going to get the money and fix it. Stop the nonsense about this little ‘district’ thing. We are going to fix Sea Cow’s Bay,” added Vanterpool, who began to bang a document on his desk.

The Speaker of the House then proceeded to hammer her gavel in a bid to order Vanterpool to conduct himself more appropriately.

“It’s not his (Fraser) turn to speak and I’m not going to stop,” a spirited Vanterpool then said.

The Speaker then leapt from her chair saying, “Honourable Minister for Communications and Works, please observe the decorum of the House.”

Tempers are flaring

Vanterpool then apologised. But, tempers flared seconds after when Fraser rose to state that Vanterpool was “misrepresenting the plan”.

The two then began to speak over the other; forcing Speaker Ingrid Moses-Sctaliffe to adjourn the sitting of the House till next Wednesday.

“I think that this is an opportune time — tempers are flaring,” she said.

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  1. Jaigon says:

    I really don’t think anyone should be surprised at the tantrum of Mark, he is one of the key players why this country is in the state it’s in today with his reckless and uncomfortable spending tactics. We should not have been here today arguing over a RDA plan but because this NDP Government has landed the territory into the financial dungeon we are here at the mercy of foreign aid. People like Mark should be ashamed of himself. I heard him used a quote, “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” He is so right with they quote because he especially took the people of the BVI for fools.

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    • BS! says:

      I agree that Hon. Vanterpool and NDP may have made some missteps with spending but no matter who the Government was we would be in this position post-Irma! There is no way the Government could rebuild the Territory using regular revenues while keeping all staff employed and not raising taxes. Loans are needed to move forward. Sit down like grown men and women that have been elected and agree on a way forward. Just saying no we shouldn’t do it is not an option. It’s a year on and we have lots of work to do and if they can’t be grown ups they need to just call elections now let’s put some real people in there to move the place forward. We are all calling for accountability but still with all these conspiracy theories about the RDA. Get the money and fix the f*****g place!

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      • Talawah says:

        @bs I agree with most of what you’re saying but the mcw has failed us too many times with his talks as if he actually have a plan. Before Irma he was failing miserably running up millions in overspending on projects he guesstimate will propel us into the 21st century. Where are we now, can you say he’s brought us there? And please don’t go blaming Irma or Maria when Mark came way before them. Seriously!

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        • @Talawah says:

          The MCW will not be controlling anything under the RDA. The push back on this is pure politicd because the naysayers fear that the place being repaired will put NDP in a better position for reelection and they dont want that. Look closely at what is going on and you will see that there are people that are claiming to love the BVI and wanting issues addressed but the same ones are prepared to hamper the progress for their own political gain.

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  2. Cat says:


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  3. Come Again says:

    this is a poorly written article Bvi news. you need to give more background and info on the Recovery plan and the discussion between the two. You heavily quoted Vanterpool but missed out valid points raised by Fraser not just his points about 3 District. Please rewrite this is poor journalism. The story is written like you telling “melay”.

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    • @come again says:

      Why wait for bvinews? Why not share Fraser’s points yourself. I would be interested to know more.

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    • Amen says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more on this. This type of “journalism” seems to be the normal thing for this site. Very disappointed in how this site is evolving.

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  4. Virginislander says:

    This alone shows why non Virginislanders should not be members of the House of Assembly. No respect even for the Speaker who they voted for. Those two ministers should not be allowed again.. They want to take over this peaceful place. They must go to their own place to behave in that unruly manner.

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  5. Resident says:

    Ndp has been in power for 8 years and mark is a major reason as to why the country in this sorry state. He has been the works minister all that time and what has he to show for it, our infrastructure is terrible, stuff that should have been fixed under his and ndp watch has been neglected and we are now paying the price

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  6. Teri Osborn says:

    I’m sure the recovery is slow and very hard work and anytime you have that kind of money involved, some bad decisions are going to be made. Please know, gentle people of the BVI’s, that we are all pulling for you. We are so sorry that you are going through this and know that our thoughts are with you as you work hard to rebuild your beautiful paradise!

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  7. Brad Boynes says:

    In 2018 this type of behaviour should not cause for the house to be adjourned. The Speaker is suppose to control the house and it’s constituents. Sad state of affairs we find our country in. I think the MCW was very rude and disrespectful with his antics. Sometimes it makes you feel like getting a rope for this cattle.

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  8. @TeriOsborn says:

    Thank you Ms Osborn for remembering our gentle nature. The stress level from these hurricanes and the damage all around us is making us a little nuts. Thank you for making us stop and think before we blog and speak. We actually still love each other although Irma has left a lot of criticism and sharing of stress in many ways. We will survive. We have had almust 140 deaths post Irma so the threat is real. Let’s shake off this stress folks. God loves us. We are still here for a reason. Give thaks for everything.

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  9. kicks and punches says:

    Only kicks and punches should adjourn a meeting. Not arguments.

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  10. Concerned says:

    I am all for progress and development. But shoving an airport terminal for 97 Million dollars down our throat is uncalled for. If and when the Terminal needs to be enlarged there is plenty of room on the departure and arrival sites to add onto.

  11. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Hurricanes Irma and Maria, two historical, monster, Cat 5 storms, left catastrophic damages to the tune of $3.6B in their wakes. Consequently, the territory/country is crying out for recovery. Due to the lack of trust and confidence in the government, the UK mandated the RDA in order for it to co-sign for $400M loans. As communicated in the past, I’m not a fan of the RDA; it is in essence an alternative government and an embarrassment to the VI people. It is a national set back. Nevertheless, in spite of the recovery urgency, the NDP government is struggling to move the ball forward. The antics and theatrics in the HOA are an embarrassment: childish. Amateurish. Grown men behaving like pickanagars.

    Moreover, though district reps show territorial concerns, they were elected to represent their districts. As such, the Hon Fraser’s passion for D-3 is in line with what he was elected to do. Further, the people of D-1 and D-3 should not be penalized for exercising their constitutional right by voting for whom they want to represent them. Resources should be allocated to districts based on need, not politics. The disarray in HOA is emblematic of current government dysfunction.

    Further, the MCW says, “The coast roads need to be fixed using concrete and steel. We can’t keep putting on asphalt.” This is interesting. Can the MCW tell us more about reinforced concrete roads vs. asphalt roads. Is the Speaker not in charge of the HOA? As such, should she not have directed the MCW to take a seat or two and if he refused engaged the police to remove him from the chambers?

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  12. lol says:

    haha. can’t stop laughing at that facial expression

  13. before and after says:

    look at the cute photo on the wall

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