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HOA positioned to get more inclusion in RDA operations

Parliamentarians in the House of Assembly building in Road Town.

Cabinet has approved a list of principles that, seemingly, has positioned the House of Assembly to have greater inclusion in the massive rehabilitative and reconstruction effort that the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) will govern over the next few years.

These seven principles – which is the action of the Office of the Premier – will serve as the ‘final drafting instructions’ on how regulations for the Recovery and Development Act are to be written.

One of these principles requires for there to be a ‘framework for interaction and exchange of information’ between government and the RDA — an agency widely being described as an alternative government.

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Another of the principles provides for Cabinet and government ministries to set out three-year priorities and an annual ‘letter of expectations’, which the RDA “should” consider and have reflected in an Implementation Schedule being developed by the Agency.

The House of Assembly will also have the authority to convene and privately discuss and agree on any aspects of RDA’s implementation schedule, work plan, and budget.

Below are the seven policies has agreed upon and stated by the Cabinet of the Government of the Virgin Islands on October 10.

(1) framework for interaction, responsibilities and exchange of information between the Ministries and the Recovery and Development Agency

(2) guidelines for capacity building during recovery and development for the immediate and long-term benefit of the Territory and that the threshold for international bidding be set at two million dollars ($2 million)

(3) Guidelines and procedures for the procurement of goods and services

(4) provide for Cabinet (ministries) to set out its three-year priorities (consistent with the Plan) and an annual letter of expectations for RDA’s implementation, and which should be considered and reflected in an Implementation Schedule to be developed by the RDA

(5) provide that Cabinet can re-assess its priorities for projects and initiatives (consistent with the Plan) on an annual basis, for RDA’s implementation

(6) require that the RDA develops, in consultation with the Ministries, an Implementation Schedule setting out the most economical, efficient and effective manner of implementing the initiatives of the Plan, and which should reflect the priorities set by Cabinet

(7) set out that the Lead Minister may convene a committee of the whole House of Assembly to discuss and agree any aspects of RDA’s implementation schedule, work plan and budget.

(7b) agreed that the draft RDA Procurement Handbook, as amended, be advanced as the substantive procurement regulations incorporating the principles proposed

(7c) agreed that regulations be developed expeditiously and be submitted for Cabinet’s decision by 30th November 2018.

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  1. Hurry up says:

    Perhaps the time to make procedures and protocols is over.

    Get to work. The country is in a awful state, fix it.

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  2. Little guy says:

    If the HOA starts medaling into the RDA nothing will get done and monies will go missing. LONDON TIME TO STEP IN. Gov please stop this and take total charge we can’t take this anymore.

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  3. Nope says:

    Nope. No RDA funds for you all to abuse. Nope

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  4. Keep Them Far .......... says:

    Please I beg the Queen. Don’t let them near the RDA. Please Elizabeth, Harry, Charles, anybody. Don’t let them be the RDA.

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  5. Jane says:

    Where are the audited accounts????

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  6. Political Observer (PO) says:

    What ah ting! The duly elected government shamelessly negotiating and scrabbling with the RDA, an alternative government, for inclusion and relevance with the recovery effort. The situation is painful to watch and clearly a setback for the VI and its people. Yesterday, there was a loud hue and cry among some Virgin Islanders for political independence from the UK. Now, the VI is playing second fiddle to a UK-imposed RDA; did I say it was an alternative government.

    This heavy handed UK approached is all for a measly £300M (~$400M) co-sign loan. Is the BVI sacrificing its worth and pride on the altar of a few $MM? What if the VI borrow the £300M elsewhere even if the APR is a few points higher? Is the French and Dutch offering their overseas departments, ie, Sint/Saint Maarten/Martin, Saba, St. Barts, Statia, Martinique and Guadeloupe co-sign loans and imposing alternative governments?

    Moreover, who should the BVI blame for the sad and shameless state of affairs that it finds itself in? The answer is in the mirrow? The BVI poor financial performance, non-exemplary and ineffective governance, electorate dependency and disengagement, tribal politics, materialism, lack of transparency, responsibility and accountability……etc thrust the territory in this poor, sad state. Poor governance has provided lack of confidence and thrust in government and provided the opportunity for the UK to step in. Remember TCI?

    The BVI is feeding and reinforcing the myth that countries led by persons of African descent are basket cases. As the late Norbert “Fix It” Wheatley used to say “fix yourself.” BVI fix yourself, for you are better than this. Madonna sang “Don’t cry for me,Argentina.”; well, I cry for me BVI. As the late Austin “ Bruk” Maduro often quipped “ well, mai boi.” Election coming soon with much ting te tark. Let’s tark sense about our future, the BVI future. Let “blows” fly.

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    • Eagle and Buffalo says:

      “As the late Norbert “Fix It” Wheatley used to say “fix yourself.” BVI fix yourself, for you are better than this. Madonna sang “Don’t cry for me,Argentina.”; well, I cry for me BVI. As the late Austin “ Bruk” Maduro often quipped “ well, mai boi.” Indeed, the BVI is in a sad state and our collective tears and prayers are needed. Calling for strong leaders to lead the BVI out of this abyss and towards a sustainable recovery. Que hora es? Time to lead. The BVI is dangling precariously by a thread off the cliff. It needs experienced and genuine rescuers, ie, real leaders.Are strong leaders extinct, like dinosaurs?

      Let’s lead like eagles, not careen off the cliff like buffaloes.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      BVI negotiated a $60 million loan post Irma Except that the bank won’t let the government have a dime of it. And you think BVI can go and borrow “ a measly” $400 million by itself. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you too often or the pantry may close.

