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HLSCC graduates now ‘guaranteed acceptance’ into American university under MOU

Effective immediately, H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) graduates pursuing select degrees are guaranteed acceptance into the Unites States-based Johnson & Wales University (JWU) through a programme entitled Guarantee Admission.

This programme is part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between HLSCC and JWU which was signed on Tuesday, November 5. 

The agreement guarantees admission to graduates of HLSCC who intend to transfer to JWU to complete a bachelors in Business Studies, Liberal Studies or Culinary Arts.

Interim Acting President of HLSCC, Dr Richard Georges told BVI News on Thursday, November 7 that students will have two options under the programme.

“There’s a Guarantee Admission Programme which doesn’t necessarily look at what individual classes you may have taken at the college. It admits you straight as a junior in one of the three programmes. If you want to do a course outside of those three programmes then they’ll look at the individual courses and transfer course by course,” Dr Georges explained.

“Students no longer have to be wondering if they are going to get in as a transfer student applying to Johnson and Wales. Once they have an HLSCC diploma, Johnson & Wales is saying they will take you,” the educator added.

“The guarantee admission applies immediately so anybody who wants to go to Johnson & Wales … even if they graduated in the past, if they want to go in August which is next academic year, they can go under the programme,” Dr Georges further told BVI News.

Scholarship for students with GPA of 2.5 and above

Dr Georges also said that students who graduate with their grade point average (GPA) at 2.5 and over will automatically benefit from a scholarship from JWU.

“Based on your GPA, there is a sliding scale of scholarships, separate and distinct from scholarships from the ministry and that is capped at $7,500 a year,” he said adding that these scholarships are for the start of 2020 academic year.

Interest now building among students

The Acting President also said there already is a great interest from students in the university, which he says is one of the premier institutions in the world in the hospitality and business field.

“Students who are going into the field quite possibly would have been looking at that school as one of their niche schools and their barrier may have been the cost because they have about four campuses and the campus in Miami would be popular for the BVI students,” Dr Georges added.

Johnson and Wales also signed an MOU with the Ministry of Education, which speaks to ways the two entities can fund HLSCC graduates who qualify for scholarships at the American university. 

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  1. Question says:

    Can you receive this same benefit online?

  2. Keep en home says:

    Keep your entitled little s**ts home. We don’t want their illegal a**es in the US. We have enough sponging off the government. Next thing you know the prince will be arrested on drug charges and princess will be pregnant with the baby daddy gone and looking for free housing and food stamps

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    • Graduate says:

      God is love

    • @Keep en home says:

      Try go sit down. Yall US always balling looking for government to help, section 8, food stamps, what else I am missing… I sure you or your family member was kicking up when Cost U Less food stamp machine wasn’t working last week. NO worry bout we worry bout the other NON US DOLLAR nations!!!

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    • Cut and paste says:

      I know the world is changing for the worst when people can take something so positive and make it so negative. Now I know y trump has so much followers. Hate is growing like a monster.

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    • I love BVI says:

      Clearly you and those liking this post hate the BVI, but you don’t define us and won’t pulls us down. We are better than that. Yet we rise!!!

    • ???? says:

      ? ? ? what a s**nt!!! You’ll be seeing the first batch of our very legal students next year! XOXO from the BVI!

  3. Awesome says:

    This is progress by our government

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  4. well says:

    2.5 GPA and accepted in College. i would think that one of the college that trump runs,

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    • @Well says:

      2.5 is the best the offspring of a Belonger can do. That school is not a real university. It’s pay and we’ll give you a diploma. Perfect for the dummies you raise. Trump school? You want to bash Trump? How about keep your kids home and educate them in your third world s**thole.

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  5. Clearly says:

    This is a good initiative. Congratulations to the Minister of Education Hon. Natalio Wheatley and the Board of HLSCC.

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  6. Wrong information says:

    To get into this university your GPA have to be above 3 GPA. This is private college.

  7. Congratulations says:

    Best news I’ve heard in along time. This is amazing. I hope students appreciate the opportunity this presents and take their education at HLSCC serious. It opens the door to a world full of opportunities. Another example of real interest in the Virgin Islands people.

  8. Headline Misleading says:

    From the headline, I thought students were guaranteed acceptance into the ivy league institution, American University and not Johnson and Wales, an american university. English

  9. USA says:

    2.5 GPA is very low to get into a good College in the US. Your GPA have to start at 3.0 and up. Johnson and Wales is a cooking College for people who is interested in Culinary Arts.

  10. Sky says:

    I have a GPA of 4.0 .

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