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Homeless thief sentenced to six months, rehab for drug addiction

Marvin Gumbs

A man of no known place of abode was sentenced to six months at Her Majesty’s Prison after he stole a quantity of cash and other valuables from an unlocked car in Road Town.

Marvin Gumbs pleaded guilty to theft when he appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent on Wednesday.

The court heard that on September 13, Gumbs stole $1,000 Jamaican currency, a Samsung tablet, and $970 United States currency from a parked vehicle in the vicinity of Scotiabank.

The owner had closed the vehicle but left it unlocked to run an errand.

Spend money on crack, threw away Jamaican $$

The court heard that Gumbs discarded the Jamaican currency in a garbage bin and used the US dollars to buy crack/cocaine and food.

He also attempted to sell the tablet to a man who recognized the owner of the tablet from a portrait on the screen.

The man then confiscated the tablet and returned it to the rightful owner.

Gumbs was later arrested and charged.

Breached of bond agreement

Magistrate Innocent reminded Gumbs that he had pledged to keep the peace for two years when he was before the court for a previous offence.

His latest crime is considered to be a breach of that agreement so Magistrate Innocent forfeited the bond and sentenced Gumbs to another six months in prison.

His sentences are, however, to run concurrently (at the same time). This effectively means Gumbs will only serve a total of six months in prison.

In handing down the sentence, Magistrate Innocent order Gumbs to seek drug counselling while incarcerated at the adult penitentiary in Balsam Ghut.

The magistrate said Gumbs is not to be released unless he has satisfactorily completed the aforementioned counselling.

“We are going to try to help you [so] try to help yourself,” Magistrate Innocent told him.

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  1. L says:

    $1,000 Jamaican currency is NOT $970 US currency. No way!!! No how!!!

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  2. Reading is fundamental. says:

    And….970 usd.

  3. Anonymous says:

    please re-read the article.

  4. M says:

    Please re-read the article.

  5. Can't Read says:

    You obviously can’t read…

  6. i wanna know says:

    What about the thiefing politicians them?

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  7. you read? says:

    It was both Jamaican and US Currency. Don’t go comment if you can’t read to understand.

  8. people don't comprehend says:

    the news said he stole 1000 jamaican currency, 1 samsung tablet and $970 in Us Currency. Not $1000 jamaican currency is equivalent to $970US. Please read with understanding

  9. SMH says:

    Do you guys even read these articles? Wow!


      It is obvious that “L” either did not read the article or read it incorrectly. However, is it necessary for a million of you to blog and say the same darn thing? You yourselves are just as bad as he is. Just want to blog for the sake of blogging.

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      • on Looker says:

        I was wondering the same thing.. the article is about someone stealing and most bloggers commented on a mistake of another blogger who did not read properly… LOL LOL LOL

  10. true says:

    $1000 jam down in the bin, best place!

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  11. Zippo says:

    And after all the well deserved whipping,how much is that 1000 Jam money in US…$5 or $6 approx. Would be a nice place to retire if crime had not been given permanent residency.

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    It is obvious that “L” either did not read the article or read it incorrectly. However, is it necessary for a million of you to blog and say the same darn thing? You yourselves are just as bad as he is. Just want to blog for the sake of blogging.

  13. see yuh says:

    F..k face. put yuh a** in a bin

  14. Facts says:

    F**k all the dutty bvi people s**k you man c–k when him a p**s f–k don’t want any a you to like Jamaica why are u using our culture and our music f**king s–t people f**k you go and look your own culture and music look at jamaica only the crime take a good look at our people no body dont no this f*****g place every no jamaica and respect us f—–g fools a last its the f*****g US DALLORS WHICH YOU DONT F*****G

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    • Oh Boy says:

      Just like how your 1,000 JMD is irrelevant, so is your comment. Your comment also shows how uneducated and foolish you are. While the BVI doesn’t have a currency of OUR own, for the mere fact that you’re here is evident that you still need us. So…..go sidung yo rass.

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    • @facts says:

      irrelevant self. Look you. Still here talking p**s, living in our beautiful Virgin Islands.

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    • @Facts says:

      Your post isn’t even worth $1000 Jamaican Dollars = $6 USD. Go take a f—–g seat and relax!

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    • Nonsense says:

      If you are employed in the BVI then you don’t need our jobs or money. You cannot curse the very place that supports you and think it will be well you. If the place is so bad and you are still here it says a lot about you. If you had so many better options you would just leave.

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    • @Facts says:

      Your ignorance and the extent of your illiteracy is so embarassing to read.

    • Really Now??? says:

      Was this comment necessary? Hmmm; only blogger “Facts” would know. Okay; so you rant and rave; throw a tantrum like a spoiled child – feeling better now? Good!


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    • @Facts says:

      Yet yall a$$ won’t & can’t keep out of the BVI. We soooo bad but everytime you turn around we seeing & hearing yall. Boss if you amongst us try pack your $hit & get your uneducated a$$ the hell out!
      Is no wonder Tolians react the way we do (atleast some) towards outsiders because yall come here & then want to handle us however & we must take it. Yall hate on us for all kind of reason. You hate our culture, you hate the way we speak, you hate hate hate so keep out!! Sickening

    • Wow says:

      Go back to your country then. U as most of your people embarrasing yourself and your country as usual with your aggression and hate. Why your people always so angry. Trust me the BVI will be fine without you.

  15. Lawdy says:

    L… they crucify yuh. Nail yuh to de cross

  16. Brad Boynes says:

    This young man needs help. Not one person voiced a concern. Wow. That’s what we come to. @facts. Seize rhetoric time and respect the Virgin Islands. With Your tone and attitude I wonder why you are still here. I dare you to I’d yourself.

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    • Jane says:

      In no way is this guy “young”. This man is a menace. He aggressively begs for money in a threatening way. He gripped my wrist when I was carrying my small baby and only let go when my husband saw him and told him he would kill him if he saw him near me again. Now when he asks me for change I tell him very loudly to “F— O–” but everyday he asks. He needs to be banned from Road Town – he’s always harassing tourists.

  17. Wow just wow says:

    Smh i think L got the point now everybody just on the person case one after the next

  18. T says:

    Jane. Send him back where he came from! Isn’t that usually the answer.

    Where exactly is this bin. Please PM me!

    Well done Brad for noticing the only important thing about this article.

    Everybody. He now has a home. When he comes out of prison where will he live. How do we help Marvin?

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    • Jane says:

      Prison isnt the solution but he should be banned from loitering outside of Bobbys, Fleming St, Noel Lloyd Park. His behaviour is anti-social and there needs to be some consequences for this. Play nice or sit on the naughty step. Behave like a man not a child.

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