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House of Assembly prorogued

The BVI’s House of Assembly (HOA) has been prorogued, bringing the Fourth Session of the Fourth House of Assembly to an end.

According to a recent government release, Governor John Rankin, acting in conjunction with Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, prorogued the HOA effective December 30 until such a time a new session is appointed.

Proroguing a legislative body discontinues meetings without dissolving the Assembly. However, the law-making body is still constituted while the HOA is prorogued.

Section 84 (1) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007 states that the Governor may, acting in accordance with the advice of the Premier, prorogue the House of Assembly at any time, but he shall prorogue the House at least once every calendar year, except in any year when the House is dissolved.

Further, Section 82 of the constitution states that there shall be a session of the House from time to time so that a period of three months does not intervene between the last sitting in one session and the first sitting of the next session.

The First Sitting of the Fifth Session is expected to commence in the next few weeks with the Speech from the Throne, delivered by Governor Rankin.

The Throne Speech essentially details the elected government’s legislative agenda for the upcoming year and expresses most of the priorities for the Government of National Unity to implement.

There were nine sittings in the Fourth Session of the Fourth House of Assembly, which also saw a reconstitution of the government following the arrest of former Premier Andrew Fahie in the United States on charges of drug smuggling and money laundering.


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  1. Sambo says:

    Proroguing the HOA is a dated colonial relic like the Throne speech which wreaks of colonialism. Why suspend something if nothing changes. The HOA can still pass legislation , can it not? Waste of time . Why continue practices tgat for all practical purposes only makes the pompous Brits feel good. Strupes. Moreover, the Throne speech is meaningless and is not the cheap psper it’s written on. Controversial and ra…t Guv Jaspert give a throne minutes before he bolted from the territory say all was well in the territory. And minutes later with one foot out the door he commisioned a one-sided commission of inquiring. Only under the realm of colonial can a single commissioner facilitate the suspension of a constitution. Get rid of the wasted colonial practices.

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  2. @ Sambo says:

    Gov. Jaspert did wonders for the territory after Irma, both personally and as Governor. He knew from the start what corruption and inefficiency there was in the BVO Government and Civil Service and started the process which is routing that out today. The BVI could have slipped down the slope to becoming a narco-state and shunned by many. Instead, our country now has a chance at redemption. Only sinners and those who benefitted from the corruption and crime will be opposing the changes.

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  3. Not nice says:

    Ví islanders the thing start the UK is taking over

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  4. Elections or no Elections? says:

    Highly skeptical that there will be elections. I really can’t see it happening. From the local side, it would be good but from the Brit side , this inexperienced lot of politicians are good to work with and can be pressured and manipulated plus they want the recommendations to be implemented before another election.

    What if this was part of the deal when the current Premier took office? Maybe? Maybe not?but elections are due in 3 months and no one is saying squat about it. That is very strange.

  5. @ Not Nice says:

    For real? Lord help us, we in for real hard time ahead.

    Those people do not havea sand grain of any thing in their minds, hearts or soul for the Black man, VIslander or other.

    So, expect them come in, take control of every ting, take the best of every thing, keep every thing good for themselves, as they have always done since the beginning of time, and send us down the road to eat rocks, drink sea water, come back up the road andclean their houses, dishes, sh**ty poop holes and clothes.

  6. BuzzBvi says:

    Does everybody not know that VI is a Territory of the UK. Thinking or saying it isn’t does nothing. Face reality first then find the way to independence. Head in the sand ideas of reality are not helping.

  7. @BuzzBvi says:

    Columbus. was also a pirate, robber, murderer, pillager, enslaver, a hoarder and a Frenchman? Does anybody know that?

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  8. Spirit says:

    Columbus was an Italian, born in Genoa.

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