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High number of requests from expats seeking govt’s help to repatriate! Flights could start today

Since the official announcement last Thursday, the Immigration Department has been receiving a high volume of requests from persons seeking to take advantage of government’s offer to assist unemployed expats to repatriate.

This is according to Immigration Minister Vincent Wheatley who told BVI News that requests have been made for countries such as St Vincent, Grenada, Jamaica, and Guyana.

Wheatley said persons could begin to depart the territory starting today, July 21.

“Once the Premier gives the green light, flights can begin as early as Tuesday of this week, based on the protocols of the country they are flying to,” he stated.

The minister also said government is considering to use local airline, VI Airlink to transport persons to their respective destinations in the region.

Register by emailing Immigration

Meanwhile, Acting Chief Immigration Officer Ian Penn is urging residents interested in seeking the service to email the necessary documentation to his department.

These documents include the biography page of their passports, the number of persons they are planning on travelling with, and the country destination.

“Persons should register with the Immigration Department by emailing [email protected] stating the particulars of their departure to allow for their exit to be properly recorded, thus assisting in a smooth re-entry when the opportunity presents itself,” he said in a recent media release.

The initiative is designed specifically for expatriate residents who lost their jobs because of COVID-19 and need assistance to leave the territory. Wheatley had announced that they must leave if they have no means to support themselves.


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  1. Jono says:

    Why have some expat lawyers only on work permits been given preferential treatment and already been allowed to return?

    Do they pay more or have better contacts, or is it a case of pestering people and being aggressive?

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    • @ Jono.. says:


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      • No.... says:

        No,,, it’s a good question!

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        • Hot one says:

          All ex pat workers, whether from the Caribbean, UK or elsewhere have to provide an immigration bond when they arrive to cover the costs of repatriating them. The bond is either a cash deposit or an undertaking in writing. It is usually provided by the employer.
          The Govt needs to look to this bonds if the expat can’t afford to send himself home. The fact that the employer is a local, or even a well connected local, is no reason not to call on the bond.

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          • ReX FeRaL says:

            @hot one… you know that a bond is invalid after 60 days once someone is no longer employed? Lots will fall in this category and when government pay your way out there is no returning.

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        • How now says:

          The ex pat lawyers are coming back, and are paying for their own security at their big houses.

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        • Where is the LOVE? says:

          The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. The world and they that dwell therein. Let your comments show love man. Stop with the hate speeches.Today you are up, tomorrow, you can be down. You guys need to repent.

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          • Local girl says:

            Again I must repeat, ” The man who shit ah road doesn’t remember but the one who step in it never forget the stench.the world is a cycle it does draw you circle, the man you see today is not the man you’ll see tomorrow and as Anguillians would say ” one f$@k don’t kill c&$t, everything on this Territory is all about politics.
            Poly means people
            Tics is a parasite
            That’s BVISLANDERS full frontal.

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      • Born ya says:

        Government should give the expats who qualify for their social security benefits their earnings,forget about what happens when they reach 65years ,that is not our business, and some of them have some ugly things to say about the Government in this regard, don’t blame them though the money is theirs by right. Give them and let them go.

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    • facts says:

      The immigration order prohibiting work permits holders from returning expired on 30 June. No reason they shouldn’t be permitted to return.

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      • Facts says:

        I hope to God you all haters will not be hopping on a plane for no one else country . But you know what you all are more than welcome to see how. You will be treated by the same expats hope and I know there PM is paying very close attention.

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    • Why? says:

      I am sure these lawyers have matters pending in court for which client have already paid/retained them.

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      • island man says:

        If soo then all expat that were locked out can re enter. Why are some being allowed in and not others. They said locals first yet there is date set for expat whats going on.

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  2. Hmm says:

    Why is the Government trying to subsidize everything with no monies coming in? I think this needs to be re-evaluated and certainly checks need to be made on these individuals ability to buy a one way ticket to get themselves safely home.

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    • Wow says:

      Finally someone asks the right question! Why are they subsidizing sending expats home? Can we afford it? And how? The Treasury will be in problems soon people, Mark my words.
      These brain dead politicians are going to learn the hard way and take us right down with them. BVI get ready for more suffering.

