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Home intruder gropes woman’s buttocks

Magistrate's Court

Magistrate’s Court

A man who trespassed into a family’s residence and groped a woman on her buttocks has been granted $30,000 bail in the Magistrate’s Court.

Marshall Senhouse pleaded guilty to criminal trespass, being armed with an offensive weapon, and indecent assault when he appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo.

He however pleaded not guilty to a fourth offence – threatening language.

Allegations are that, on April 8 last year, the complainant was at her Brandywine Bay apartment with the front door open when Senhouse walked it.

He reportedly refused to leave though being told to do so.

The court heard that the offender started to spit derogatory terms at the woman.

The woman tried to push him outside. But, while doing so, Senhouse allegedly grabbed onto her butt.

She reportedly became alarmed.

Further reports are that the woman’s aunt intervened by trying to shut Senhouse out of the house. However, he stopped her.

He told the aunt he was going into her bedroom because she was the one he wanted to have sex with, the court heard.

The aunt ran to her room door to stop Senhouse.

It is alleged that Senhouse then retrieved a rock from outside and said: “I will mash up your face.”

He then left the residence.

The matter was reported to the police who met the offender some time after.

“I did not do anything. What ayo coming for me for? I was by my grandmother sitting all this time,” Senhouse reportedly told the cops when cautioned.

During a subsequent police interview, he admitted to entering the house and grabbing the woman on her derriere.

In court, however, Senhouse had a different story. He claimed that he only touched the woman’s waist.

He is scheduled to return to court on May 3.

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