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High demand! Rymer says multiple flights added for AA launch to BVI

There has been an unmistakably high demand for direct trips between the US mainland and the BVI, and this has resulted in increased bookings for accompanying inaugural flights with American Airlines in the coming weeks.

This is according to Communications and Works Minister, Kye Rymer, who told the House of Assembly yesterday that there are now two inaugural flights instead of the single initial flight that was previously announced for the airline’s June 1 launch in the territory.

The new seasonal flight, operated daily by Envoy with an Embraer E175 aircraft, is expected to begin transporting passengers between the BVI and Miami on the US mainland from June 1 and will run through the summer, restarting again in November.

“The demand is so high,” Rymer said, “that they have committed to five additional flights for the month of June.”

Rymer explained that the territory will now see two flights landing at the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport on June 3, 9, 16 and 30 after the airline had previously committed to single flights on those days.

“I invite our entire territory to join us at the airport on June 1. Walk with your flags, walk with your family, your friends. Let’s give them a BVI welcome when American [Airlines] lands here in our territory,” Rymer said.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, who previously described the airlift deal as a game-changer for the territory, had commented last year that the achievement was a result of a refocused approach towards air service development taken by his government.

He said this was aimed at optimising the airport’s current facilities and capacities while simultaneously fine-tuning what he referred to as the airport’s master plan to meet future demand.

The government boasted back then that the airline’s interest was so great that there was no need to spend any monies to induce them or to offer concessions or minimum seat guarantees.


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  1. Hmm says:

    Better look into maintaining the facilities related to safety. Forever seeing man out to the weather stations. Why? Bet my bottom dollar them thing dont work. Just wait till something happen. I want to see who get blame.

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  2. Rubber Duck says:

    Very high fares currently. More flights are needed.

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  3. Good development. says:

    These direct flights between the BVI is a wonderful development for the country and its tourism product and credit is due to those who made these flights possible.

    Now not to dampen the moment, it is my observation that the round trip ticket prices are pretty steep. We are looking @ prices anywhere between $925 and $1100 round trip.

    A round trip ticket to the UK from any American airport on the east coast can cost you less.

    Furthermore, while the convenience is there, it will still be cheaper to fly out of St Thomas to the US at those rates.

    So what I see here is good and not so good. In my opinion, they should work next on following thru getting other airlines to fly directly here as well.

    The competition will drive the price down. As it is now, AA has no incentive to lower those prices as they have the monopoly.

    It would be helpful to seriously consider expanding the airport runway as well to accommodate larger flights. Larger planes and competition will result in lower fares. The smaller passenger loads equates to higher ticket prices and vice versa.

    The Embraer E175 is a small plane that can hold up to 50 plus passengers depending on cabin configuration. I fly them often on business. There is very little overhead baggage space but otherwise comfortable.

    At any rate, these inaugural flights are a start worthy of celebration. Again, congrats to all who made it happen.

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  4. Time says:

    This is great and I am excited. What time will AA be landing to come and see them?

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  5. blind man says:

    If you cant afford to travel stay at home stop comparing price people with money dont compare or watch price they just go.

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  6. Dahlia says:


    Let’s go watch a plane land. Can I take off work and be compensated?

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  7. OMG says:

    OR. EIS TO MIA. ?????????

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  8. Jim says:

    Price too steep

    It’s cheaper to fly MIA to STT. Price is 3 times cheaper with ferry.

    And that aircraft needs 4100’ for takeoff and landing. EIS is 4600’. That leaves little margin for error. Add in a cross wind or even our notorious Christmas winds, and that landing is going to be downright scary.

    So how will they overcome that? Probably take fewer passengers and luggage. Therefore, the higher price.

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  9. The Watchman says:

    Minister Kye, I like your accomplishment but you need to fix the damn roads because to land is one thing but to drive through the place is another witn a set of sewage all over the damn place.

    Don’t you sit on your thrown in the morning to take a crap? Can’t you smell your crap when it gets out of your body? Do you want the tourist to smell your crap?

    Well fix the damn road and sewage and enough of the plane propaganda because we will put you on it back to Miami where someone is waiting to greet you.

    Don’t think you will campaign on this for four more years and expect to get back in as your only accomplishment.

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  10. .... says:

    JetBlue been my girl

  11. Arrival processing says:

    I wonder how prepared the arrival processes are for handling so many passengers. Immigration already seems overwhelmed with just a few flights and their attitude is a constant source of adverse comment from visitors (and such a contrast to other islands). All we need is for tourists to have to stand outside in the heat for a long time while waiting for the inefficient officials to do their stuff for all goodwill to be lost.

    How will over 50 people all wait for their bags in that little area? Can 50 people line up to go through Customs all at once?

    Yet again, I see no advance planning to get the facilities correct before they are needed.

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  12. Yep says:

    Valid points just that the E175 holds more than 50 people even in their lowest capacity which is around 75 seats. Still a small jet but can’t get much bigger until runway lenghtens and facilities improve. We can handle the A220-100 which Delta operates so maybe Atlanta/Delta is another operator they can reach out to

  13. Time Traveler says:

    The plane lands at 1:30pm on June 1st

  14. Good points says:

    However, if you factor in the cost of taxi to the ferry in USVI or quite possibly a hotel for the night (for tourist), plus the cost and time associated with ferry or water taxi to Tortola (or Tortola, then another to Virgin Gorda), the costs really do start to even out and it then becomes a question of convenience.

    The hotel operators in Virgin Gorda in particular are very happy about direct flights which even at its price point just creates an alternative to flying in and out of St. Thomas, it is in my view a welcome addition to what exists, meant to supplement and not supplant the use of STT.

  15. Hmmm says:

    Luckily you have alternative options.
    That is a good thing.
    Give gratitude !

  16. Ginga says:

    I can’t imagine anything worse than paying all that money
    to land here only to be faced by a group of strangers
    with politicians to “greet” me. Stay the he’ll away from me.

  17. Wtf says:

    Overwhelmed by 50 people arriving at the airport?
    This really shows how tiny we are.

  18. Jah know says:

    You obviously don’t know what you talking about. How do you think ppl with money have their money? By spending wisely, not shutting their eyes and paying for anything just because they have money. I’ve seen millionaires said something under 1k is too much just because they know they can get it cheaper.

  19. vg resident says:

    it would be nice to show a E175 jet rather than a plane that AA no longer flies.

  20. Extension says:

    IN a Territory of 35,000 with a GDP of about $ 400 million, does it really make sense to spend $200 million+ on expanding the airport?

  21. 5 days says:

    out of the 30 day month of June will have direct AA flights between Miami and Beef island. So the other 25 days in June the established ferry route to/from STT then fly to/from numerous destinations in the US is the ‘alternative’ route. It seems this new direct AA flights to Miami will only appeal to those passengers where Miami is their final destination. Reality check indicates low demand not high demand.

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