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      • umm says:

        Cause if the people have no work and cant pay to go home all on their own its not right for them to be stuck here or get deported.

  3. Hmmm says:

    When can expats that was locked out returned to the BVI?

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  4. 2020 says:

    How can they start departing as early as today? Would it not be better to have dates set for departure for reasons of efficiency? Say, Tuesday 28 July flight xxx will be departing for Jamaica or whatever destination. This way things are more organized?

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    • Local girl says:

      This is the BVI, when do you ever see they are organized? These people have no damn class, from the head come right down, sorry to say but the truth is just the truth, no wonder we look stupid outside of the BVI.
      The locals asking for the people to leave, they are glad to do so, we dammit do it in a professional manner like educated people with some class.

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  5. Used to be when... says:

    …expats had to have a return ticket to their country. When did that go out the window? Why does government need to pay a person to leave this Territory?

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    • .No Liat...??‍♂️ says:

      No air taxi,,,,

    • return tickets.... says:

      return tickets expire. open ended return tickets no longer exist. Its a nonsense protocol to have in place to begin with.

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    • lawyer says:

      Those countries mention do not have flight connections because of Liat shutting down. So the BVI Government is chartering VI Airlink to make some runs down the islands. I don’t know about Jamaica though, that would be a long trip without refueling.

    • Flight Home says:

      Expats only need a return ticket when they first arrive in the territory. One immigration formalities are completed, it is then replaced by depositing a cash sum with Immigration to hold for your return ticket, or your employer can sign a bond.

    • Joseph says:

      Jesus Christ, the Expats are leaving. And you still want to give them A Kick in Their Backside?

      Have you no compassion?

  6. When is the next election? says:

    This government is going to lose the next election if they do not think before they act. Gambling bill, Ganja bill…they need to take a chill pill.

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  7. Big pep says:

    Take some of the TAX/MONEY from Western Union and M-G to help with plane ticket.!!!

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    • Hmm says:

      Makes more sense to use the taxes that they have already paid, unless the bond they paid in respect of the return airfare is sufficient.

  8. ReX FeRaL says:

    When government pay your way home you stay home forever and build your nest there.

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    • O Yes says:

      A lot of people do not realize that. So let them go asking for “help” to return home.

      That is just voluntary deportation and the expats don’t even know it.

  9. Sooo says:

    These expats were contributing to social security and NHI what will happen to all that contributions that they made? They now have to go home and was not making any contribution in their own country. So its alose lose situation for them. They shoyld be given a payout from social security.

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  10. what about the student grants that stopped says:

    I have a friend in college on another island. He had a letter promising him a grant which is why the college accepted him. Since April he receive nothing, he write to the minister, he write to Ms Flax Education UN, all he get is there is no funds at this time. He has had to call on his friends for food and rent money and now he needs to get back since he can’t finish his course. But the gvt going to build a new runway and mash up Trellis Bay, and a new Market Place, but they aren’t looking after their own. They aren’t keeping tgheir promises.

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  11. Born tola says:

    Send them out of the coutry the immaragtion need to do their work some them over stay in the country no respect in our county them jamcians

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  12. Jamaican queen says:

    It’s Jamaican you c***

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  13. eyes says:

    bvi highschool leaver..shut it

  14. Tongue Fu says:

    Hon. Minister stop playing with the people head.You know very well you not going to pay for anybody’s ticket. Once the Premier give the green light? Man go catch plane before that red light turn green.

    Why you don’t spend some time getting their employers to pay a whole if not part of their tickets? That should be quicker.

  15. Space says:

    So if 70 percent of the population leave There will only be 9000 left on the Island.You all will have the Island to your and will live happily ever after

  16. Local girl says:

    As a phucking so called born here, I trust God for another Irma. I am going to pray and fast in order to move the hands of God.
    BVISLANDERS need a rude awakening, if not God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah, God don’t make mistakes. I’m so tired of you sorry a$$es.

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  17. Overstay says:

    That’s immigration problems if they overstay. Our situation at hands are those who had working permit and have to leave.

  18. O Yes says:

    A lot of people do not realize that. So let them go asking for “help” to return home.

    That is just voluntary deportation and the expats don’t even know it.

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