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HOA passes amended Police Act after previous withdrawal

While describing the new changes as part of ‘an even greater, safer and modern bill’, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley and his fellow lawmakers passed an amended version of the controversial Police Act in the House of Assembly (HOA), last evening, March 9.

The government withdrew the previous version of the bill and returned with a version of the principal act which the Premier said addresses the major concern of taking intimate samples.

One of the challenges with the previous bill was that persons would be required by law to give intimate samples to police officers without their consent.

However, Premier Wheatley shared that with the amended legislation, consent must now be given to take or record such intimate samples.

“In the event where a person refuses to consent to the taking of his or her intimate sample, a member of the [police] force may take an intimate sample without the consent of such person after obtaining an order providing for an intimate sample to be taken, signed by a magistrate or a judge of the High Court,” the premier explained.

He said this request to the court must be made in writing by a member of the police force, and it should state the offence being investigated and detail the grounds for believing that the person from whom the intimate sample is sought is involved in an arrestable offence.

Furthermore, Dr Wheatley said the written request must also state how the officer making the request believes that the intimate sample will prove or disprove the involvement of the person from whom the intimate sample is sought in the arrestable offence being investigated.

Under the new law, the premier said an intimate sample shall not be taken from a child unless consent has been obtained from the parent or guardian of that child or an order of the court authorising the taking of a sample from the child is obtained.

Governor John Rankin previously expressed that he was hopeful lawmakers will return the substantive Police Bill, which came under fire from members of the public, back to the House for debate at a later stage.


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  1. Wow says:

    They all sold us out.

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  2. Concern Virgin Islander says:

    Most off You just Lost Your chance of being re-elected..
    For not standing for the people…

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  3. oh bwoy says:

    Lord ah wonder wha dese arse pass?

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  4. Old Police says:

    We suffer for lack of knowledge,I left policing over two decades ago. I do not have a copy of The Criminal Amendment or Procedure Act, but I know for a fact, they have not added anything new to the law. The Act goes on to say, that whatever is the practice in England that that practice prevails, so the exercise was in futility.

  5. Judgement says:

    They run to pass the bill because they want to run for office. All of them must go. The bill was rushed . These guys have no sense.

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  6. AReminder says:

    Human Rughts can be suspended when a country is in crisis / emergency.
    Keep that in mind folks.
    The BVI is in crisis
    Pay Attention.

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  7. hm says:

    What about the “warrantless search” sections?

  8. SMH says:

    This is all BS. Why in the World the Members of the Cabinet allow this Bill to be Passed. Trust Me, it’s going to come round and bite you’ll(Cabinet Members)in the rear. Little did you all know, you’ll just help some folks made up their minds in their choice for Elective Representatives. Sell Out! Is an understatement.

  9. Real says:

    They never cared thats the point

  10. Rex FeRaL says:

    It’s not etched in Stones. It can be challenged and further amended to protect basic human rights and police encounters.. Keep the faith.

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  11. Hhhmmm says:

    Feeling like somethings really messy here.old generation eill know this!
    Bot this present generation.

  12. Belonger says:

    You think this governor and police commissioner playing with you all? Keep fighting each other and see what other bills pass. They want you all fighting each other so you can’t work together for your country. That’s always the strategy used. Wake up.

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  13. I Believe says:

    This Bill and the reasons for implementing,
    will further solidify the UK’s action for a takeover.A biggie in my estimation,is the large amount of unsolved murders past, current and ongoing and the unwillingness and refusal of volunteered information from witnesses and knowledged sources.

  14. Q says:

    U all don’t read and understand it is only a part of the bill that was passed.

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  15. Drop News says:

    They’re all guilty of crimes and it was either us or them. That was their option and they sold us out. They all pretended to put up a fight but they knew there wasn’t a choice atleast not for them. Audit reports, investigations, leaks all systematic and they don’t want anymore dirt coming out about them and their cronies hand outs. Well here we go folks, this spells trouble. These people need to go, drain the swamp.

  16. Jello says:

    Remember the people have the power.

    We vote. And we can also burn it all down

  17. Hmmn says:

    Did the public get to review the ammended police act before it was passed? If not why rush to pass it?

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