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HIV, STDs on the rise in the BVI

The Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital in Road Town

Persons are being cautioned to take their sexual health seriously as statistics from the Ministry of Health show that HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases have been rising steadily over the last five years.

According to Jascinth Hannibal, Chief Nursing Officer within the Health Ministry, persons of all ages and demographics in the community continue to contract HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) with over 262 cases reported in the last five years. 

She said persons should note that not all cases are reported, adding that health officials estimate that there are many more cases of HIV and STIs in the community. 

“In some cases, especially in the case of HIV, it is only detected at the point of illness when the person has symptoms of AIDS,” Hannibal shared with BVI News. “This is life threatening and harder to treat at this point. Sadly, this can lead to untimely death in a disease such as HIV where early identification and treatment can allow persons to live longer.”

Uptick in Syphilis cases 

According to Hannibal, local health officials have also seen a rise in the cases of syphilis compared to prior years. 

“Syphilis, a bacterial, sexually transmitted infection, is a preventable and curable disease, but cases have escalated globally by over one million in 2022, reaching a total of eight million,” Hannibal explained.

She also reminded residents that if left untreated, syphilis can cause serious health issues, including brain and cardiovascular diseases and can also be transmitted during pregnancy, leading to severe complications.

However, Hannibal said persons should know that there are avenues to get tested for STIs in the BVI, through public and private healthcare facilities and through the National Health Insurance scheme. 


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    those santo domingo trash bringing in everything now / check out those who had a simple cleaning job but making freQuent trips to and from santo domingo check out every item the bringing in thoroughly and have it analyzed , drugs are being manufactured in that country now in many different ways / forms and disguised to fool the customs & imagination / then there are working there who is paid to look the other way , so that’s another problem again , some people will sell their souls for that drug money ( aka )
    blood money , which will come back to haunt them sooner or later , but some don’t mind ,as long as they look good in society

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    • real says:


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    • SANTO DOMINGO says:


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      • @Karnage says:

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  2. smh says:

    what else to expect since about 70% of the population just sleeping with anybody and everybody

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  3. soca king says:

    Keeping my car key at home before tola saltfish bun me.

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  4. Feo Gomez says:

    Jah at this rate I better off just pumping.

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    • Blindman says:

      @feo gomez boy that the safest pratice right now good sleep after not a worry or headache to wonder if snd its cheaper brother, out here rough the dollar , cold chain and nice ride run things

    • @FEO GOMEZ says:

      You are much better off and safer doing that. As a woman, I invest in a nice toy that sit in my dresser draw. Better to be safe than sorry. To many men and women is walking around Tortola with STD’s infecting each other. No joke, a female that I know is walking around with crabs for the past Month. My advice to her is turn yourself into the Department of Health so they can help her with the problem.LOL, homegirl out here trying to kill the crab eggs that is growing on her who haw with salt water.

  5. Capone says:

    Put back hiv and sexually transmitted diseases testing on the immigration medical

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  6. Jeep winner says:

    The one that win the Jeep got it that’s why he wife lost so much weight.

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    • GoBrushYourTeeth says:

      Y’all be talking about people life like you know about them. Stop ranting your stinking a** mouth.

  7. Company says:

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  8. Doll says:

    Wow, thats incredible. I hope every sexually active person take the necessary precaution. Please people, make sure you use a condom each time you are having sex. Please get tested and encourage your partner to get tested as well. Lets encourage eachother to change our sexual behavior by being monogamous and faithful in all our relationships. I do not condone cheating but if thats your thing, please refrain from carrying home anything extra such as Syphillis, Gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, Herpes. Remember not all sexually transmitted deceases are curable. Prevention is better than cure! So cover up! Your life matters abd so does your spouse, your children,every one’s. May the Lord continue to bestow hus grace and blessings on the beautiful Virgin Islands! Peace and love y’all.

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  9. LB says:

    Funny how they lumped everything together as a scare tactic. Could have been 260 case of Claps and 1 HIV but they want to scare you sexless!

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  10. What!!!! says:

    So many wh**e houses in Sea Cow Bay.

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    • When! says:

      Not just SCB, wa happen to up East?

      • @When says:

        Yeah East End have the W houses, but SCB have the most W houses on the Island. The silent joke is if you want to get infected with a STD visit one of the W houses in SCB. Plenty of the W walking around SCB have AIDS, Syphilis and Herpes. Then you have the nasty men laying down with the W and taking the AIDS, Syphilis and herpes home and infecting their wives and the other women they are sleeping around with.

  11. Will keep it real says:

    A lot of men is getting STD’s and other sexual related diseases from the nasty Santo Women that is working in the BARS AKA WH**E HOUSES DOWN IN SEA COWS BAY.

