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How much are people prepared to suffer under NDP?

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Fahie

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Fahie has called for the National Democratic Party (NDP) government to furnish the territory with ‘nothing but the truth’ regarding the $7 million it has provided to the privately owned cash-strapped BVI Airways.

He made the call this afternoon – hours after the airline announced that it is laying off all pilots and flight attendants, because it does not have enough money to start its already delayed service to Miami in the United States.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) government had given the airline the $7 million to help solve the difficulties being experienced with airlift. At the time it received the money, BVI Airways did not even have the planes required to fly the route.

Fahie, amid the new BVI Airways developments today, lamented what he called the ‘continuous hemorrhaging of the territory’s already scarce finances’.

While making reference to the $7 million provided to BVI Airways, Fahie also noted funds spent so far on the proposed expansion of the runway at Terrence B Lettsome International Airport.

“This is serious! This is no joke! Over $13 million; and what will we have to show? No airport extension. No direct flights. No transparency. No accountability, but the continuous hemorrhaging of the territory’s already scarce finances! How much are the people prepared to suffer? It is quite amazing!” added Fahie.

He zeroed in on the BVI Airways controversy, adding that Government has been declining to answer questions posed in the House of Assembly regarding the matter.

“Questions have been asked over and over in the House of Assembly about the contract in question, but usually no answers, but always insults! If we are going to be asked to fix this problem, we must be given the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth! The song writer was before his time – ‘Millions and millions and millions and more’. You know the song! This is an ongoing pattern of reckless and irresponsible financial management that can only be directed to one office. This entire situation will be examined further,” added Fahie.

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