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HLSCC signs 3-year agreement with BVITB to train tourism workers

The BVI Tourist Board (BVITB) has signed a three-year agreement with the H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) to provide training and development for tourism industry professionals.

A media release from the HLSCC said the agreement will also see the college providing certified training opportunities at a discounted rate for employees of the Tourist Board.

It further said the two institutions will “collaborate on initiatives that will enhance the development of the tourism product [and] explore opportunities for joint fundraising initiatives”.

The college described the agreement as something that will be ‘mutually beneficial’ considering the relationships it has already developed with internationally-recognised organisations such as the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe programme, as well as Johnson & Wales University.

Commenting on the new partnership between the two government statutory bodies, Junior Minister for Tourism Sharie de Castro said it brings ‘much-needed hope and light’ to the future of local tourism.

“We have to go a bit further and look at the future-proofing of our people and seeing how best we can ensure persons interested in this area of tourism can receive the necessary training,” she stated.

Meanwhile, President of HLSCC Dr Richard Georges, said he strongly believes the collaboration between the BVITB and the college “will not only create a better product for the territory’s guests but enable BVIslanders to take more prominent roles within the industry”.


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  1. Michael Helm says:

    Great news for the industry and the whole BVI economy.

    • @Helm says:

      It’s great but this training needs to include putting a smile on your face and be welcoming. The customs and immigration people should be the first students. Sort of like a continuing education program

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  2. Hmmm says:

    You want to improve tourism then get rid of the environmental tax upon entering the Territory. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth the minute one arrives and it hardly gets better dealing with the locals.

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    • ?? says:

      environmental levy taxes are a staple in countries around the world after a consensus on climate change so it is no time soon that BVI would be getting rid of it.

      • Lc. says:

        Well it just got implemented after Irma so maybe it’s being used to try and fill a hole in the budget. Remember when you want less of something tax it.

      • Lc. says:

        Well it just got implemented after Irma so maybe it’s being used to try and fill a hole in the budget. Remember when you want less of something tax it. By the way when are you actually welcoming tourists back. Seems like a big mystery

    • Bad Mind says:

      Leave them as they living , don’t need your advice. You are looking for further subjugation and subserviency of the territory and its people. Your comments have been very carefully scrutinize over time.

      One way to do that is to exploite their meager resources without paying them for them, rendering them poor and dependent upon you. Then you can come on shore, treat us as museum pieces, throw a crumb on the ground, and leave with your self imposed sensibilities of superiority flowing from head right through your anus.

      Leave the people alone. They are already suffering from western models of daily labour Tax Depress western culture.

      Hmmm, your comments have been very carefully scrutinize over time. You have demonstrated your comtempt and hatred for the local population and the Black race succently. We got yah!

  3. Good luck says:

    with that..

  4. Nosense says:

    A fee/tax/collection/donation, what ever label placed on it, is extracted/payed by any and everyone leaving any country.

    Why should the BVI be open for freebes?

    Don’t want to pay the required exit fee, don’t come/ Or, swim out when you ready. So tired of self imposed righteous hypocrits.

    We don’t collect a fee, we can’t provided the amenities you are expecting. We don’t provided the amenities you are expecting, you degrade and call us names such third world, etc.

    Aren’t the US and EU also heavily taxed countries also? Where are your damnn complaints about them?

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    • Really says:

      So you pay a tax to leave the US when you take your a** shopping to St Thomas or Orlando. I don’t think so. First, you already have a departure tax. You p**s poor people added an environmental tax upon entering that you charge tourists but the locals are the biggest abusers. STFU

      • @Really says:

        Like a rattle snake, you couldn’t wait for the opportunity to strike at your p**s poor locals, and to show your low IQ, hatred and racism ehh.

  5. Tourism Man says:

    Good news. Tourist Board, I will go a step further, let us train everyone. The school children, Police officers, Customs and Immigration, the folks at the Pier Park,the people at the ports, the supermarket people ect, ect/

  6. Just Saying says:

    AT @helm. Customs and Immigration you say,i know this for sure that people who live and return to this territory,has shown no respect for there own home authorities.I believed in respect to laws in any country even the very one we called home.when you entered you know you have to give your passport to immigration,so why try to give the officers had time because you from here.A few doesn’t want to declare there goods.i declare mine whenever i travel.the process is in and out. some people who complain have you ever think for a second maybe you, yourself might need training too. just think about it. you can give many training but it still doesn’t change that person to do better. easy solution get rid of them thats all and we move on to another.

  7. smh says:

    Hospitality training and schooling should be done from the time a child enters school. You are a tourist destination. Train your people. Waiting for donkeys years to train will get you just where you are now… Nowhere! Discounted training for TB employees… what a joke. They should know exactly how to be professionals before they are hired at the Tourist Board. What other professions get a discounted rate at the college?

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  8. Wow says:

    Very good initiative but i think many of the staff at hlscc needs training. Its really a joke to know that hlscc have people in position that cannot read and write.check it out for yourself before your instinct tell you i am lying. There are some staff that cannot compose a proper letter. We cannot be looking to educate our children in this modern time .spend every penny to send them to school including hlscc and then turn around and give jobs to affiliates of governing parties that cannot read and write. And its not even in position that do not required academic skill.people at hlscc in various positions that making 50 to 70 thousand dollars a yr ,some cannot read and write and some cannot put a proper statement together. As a matter of fact the one in charge don’t know his head from his foot when it comes to running a college but its not his fault. He was place in a position that he is not interested in but because of politics. If you think ah lie check it out yourself. I was there i know what was and is still happening. And i left because of better opportunity ok.

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  9. Ummmm says:

    First of all TB needs to close down. The end.

  10. Been there says:

    This is a great idea. Unfortunately there is no one at the hlscc who knows the first thing about tourism.

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