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  12. @Jeep Winner and Company says:

    A blessed day to both of y’all. Let us refrain from being so mean to others and also learn to mind our business. Stop spreading rumours about others. Today for me, tomorrow for you. Neither of us knows where we will end up or what will be meted out to us. HIV/AIDS is a disease like any other and persons are thriving in their lives living with this communicable disease.
    Lets be good to each other and respect the privacy of others. God bless y’all and God bless these Virgin Islands and all who reside here.

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    • @jeep winner and company says:

      They should never have allowed those posts . They refuse to post things that make sense, however they eagerly post things that makes specific people identifiable and things that stirs up strife. These news sites are all sickening. Let’s see if they post this.

  13. Don't worry says:

    don’t worry guys the vaccine and booster shots we took will protect us

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  14. Karnage says:

    Too many loose people. and I mean that literally and figuratively LMAO

  15. Concern Parent says:

    This is a disgrace. The teachers exposing themselves on videos. Let’s take a stand the teacher should not return to school. The students will not respect her since it was a student.

    • Anonymous says:

      imagine the student did not have a device to use and the teacher was kind enough to let them use her device and that’s the thanks she got. Persons are free to do what they want on their own time.The student should be charge for sending out these videos.

  16. Things to talk says:

    I know of a few young boys who has it and are sleeping around with a certain Nigerian police officer, that little laywer and a certain politician. Then there are Spanish men and women who are selling their a**es to these stupid locals.

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  17. Every says:

    action and decision have consequences.

    Hence, you cannot open the immigration flood gates to expand the economic base and not expect the dreges and diseases from outside to come in seeking a better life.

    That is the price the Virgin Islands have and will continue to pay, to include sexually tramsmitted diseases, criminal activity, and murder for upward economic mobility, and increased standard of living.

    • @Every says:

      That is a cost we do not want to pay. Or else this country will become just like the places those people fled from

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  18. LookSee says:

    The DR has always been prominent in STD.
    So big shot demm imported the varied and variation STDs and their host carriers,the DR Women ,coach arranged direct flight Pronto on his election round trip to and from DR to the extent that the STD hosts outnumber clean and diseased in these once beautiful VIRGINs of islands where prostitution is against the law????
    Black on Black crime
    Self destructive ,yes we are.
    UK we want to blame
    KARMA is an angry unforgiving beast.

  19. Concern Parent says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    Yes people can do what they want but Teachers are people who shoud be respected. The Teachers now a days don’t have no common sense or self respect. If she had those nasty videos they should have been hidden. She is just nasty and pigish. The students don’t like her. She should not be a TEACHER. The young men will not learn they will be just reminiscing on her nasty videos. The Ministy of Education should not allow her to go back to ESHS.

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  20. NHI says:

    NHI already can’t handle regular diseases like cancer, diabetes, lupus, and sickle cell is STI & STDs. Lawd besides this article WHAT ELSE will the Ministry of Health and relevant depts/unit under its umbrella do to raise awareness and treat those that are already infected. Additionally what PROactive measures will they take to ensure deliberate reckless promiscuous persons for example there are pills one can take before engaging in reckless sexual behaviors to prevent and protect an uninfected person. All government ministries, departments and boards needs to start becoming more PROACTIVE

  21. Double standards says:

    and the government still giving out licenses to open new strip clubs

    • @ DOUBLE STANDARDS says:

      Yet want to say the BVI is a Christian society…too many using that word loosely while living for the world including Government promoting such.

  22. @Concern Parent says:

    Let it rest!!! Who made you judge and jury? Let him/her without sin cast the first stone. The child was trusted and that trust was betrayed. Teach your children about trust and respect! Parents you have a lot of work to do.

  23. Nonsense says:

    Article is nonsense. HIV is HIV, why lump the statistics with other STDs.

  24. @Capone says:

    Damn. And here I thought they still tested for that?

    Some countries dont play this game. You come in with untreated HIV now you know and might be denied.

    Its like they say this is not a real place. How many people are ready to test first?

  25. hmm says:

    Legalize prostitution. Obviously, a regulated industry is preferable than what is going on now. I do not engage in it but people need to be protected.

    Legalize weed and there wont be chemicals in it nor pesticides or mold. Legalize prostitution and the women working will get tested regularly and surely all will use protection because it is regulated & they want to keep their job by being disease free.

    I rather get tested first but it seems people want to hook up and test after like russian roulette.

  26. Unfortunate says:

    That young lady from St Kitts that works down at the law firm by RTW prospect got herpes and sleeping with married men. She also gave it to a man who gave it my friend. Be VERY careful who you sleep with cause lots of ppl just doing it unprotected. Let ppl get tested and show you before. Lots of ppl here with herpes as well. I feel so bad for her and wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone!!!

  27. Hear ME says:

    I understand that there are reckless persons spreading these sicknesses, but a few weeks ago i did a test during a promotion and it came back that i had Herpes, in sheer panic I redid it elsewhere and it was negative. If you remember that promotion and going please go to another health care office and redo your test. You maybe saving your own life.

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