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Hospital receives full accreditation from international body

The Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital in Road Town

The Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital has now achieved full accreditation status from the international accrediting body, DNVL — Det Norske Veritas (Norway) and Germanischer Lloyd (Germany).

The state-own hospital has gotten accreditation for three years and is the first in the region to be accredited by the German-Norwegian body.

Making the announcement in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, Health Minister Carvin Malone said DNVL accredits more than 635 hospitals in the United States, and 15 hospitals across Brazil, China, Iceland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Thailand.  

While thanking Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Dr Ronald Georges and his team for their roles in the achievement, Minister Malone expressed the importance of the BVI reaching such a milestone.

He said: “It signifies that as a government, we have chosen to pursue a commitment to excellence in health care that will help us to build more confidence among our population, attract more patients, enhance and promote safe and high-quality care for the people of the BVI.”

“By achieving this distinction, the BVIHSA has demonstrated its ability and commitment to providing health care that has been evaluated against global standards,” Malone added.

7 noteworthy efforts

During the audit of the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA), surveyors noted seven practices within the organisation that can be considered best practices across the DNV-GL network of accredited facilities.

These included having a unified in-patient prescription sheet, continuous learning and commitment across the organisation, investment in software to support integrated care pathways, and an excellent record keeping.

Malone said the BVIHSA was also acknowledged for having excellent reporting and analysis of quality indicators in the Dialysis Unit, no expired medicines or packs in the organisation, and a high level of cleanliness within the organisation.

Standards to be maintained through further assessments

To maintain the accreditation, the Health Minister said the BVIHSA will continue to undergo numerous assessments and inspections on an annual basis.

He said the BVIHSA already underwent a formal assessment of compliance for DNV-GL/NIOSH standards earlier this year. This was preceded by a self-assessment and readiness assessment.

“Year two will involve a follow-up DNV-GL assessment, and ISO (International Standards Organisation) 9001 Pre-assessment in February of 2021 to demonstrate continued progress and a review of the organization’s Quality Management System (QMS), specific to the ISO requirements,” the minister explained.

“Finally, in year three, an ISO 9001 certification audit is added to the process to certify the organisation’s quality management system,” he added.

The accreditation is valid from February 20, 2020, to February 20, 2023.

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  1. All Smiles says:

    Loving this!

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    • Soooo says:

      So to get this accreditation it has nothing to do with the quality of healthcare in itself. The quality of the doctors, nurses, technicians don’t matter. The accreditation is achieved by the following:

      Area is clean and sanitary. …
      No items stored under sinks
      Equipment / Furniture: …
      Hazardous rooms are locked: EVS closets, supply closets, mechanical rooms and electrical panels.
      Hazardous chemicals and flammable agents are labeled and stored properly.
      Eyewash stations: Inspection tags are present and up to date.

      Sooo, you can meet these standards, become accredited, have the worst doctors but all is good and the politicians can pat themselves on the back. Well done everyone.

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      • Well,Well says:

        Pooryou! Give it a rest.Go and talk to one of the Doctors in Behavial Health because something is definately wrong with you.This is not normal. You are fighting a battle within you “Go and get some. Help”please.

      • @soo says:

        Sooooo it sounds like you apparently work at the very institution that achieved a milestone but yet tear down the same institution with your venomous hatred and envy. What have you done to improve yourself and the institution that you complain about? Remember,sweet and bitter water cannot flow from the same trough. Make a positive impact and cease the bitterness. Focus your attention on self improvement. Upgrade yourself. You cannot excel by attempting to pull others down. While you are at it, take a moment to kneel down and pray.

        Please go and get some help. You are losing your mind. How can you criticise Doctors and Nurses? The Nurses are more qualified than you are. You have an Associate Degree and you are criticising the Nurses. Those Nurses, if not all have Bachelors degree. And the Doctors. I’m amazed you’ll go there. You are fighting a battle within yourself.

  2. Wow says:

    This accreditation is worth about the same as the degrees the Belonger offspring receive from online universities. Now that the hospital is accredited you can all stay on island for all your medical needs. No need to burden Puerto Rico and the US. Also spawn your offspring on island as well or at the very least go to Cuba.

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  3. Boom says:

    Thank GOD for NDP and their vision for developing the new hospital after VIP left a hole in the hill years ago!

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  4. about time says:


  5. Real World says:

    ISO 9001 certification audit is not worth the paper it is on.

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  6. Hooray says:

    Well done Dr Georges and Team

    Enjoy your vacation

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  7. Just says:

    remember and give credit to all the hard, diligent, brain faculty and hard work done by countless capable Vislanders and expats along the way to arrive at this milestone.

    Give everyone involved their due credit, please.

    VIP alone is not responsible for such a gigantic accomplishment.

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  8. Well,Well says:

    Pooryou! Give it a rest.Go and talk to one of the Doctors in Behavial Health because something is definately wrong with you.This is not normal. You are fighting a battle within you “Go and get some. Help”please.

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