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Historic haste! Parsons rips hurried gov’t formation

Eileene Parsons was among the former legislators honoured at this year’s Territory Day.

Former legislator Eileene Parsons has criticised the government for its hurried formation after the completion of the elections, pointing out that it has never taken less than 48 hours for any previous government to be put together.

“But it has never… a government has never been formed with such haste before, before the ink on the votes had even dried…” Parsons said on the ZBVI Morning show yesterday.

Parsons confessed that she was hesitant to say too much on the subject publicly for fear of any sort of social media or other backlash.

“You don’t want to say anything on the air, as you don’t want to get political, more political enemies,” she added. “And I don’t want them to say how much (Johnny Walker) Black Label I consumed, which is all they can say.”

The former lawmaker, who once served as Deputy Chief Minister herself, said it was now left open for persons to wonder at the machinations which took place behind closed doors that caused the government to be formed so quickly following the elections.

It was preset

According to Parsons, the decision behind the formation of the government less than 24 hours after the elections between the successful Virgin Islands Party (VIP) candidates and Territorial At-Large candidate, Lorna Smith, OBE, was something that had been pre-ordained.

“There were some factors in there that were set long before we came to this election,” Parsons expressed. “Some factors that were set in concrete – in Skelton and Ashley concrete – and they can’t be set deeper.”

Parsons was hopeful though, that the government, or ‘ship BVI’ as she called it, would not run aground “under Anegada reef”.

She also suggested that the young politicians in government should avail themselves of the advice of the various older politicians (excluding herself) that were still willing to offer wise counsel.

“There are enough old politicians, excluding myself, who they can talk to if they want,” Parsons offered.

“Like the people for culture, there are people here who can be helpful to them,” she said. “I would be willing to help if I am asked. If I am not asked, I ain’t pushing myself in a thing. I have enough to do what I need to do.”


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  1. Who she? says:

    Maybe some has been who still desperately craves attention!

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  2. Truth says:

    From Lorna’s behaviour during the campaign I could believe this.

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  3. Rum not juice says:

    A new precedent was set, nothing to be alarm about, the last few years saw many new precedent ie COI and head coach.

    Obama spoke about the fierce urgency of the moment and the need to act.

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  4. Citizen says:

    The election is over and we need to move on and deal with the affairs of this Territory. What does it matter whether the Government was formed in less than 24 hours or 48 hours? The point is that a Government was formed. If persons were truly about country first, we would not have the debacle we had where, three political parties combined had the majority and could not get their act together because of greed and being power hungry! That was the problem and maybe it was God’s divine intervention to not let that happen. Let us move on and deal with the affairs of the country and stop crying over spoiled milk.

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  5. Rum shop says:

    She wicked kye did some much for her yet she supporter a man that cannot read

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  6. All I got to say is says:

    Haste makes waste

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  7. Barry say "you will hear" says:

    Only a matter of time before Delilah make her moves

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  8. Hmm says:

    48hrs Mrs Parson you know that ain’t true come on. When Lorna went to VIP that morning the NDP PVIM and Frazer were no closer to forming a Government than the previous hours before. You all stop spreading propaganda and get on with running the country.

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  9. Guest says:

    In 1995 how many hours had passed before Alvin Christopher left Julian Gordon’s residence in McNamara and went across to Maria’s at the behest of Daniel Pops and John Ivan Cline?
    Just asking, I might be wrong!!!

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  10. O brother says:

    Ms parsons by the way we want that jeep yo does be driving in with that hodge man from up the gut since you getting fast and out of place with yo self.

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  11. Amen says:

    And again I say Amen.

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  12. I’m so**r now says:

    Was Ms parsons dr**k the whole time and suddenly just catch herself. Lady let peace reigned and the country move on.

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  13. No legs says:

    Too much black label down by deger bar

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  14. LOL says:

    She just vex Ronnie is not Premier, that’s all.

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  15. Bad Eileen says:

    Myron did the most for she and she try cut he throat. She is a …

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  16. @Rum shop says:

    Hush your mouth. Many did a lot for Kye and he threw them to wolves. Talk brings talk.

  17. HUSH says:

    Woman, HUSH. You’re IRRELEVANT

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  18. Facts says:

    I don’t think you * more than our current Deputy Premier, so speak your truth Ms. P, speak your truth.

  19. For the love of the nation says:

    You should have encouraged the PVIM to join up with NDP and take back the country .

    You were so hell bent on not having Myron because he is not three generations BVI as the Chairman of the NDP that you force the split . Too late my friend . I support Smith because i believe in not splitting votes all the way … but it is people like you who set the wheels in motion . Go sit down .

    So look you still have an expatriate first lady . God is high but sweep low .
    As long as Lorna do good for the country it matters not . But her action was a betrayal to us her supporters.

  20. R Jumby says:

    I guess everybody was sober and so they were in a better position to take up their offices.

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