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How are residents coping during lockdown?

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

With the British Virgin Islands under a 24-hour lockdown for the next two weeks, how are residents coping overall?

For some, the lockdown is virtually easy and untroubling. Others, however, are worried about how a loss in revenue will affect their ability to survive.

“It’s a stressful situation. I don’t have anything to do than just stay home,” a construction worker, who preferred to speak anonymously, told BVI News.

He said the lockdown is concerning because he still has expenses that must be paid; adding that remaining indoors for weeks is not something he enjoys or is accustomed to.

Opportunity to relax

In the case of Claudius Etienne, a plumber, he too is unhappy to be stuck indoors but tries to use the opportunity to relax.

“I just watch television and eat. That’s all I could do,” he stated.

BVI News also spoke to a female officer employed at the BVI Port Authority.

“We are being paid our regular salary up till April 16, I guess. But we don’t know what’s going to happen after that if the lockdown is going to be extended. They haven’t spoken on what’s next,” she explained.

“As for my job, I am not allowed to work at home so, yes, it is a big concern for me,” she added.

The Ports Authority worker further noted the possibility of a reduction in working hours and pay. She told BVI News that she now uses this time away from work spend time with her husband and taking online classes related to work.

Our news centre also solicited comments from a chef from Baughers Bay, who also did not want to be named.

She said the lockdown has affected her ability to earn money, but she is enjoying her time at home. 

“I like to do my arts, my sewing, and things around the house, and I love my television. So once I have internet, I cool. So it’s not a problem for me. The only thing is I need some form of income which I don’t have at the moment,” she stated.

Working from home

For others like community college lecturer Ronald Massicot, working from home is his new reality. 

He said he utilizes several online platforms to continue teaching his students and otherwise occupies himself through reading and catching up on documentaries and movies that he always wanted to watch.

“I try not to watch too much news because it is generally depressing. Even the movies that I watch, I try not to watch depressing stuff and too serious. I spend long periods of time talking to my friends on social media. Besides, I have work to do so I am pretty much occupied as I am working from home,” he stated.

One local attorney, in the meantime, told BVI News that the revenue base of attorneys in private practice ‘would obviously’ be impacted by the lockdown.

“As it pertains to work, yes I am able to do some level of work at home as it relates to the preparation of documents and submissions. A lot of my work involves court attendance, and since this has been placed on hold, there is a lot that I am not able to do,” he stated.

The lockdown will continue till April 19.

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  1. Reasonable Man says:

    This is a good story. It must be hard finding material to write about with a lock down in effect but BVI News have shown their resourcefulness and given us something both interesting and useful to read.

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  2. so says:

    Not well

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  3. ndp says:

    The VIP sentenced all of us to 1 month in jail

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    • So... says:

      Maybe 1 month, but it ain’t jail. I can read, watch TV, drink, eat when I want to, and so forth. Better than Ballo anyday, and most def better than gurgling to death from some avoidable virus.

    • Mh says:

      Yes and its to save your life

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  4. 2020 says:

    BVI News what is the status of those 17 cases? What is the hold up especially the 9 that we were told about over a week ago?

    • Future says:

      Having only T&T reviewing the test and giving the certificates, it is understandable that there will be some delay. However now, we know. They are all negative.

  5. Guest says:

    I am fine . What I am finding though is this disease is helping identify the true character(worthless, lying nature of bosses)

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  6. Anonymous says:

    I am a non national & it is really really had for me I just wanna be back home with my family cause they are highly worried & I am not doing OK during this time serious …
    I believe y’all should allow non nationals to go back to their rightful country to be with they families

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  7. Hello says:

    What is the status of those 17 cases 9 of which been sent for testing more than a week now?!

  8. Guy Hill says:

    Discipline oneself. This lock down is real and should be lifted on the 19th.Mind over matter. Take care of self, family and neighbour.Be safe. Be Brave.

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  9. Brano says:

    I guess the people who work government not feeling the ” punch” as those who were always on the hunt on a day to day basis and still have to make ends meet. It cripples construction workers physically and psychologically. Sigh…..

  10. Mat says:

    Exactly for a fluencia nothing more – we should look for our finance system. Thats what the Corona made for to cover it. A virus you cannoot bring to curt. A virus do not have an address. We all let us lock up – what for – not for a virus what is not harmful! Look at the statistics and numbers. It is less than a flue!

  11. lol says:

    I’m planting food cooking and staying lit.

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