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HOA declines to support Malone’s proposals for constitutional review


A suite of amendments proposed by Territorial At-Large Representative Carvin Malone to be added to the terms of reference for the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) found no favour among fellow legislators in the House of Assembly yesterday, September 21.

Malone moved a resolution in the HOA to have members adopt additional terms for the CRC that included, among other things, a determination on how the Premier of the BVI should be chosen.

Malone, in making his recommendations to be added to the CRC’s terms of reference, said most were suggestions that would be readily agreed by other members of the HOA.

Among Malone‘s list of suggestions was whether the post of Premier and Deputy Premier should be determined from the At-large candidacy instead of how it is done currently.

The At-large representative also wanted the CRC to consider whether the administration and responsibility of the civil service should be devolved to a ministry.

He also asked whether there should be consideration for a “Provision for Referendums” based on a two-third votes’ approval by the HOA and a simple majority of the voting public.

Malone also wanted to go to the CRC to decide whether a timeline should be developed for a referendum. He said this referendum would be to decide on becoming a “Unitary Sovereign Democratic State” with His Majesty the King as Head of State, in the first instance. Coupled with that suggestion was his proposal for the nomination and selection of a Virgin Islands national as Governor General.

Further, he wanted the CRC to look at whether Anegada and Jost Van Dyke should be declared as Districts 10 and 11, respectively, and elect their own representatives, thereby reducing the number of Territorial At-Large seats from four to two.

Malone also wanted the CRC to examine a recall provision for elected representatives based on two-thirds of the votes cast from more than 50 percent of the registered voters in the representative’s constituency.

Additionally, he wanted the CRC to consider whether elected members to the House of Assembly should have term limits constructed based on three consecutive terms in elected office and not be considered for elected office for a fourth consecutive term.

House Speaker, Corine George-Massicote read each of Malone’s seven suggested amendments separately but none were adopted by any HOA member for inclusion in the amended terms of reference that were being debated in the House.

Ultimately, government’s original amended terms of reference were adopted by the House.


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  1. wow says:

    He get he gutz buss

  2. Salty Fish says:

    Across the board I weep for my Country!

    We should be a beacon of light in the Caribbean with all we economically hold, but we now seem relegated to the laughingstock of our region as our leaders (and associates) bleed us dry, make jokes of our democracy, along with our own selfish and ignorant tendencies to rip apart the remaining seams of hope between us.

    I still believe we have yet to hit rock bottom, but when we do, hopefully we will really understand what we and our leaders have destroyed. Only then will we get the opportunity to start anew with fresh blood and new eyes, so we can embark on that long hard climb out of the abyss these clowns have send us into.

    Governors have stood by and let this happen, we as a people have stood by and let this happen, and those we elected have joyfully reaped the benefits of our follies, while Governors of the past have turned a blind eye while enjoying their last appointed post before retirement!

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  3. this government says:

    wow you got it all wrong .we get our guts bust not him.he can live happily ever after without politics or political affiliation. Not many of us can do that.this present crop of incompetent so called politicians are trying to make themselves as comfortable as possible even after leaving office. we are the ones that continue to suffer. all appointments under the vip should have been investigated and where incompetencies are found remove forthwith. and there were many political appointments.

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  4. Me says:

    Why he didn’t Anegada needs it’s own rep.also? Guess he don’t to make his partner in crime look bad.Anegada needs it’s own they can take care of their issues because district rep/territorial rep.waste of time only when s**t happen they show up

  5. Local Brother says:

    This is a very disappointing outcome. Carvin suggestions are what the people have been speaking about wanting for years! The fact that none of the other 11 had the inclination to even consider the suggestions means they are not representing us the People.

    Yes the Premier and Deputy Premier should be at-large candidates looking out for the entire mterrutiry and not District reps favoring their district.

    Yes when we go to the polls we want to know that when we put our X we are cutting for who we want as Premier. Not when election done they go behind closed doors with their handlers and financiers and decide who will be this and who will be that.

    Yes let’s give JVD and Anegada their own representatives. So 11 districts and 2 at large. When you run on your party ticket as at large that means you are going up for Premier or Deputy premier.

    Yes the politicians need term limits and shouldn’t be able to serve forever. I think 2 consecutive 4 year terms and you must step aside for at least one term. Then you can run again for a maximum one more term.

