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Here’s why the Premier is wary about revealing gov’t plans

Premier Andrew Fahie. (Photo from Fahie’s Facebook page)

Amid calls for a comprehensive plan to revive the ailing economy, Premier Andrew Fahie said he is hesitant to reveal all his plans as he remains wary of those who want his government to fail.

“Sometimes when I hear them asking for the plan, I say that’s a noble thing but I can’t give out some of these plans because some people only want the plan to make sure that your plan never makes it. But their plans fail. So you got to be careful,” Premier Fahie said in the March 4 sitting of the House of Assembly.

He said rather than outlining plans, his government has been more interested in showing results such as how it is handling the COVID-19 outbreak in the community.

“We were told we didn’t have a plan for COVID. Now look, praise be to God, it’s only God. Now we have one confirmed case and we’re pushing ahead,” Premier Fahie stated.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, there have been calls for the government to release and abide by a comprehensive plan to restore the territory’s economy to its former glory.

In its most recent call for a plan, the BVI Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association recommended that the government implement strategic actions to diversify the economy in the next three to five years.

The organisation also said the government should start doing quarterly economic reports to provide information for planning and decision-making.

Some sections of the public, as well as political figures, have expressed that the continued closure of the territories seaports show that the government lacks a proper plan to safely reopen the territory and revive the ailing economy.

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  1. What???? says:

    ? ? ?. Mehn this Govt just keeps getting better and better with giving me daily entertainment. So you don’t present a plan because the tax payers get to criticize the plans success or failure???

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  2. Country says:

    Maybe, just maybe it would be good to include the public, private industries and other stake holders to ensure the plans work because EVERYONE wants them. To do that you have to publish them. Why do Govt reps think its all about them? They are there to do the work of the people. What about the plans for the country that we the people want to happen??

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    • Nope says:

      The citizenry is too stupid to understand the Fahie. Therefore they are kept from knowing what he is thinking, as they cannot understand his greatness. Do not question his logic as you cannot comprehend the thoughts of intellect.

      So endeth the lesson

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  3. YOUTH says:

    This newsite is clearly malicious when it comes to the VIP Government. I listen to the entire speech of the Premier and this is now taken totally out of context.

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    • How says:

      How is it out of context when they reported exactly what he said. That statement cannot be taken out of context. I listened to the speech and that is exactly what he said and how he said it. So please stop

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  4. Pat says:

    I agree with fahie

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  5. BVIslander2 says:

    BVInews thank you for reporting on what is actually said in HOA. God knows that most Virgin Islanders can’t stomach to listen to the absolute nonsense that is spoken in there.

    So just as we knew all along, there is no plan to revive the economy, and more lies and nonsense to come. This is like an excuse that my eight year old son and his friends would give. The economy is in the toilet and this govt is reluctant to come up with a proper plan because someone may be able to criticize it.

    BVIlanders please learn to vote based on sound reasoning and stop voting on emotion and for friends and family. Do we need any more proof that as voters we continue make horrible decisions?

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  6. Rubber Duck says:

    Baloney. Show us the port opening plan. Or the vaccine roll out plan. Or the how to get the schools repaired plan. Or the plan to fix the roads.

    Or sit down.

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  7. Wow, Stop it to me says:

    Isn’t you as premier and government have a responsibility to the BVI people especially those that voted you into power to inform and update on the government plans isn’t the people have the right to peruse the plan, praise, criticize, suggest have a voice in the way forward, Running a government is not a secret, a private business, and a family business, it’s the people’s business,, Understand that,,

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    • Correction says:

      They have a responsibility for and is answerable to all voting residents/tax payers of this country. All our taxes are being used and it’s OUR country. Get it right.

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  8. Pandora's Box says:

    Honourable … you do realize you are an elected representative of the people right? What you say does not add up and perception (whether right or wrong) is that you have NO plan whatsoever.
    Statements such as above only serve to solidify that perception that has you handicapp the private sectors’ ability to plan and rebound. All because you feel secrecy is the correct course for those that make up the tax base that supports this Government.

    You and your deputy continue to come up with some very incoherent and baffling statements.

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  9. Irma Chisit says:

    If the private sector has no idea what tomorrows plan is how can they make their own plans?
    Just plain Daft economic leadership.

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  10. LOL says:

    Clearly no plan, just getting worse by the day. When is next elections?

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  11. Lol says:

    This man giving the world joke everyday
    Somebody need to tell this f**l he sound stupid
    How does he even qualified to be a premier
    My god this man need m***ally help

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  12. Listen! says:

    Listen, you have no plan and everyone knows it.

    Fail what? Criticism in and of itself cannot make a plan fail. A stupid plan makes it fail, an incompetent plan makes it fail, no plan by its very nature is a failure.

    stop talking fart!

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  13. Earl says:

    Like a snake oil salesman !

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  14. Plan says:

    The plan any plan should not be a secret man.

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  15. Paid bloggers says:

    These paid bloggers make me sick. This article sounds like it is written by one of these same bloggers. Make me want to vomit

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    • Liston says:

      You can’t make this stuff up. LOL this is priceless. No “paid blogger” can make him look any worse then he does himself. Priceless!!!!

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  16. Amused says:

    Blatant lack of transparency and accountability

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  17. Amazed says:

    Because he has none

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  18. lol says:

    A one trick dog and pony show

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