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Hospital readies for int’l assessment as it seeks accreditation

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

The Peebles Hospital is seeking global accreditation in an effort to, among other things, propel the territory on its quest to tap into the medical tourism market.

CEO of the BVI Health Services Authority Dr Ronald Georges told BVI News on Tuesday that work towards that accreditation started 12 months ago.

He said United States-based accreditors, Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd, more commonly referred to as DNV GL, will evaluate the facility in September.

Following that assessment, another date will be given to implement the necessary changes.

Changes to hospital policies

In the meantime, the hospital’s processes, policies, procedures and operations are all being reworked to meet the standard.

“International accreditation is important because it shows that you have met a certain recognized standard of operations. It is not simply an event but a process,” Dr Georges said.

“The other benefit is when you look at medical tourism, where you may have third-party payers, for example, insurance companies who pay for services for clients. When they see that you have a seal of approval, then they can feel safe that their client can receive services in your institution,” he explained.

Dr Georges said, when accredited, the territory can provide services for persons from the US.

“If you do not have that seal, then you cannot provide those services. This is one of the critical medical tourism strategies,” he noted.

The CEO also said medical tourism could begin helping to offset some of the cost of healthcare for the territory once the hospital receives accreditation.

History will be created

Dr Georges said the receiving accreditation would be historical for the BVI.

“Peebles Hospital is going to be the first healthcare organisation in the territory to go through a process like this,” he said.

He further mentioned that several persons including consultants are assisting the hospital’s team to get ready for the upcoming assessment.

“It’s an ongoing process and once you get to a certain stage, they (the DNV GL) will give you their stamp of approval.”

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  1. Hmmmm says:

    I find this very laughable. Have you every visited this facility ????

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  2. Hmmmm says:

    The process to accreditation started over 10 years ago. Lets get the facts straight Mr CEO

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    • Lol says:

      English comprehension was not your strong point in school obviously

      “Tuesday that work towards that accreditation started 12 months ago.”

      • @LOL says:

        And clearly you cant read. Do the dam research and you would say BVIHSA has been having conversations since about 2005. Then do another search and you would see DMV been on board with BVIHSA since about 2017. Fact check!!!

  3. sam the man says:

    The BVI is a wonderful place with friendly people and gorgeous beaches but as for medical tourism? Nope won’t work, can’t work… just a complete non starter so please don’t waste tax payers money having consultants prepare a business case that just won’t work…why, if you’ve visited the hospital you’ll know why! – however I respect greatly the hard working individuals who serve there, but as for a world leading hospital that has top standards and will attract wealthy health tourists – not going to happen…Focus on travel tourism please

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    • WE GO LOWER says:

      What they should do is take away your radio show. They should take away your taxi license cause YOU —- AS A BAT IN ONE EYE. Now shut it and keep it moving.

    • SMH says:

      Since you know so much tell us why it can’t work. Give me 3 reasons why it can’t work.

      • sam the man says:

        I’ll give you at least five @SMH – 1. A lot of consultants have to be currently brought in at large expense from outside and we don’t exactly attract the best people! ( some are struck off poor plastic surgeons or at best very mediocre doctors that are only interested in the pay check)
        2. Very difficult to achieve the exemplary standards required when for years the standards have been pretty average for so long.
        3. Will cost a lot of dollars which would not justify a business case and the government has been left pretty broke after the NDP squandered so much – sigh that $7m stupidly given away on a non existent airline would sure be needed for health care now but we haven’t got it!…
        4. We are nowhere near even PR for the quality of healthcare never mind the US or UK which is why many people who can afford it don’t have their operations here but in the US or Europe where standards are better and often costs are lower..
        5. We haven’t yet even begun to operate what we have well, never mind aspiring to reach for the Premier standard – we need a reality check before we start dreaming of the impossible!

        • Lharris says:

          I’m not sure who you are referring to as the “struck off plastic surgeon “?. I am a plastic surgeon who comes down regularly to consult at the Bougainvillea clinic at my own expense taking time away from my busy practice up north. Why? Because there is a need for care, citizens should not have to go off island. The region was well served by Dr Tattersall for years and hopefully I can help fill that void.
          The physicians, staff and standards at the Bougainvillea are excellent. Medical tourism at Peebles may not be a great idea, but the fact they are looking at increasing standards through accreditation is a good sign. The real reason medical tourism will be a tough sell is that Tortola is so difficult to get to.

  4. World Class says:

    How are they now preparing for accreditation when we have 500 students already registered for medical school?

    Ohh by the way they were to start classes this past January 2019.

    Wasn’t this what the then honorable NDP chairman said before election, that he even had deposits ($10,000each) of persons who were going to start classes and that BVI should start making accommodation facilities to accommodate those persons?

    He even boasted about the fact that he paid no consultant fees, but was able to secure signed contracts of interested individuals??

    Somebody, please clarify. Thank you

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    • Lol says:

      What does an indepndent medical school have to do with the hospital getting accredited? Cant ever please you people.

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      • @LOL says:

        Once again do your research. Medical students get their hands on experience in hospitals/clinics/doctors offices. Specifically ones that are either teaching facilities or acredited.

  5. Bruce says:

    Will the tourism dollars end the theiving of our citizens from their pay checks? National health insurance programs are socialism. We are not paying for health care for our own families. We are paying for everyone else. Tell me how that is a fair deal?

  6. Hahahah says:

    Standardization refers to the proper and standard process that health staff need to do whenever taking care of patients. Eg washing your hands before and after each encounter, giving plan of care before you are discharge, process that will preventing switching of lab tesults, etc

    It is NOT synonymous to highly advance equipment.

    Please read first before commenting.

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