    I don’t agree with the Civil Service being a Ministry.

    Yes we need our own Local Governor General. Not no more white man sent here by UK appointment.

    Yes let’s look at 2/3 vote instead of just 50% plus 1 or a majority. 7 to 6 vote doesn’t mean that the best interests of the whole is beung served. 9 to 4 (2/3rds) is a much better indicator.

    Why is it that none of the other 11 had the balls to agree with confusing these recommendations and sending them to the Constitution Review team for further consideration?

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  6. THESE says:


  7. Jiffy Pop says:

    How’s your Facebook tantrums and popcorn eating going??

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  8. lol says:

    Now that’s a buss chest. Go eat some more popcorn

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  9. Hello? says:

    yes… but why the hell he didn’t bring those suggestions when Fahie was in power?. He sit there under Fahie like a real J\-)A$$. Too late now my friend. Constitution will be suspended.

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  10. The Poli.Farmer says:

    It is events like these that can lead a nation into social and democratic unrest drifting us deeper into a state of tumult and farther away from UNITY! How is it fair that the Commissioner of the COI Mr Hickinbottom recommendations given to expand and update the terms and references are guaranteed but when recommendations are given by members of the House which represents the recommendation of the PEOPLE, it is Denied? Like how dear the sitting government!?

    The Government of the VI continues to disappoint the poeple of this territory!

    If the Government of National Unity continues to Disregard the aspirations, wishes and concerns of the people of the Virgin Islands, all in the name of order in accordance with a Framework, one of which I must remind you, EXCLUDES the public/ people as one of the main actors within the process, I will have no choice but to call Governor Rankin of the Virgin Islands and ask him to come and hurry institute his advisory council and get this shit over with! What I will not have is MY GOVERNMENT dishonoring the lil trust we’ve placed within them as an unelected governing administration.

    I DARE THIS GOVERNMENT ONE LAST TIME to PLAY MUUMUU with Virgin Islanders like how they did during the Sixth sitting of the fourth session of the WORST house of assembly, this Fourth! I DARE you Premier of GNU! #SpeakUP

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  11. Mrs Tubman says:

    Thank You Mr Malone.You proposed a well thought out list of changes with good intention for our future BVI.
    Can’t say you didn’t try.
    Evidently the others of the Unity Party put dem heads together in a unanimous decision to forego changes for any attempt at a much needed betterment.

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  12. @ME2 says:

    Paragraph 8

    Opening sentence clearly addresses your concern

  13. Junkanoo says:

    Why am I feeling that this set of rearranged elected folk are not in our corner.
    I have a feeling that they have devised a plot,jn cahoots with some entity orsomeone that they know something about our future and to which the
    y will be compliant,sum.ting we do not know about.Things not looking good at all…simple uncertainty.

  14. Fact says:


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  15. @hello? says:

    Because he was too busy being childish on Facebook and bashing people while claiming he will be eating popcorn and watching. You check his size? ?

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  16. SMH says:

    Captain the Ship is sinking…Captain the Seas are rough…Do We abandon Ship or stay on it…We nah know!

  17. Lol says:

    You speaking for yourself. Unity government did right. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you talk for the majority

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  18. hmm says:

    So putting aside who they come from; are these not all good suggestions? Are they so scared of optics that they cant say yes that’s a good idea or suggestion when something is a good idea or suggestion? The only tangible argument against what was suggested is that it come from Carvin.

  19. Keep fighting Carvin.. says:

    You are on the right track Carvin. Dont give up the fight…History will record you as doing whats right..

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  20. I wjll suggest for the constitution.. says:

    Islands in the BVI with mode than 350 registered voters and a population of 1100 persons minimum shall be entitle to own representative in council. That should5 be the criteria and be in tbe constitution. We just cant continue to speak vague and everybody wants it their way..Rules must be in place.

  21. Chameleon says:

    The recommendation about the Premier being at large is just a trick to boost whatever little chance he has to become Premier. That’s what this is really all about.

    The one about the civil service is designed to cut off the Governor’s legs.

    The one about the referendum is to make us independent and have politicians avoid another COI or a takeover.

    The only one that makes sense is the one about the term limits.

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  22. @hello? says:

    Thank you! He tek ppl for idiat. The HOA ain’t the only ppl who don’t want to hear nothing Johnny come lately has to say.

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