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  7. Eagle eye says:

    This is today news.was the late politician rising? Just a joke.

  8. Hmmm says:

    People have this thing for a big joke and I’m not sure who will be laughing if this RDA business isn’t started off correctly. Rules are needed, procedures are needed, the RDA is a good idea to get things done and properly, but the Government needs to be involved or else we will end up with some serious issues.

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  9. Really says:

    We already in serious issues and that’s because of the government. When is election pls??? Struupes

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    • Curious George says:

      State the issues caused by this Government and then state whether they’ve done anything good and if so, whether the good outweighs the bad.

      • What Time Is It? says:

        @Curious George, if you have been an NDP supporter all these years or a founding member, I understand your sense of pain and loss; your dashed hopes and dreams for your Dream Team, your government in the Sunshine.
        But hear this; Janet Jackson composed and sang a song sometime during the late 80s; (1988)I think titled: “What have you done for me lately”. I dedicate the song to our government. A year has passed since hurricane Irma and Maria and in reality, our government has truly been MIA, (missing in action); Lame Duck status.
        I truly wish I could say it in a different way; but, here we are; fending for ourselves.
        A lady in her late 80s in the 9th district with a large family, (18 voters); as of this afternoon, there still sits a half pallet of T-111 plywood sitting in the yard of her residence. The roof of her house, (home) still the way the hurricanes tore it up and left it more than a year ago. Luckily she is able to stay with one of her daughters; but visits her property daiy; as if one day, magically she will find it repaired and livable. Losing my mother just over the three years, I remember this lady and mother in my mothers prayers. May God continue to be with her

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        • Concerned says:

          The NDP is looking into the mirror and seeing Hillary Clinton and the Democrats of the USA. They think it is the correct way. The BVI needs a Donald Trump (or the UK) to get things headed right again. Not Mapp who is as c*****d as NDP!

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  10. Just ice says:

    All them politician cant bear to think of the money going to the people/country rather than in their pon dem

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  11. Resident says:

    The premier and his ministers have to be sick in their heads. They had the opportunity to develop this country. What have they done with the money? Stipulation of no more than two mil on international contracts. When the premier gave away seven plus millions to an airline that will never fly. Britain must. look into that. If they were trustworthy to do the job there would be no need for the RDA. Stop obstructing and let the RDA do their work. Too much greed by those who should say cut it out.

  12. Cromwell says:

    Well, just go independent and find the money somewhere else. The BVI’s track record for transparency and accountibility, or lack of, is why this is all happening. The UK
    should stop the procrastination and tell the BVI to decide whether it wants to be British, or, independent, simple as that.

    • Iconoclast says:

      The VI people is entitled to self determination, including independence. Britannia once rule the waves, despite it small size; the sun never set on the Commonwealth. It raped countries in the Far East, West Indies/Caribbean, Africa, North America, Middle East, South America, Pacific …….etc of their natural resources; resources depleted they cast them adrift under the guise of independence.

      For example, the colonies in the Indies had to send all their commodities to England where they were used in their industrial and manufacturing industries, building its economy and employing its people. Then substandard goods were then shipped back to the Indies at highly marked up prices. When you don’t know what you don’t know but should know, you get taken advantages. Poverty and lack of knowledge is a curse and a crime; knowledge is power. Historically, a few take advantage of the many.

      The UK used the Indies for its benefits then cast them adrift, ie, all the Anglophone, independent island nations in the Indies. A few that it that it views as parasites remains, ie, Montserrat, Anguilla, TCI, Bermuda, CI and VI. Look around the world from South America to North America to the Far East to Africa to Caribbean to Europe to the Mid East and wherever there is conflict or strife there is a commonality. Take a guess to whom had a hand in it? Nonetheless, is the VI ready for political or economic independence?

      Regrettably, no. It needs to develop strategies to survive and thrive in the 21st Century and beyond. It needs a REBOOT. Its politicians with the support of too many people have put it on the wrong track and wrong course. It needs a serious and quick course correction. Election now, not tomorrow.

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      • RealPol says:

        @Icono, real talk. Nuff truth in dey for much discussion. The info/truth may be a little sensitive to some people but it is truth; Rudolph Guilani, Prez Trump attack dog, says truth is not truth. Nonsense.Truth is truth and nothing else. This is something straight out of George Orwell’s master piece—- Animal Farm. Guilanni’s camp is a master at spin. Now they embracing Obama Care while still trying to kill it.

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  13. Not surprised says:

    Irma caused a lot of damage and blew away to rug that tried to cover the ignorance, lies and corruption. Framework for the RDA, communication between departments – not earth shattering concepts. More proof that so many skills are lacking for self governance.

  14. Looooooord for Heaven Sake says:

    I just know it, I just know it, these people could not sleep with soo much money floating around and none going to them. I just Know it and see they trying a thing. They don’t need to be involved at all. This is how they finance their elections. Give cronies big contracts and a portion goes to elections and see they still trying a thing. UK PLEASE PLEASE STOP THEM. They need to stay out of the recovery. People need to survive not be hoodwinked by another politician. Naw Naw, Call Elections Now Please so they can go home and wait until the jail cell ready. Governor Please keep these set of Thieves out. They give away 7 mil and we get nothing and now they there but want inclusion. NOOOOOOOOO

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  15. Concern says:

    From my observation of the house. Everyone including the clerk should have the same water container so at least there drinking is unified.

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