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HLSCC records highest enrolment of new students since Irma

File photo of the HLSCC campus in Paraquita Bay, Tortola.

The H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) is expected to record its highest-ever number of new students enrolling at the educational institution since the 2017 hurricanes.

While noting that 215 new students have already registered, Director of Marketing at the facility, Harmony Turnbull, said the college expects this year’s new students to comprise roughly half of the entire student population.

“We anticipate a total 250 by the end of the week and a total of about 600 students for Fall semester,” she told BVI News in relation to the ongoing registration process.

“On census day which is scheduled for September 13, a more accurate figure will be provided as we have to wait until everyone is accounted for — including our New Virgin Gorda Centre students after August 2019,” she added.

Students more comfortable now

Turnbull said she there are several reasons behind the increase.

She said a lot of school equipment was destroyed during the hurricanes and that made it “very difficult” for students to be comfortable in the classes.

“We still have a lot of things to repair. But, for the most part, students are more comfortable. We were able to remedy those problems,” Turnbull added.

She said the college’s computer lab, furniture and air conditioning system on the main campus have all been repaired.

“Another reason we think is we can now engage in the online — going digital learning. Everything is online so students have a computer, a laptop or a phone they can download the textbooks for a minimum price and learn from the devices. So it is an attractive component for modern students.”

The third reason is a more aggressive approach to marketing the college, she said.

“We reached more students,” Turnbull reasoned.

Of the 664 students that had enrolled at the college immediately before the hurricanes, 226 were new students. But following the onslaught of the disasters, only 380 students returned.

For the Fall semester last year, there were roughly 239 new students.

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  1. wow says:

    That’s because the BVI don’t have jobs for BVISLANDERS

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    • @wow says:

      There is some truth to your observation, but the underlying concern to many is the curent policy that allows free tuition to a majority student population that is not authentic BVIslanders pre-birthing, who has no cultural inheretance, societal, psycholgical or personal connection to the BVI, but uses BVI economic and birthing priviledges to advance the life improvement of non BVI parental offsprings at the demise of authentic BVIslanders..

      First hand experience has given first hand reaities where offsprings off non Virgin Islanders who grew up through the system and found themselves in positions of authority have unconscionably oppressed people of authentic lineage, and have literally left them fighting for their professional lives.

      But do not take these words of truth for it, speak to one victim of the ESHSMD, then conclude accordingly to your psuedo christian capabilities.

      Often, most become highly offended when human atrocities are revealed publicly. Many wish to have their inhumanity to their fellow man and direct colleagues hidden under the cloak of silence, ambiguity and the microscope of administrative blinfolds.

      Where they fail miserably is in their lack of forward thinking and the authentic ways of nature, and how their actions precipitate future actions, a consequences of previous actions.

      Now, they may dismiss such philosophies, while retaining the pie in the sky, hell undernath, but their ascention to heaven to meet their glorious milk and honey hereafter, after metting out pure deciet and hell to their fellowman here on earth.

      They may very well be surprised to meet some of whom they have oppressed here on earth sitting right on a golden throne ready to judge them and send them to hell as they have callously comdemmed their fellowman to a living depraved life here on earth.

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  2. Come on People says:

    You all need to enroll quickly. With the political madness taking place there it will soon close down.

  3. Designer says:

    Are those walls of windows necessary? I assume there is air-conditioning and the windows are always closed.

    Why are there balconies on the top floors?

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