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Humane Society seeking $500K in donations to build new animal shelter

The Humane Society is seeking half-million dollars to build a new facility in Josiah’s Bay on Tortola.

Via a GoFundMe account created nearly a day ago, the society said they have been asked to leave their rented quarters located at Johnson’s Ghut before the end of 2019.

“The Humane Society has been working on a plan to build a new shelter for many years. We have purchased our plot of land and a large steel frame building to establish a new shelter. However, we are now in critical need of donations to fund the erection of the building on our own land and to finish the construction, foundation, framing, plumbing, electrics, cages, etcetera,” the society stated.

It further said: “Our situation is desperate, we must raise $500,000 to build the new shelter in order to continue providing care and shelter for the hundreds of unwanted animals on the island in need our assistance. If we do not raise enough funds to build a new shelter, the Humane Society of the BVI will be forced to close.” 

Landlords want to develop land

In the meantime, the release said the owners had indicated their willingness to develop the said property.

“We are extremely grateful to our landlords for having accommodated the Humane Society in its current location for many years at below-market rent. However, their decision does, unfortunately, leave the shelter in a very difficult position with very little time to relocate,” it further said.

The operators of the Humane Society further said the shelter is a great necessity in the territory.

“There is no other animal shelter in the BVI. We are deeply concerned with regards to future animal welfare. Please help us save our animal shelter and donate to the building cost of our new Shelter. Your donation will secure the future happiness and welfare of so many animals.”

The facility was first opened in 1975 to cater to offering shelter, love and care to unwanted, abandoned and mistreated animals.

The Humane Society’s GoFundMe account

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  1. Animal lover says:

    We animal lovers in the BVI, let us make it possible. Look at that cute little sad face.

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    • Architect says:

      Here’s the cheapest and easiest solution to get this shelter built quickly and cheap. The facility should be built out of shipping containers. The average container can be bought for less than $5k. Each container is approx 400 sq ft. Purchasing 20 containers would yield 8,000 sq ft if interior space and would cost $100k or less. Another $150k for doors, windows, interiors, a/c, elec and plumbing and your good to go. This is a reality. Think about it.

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      • read the article says:

        they have already purchased the building!!

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        • @read the article says:

          Dumbass did you go to school in the BVI? YOU learn to read!!! Here is what the article says and I quote;

          “Our situation is desperate, we must raise $500,000 to build the new shelter in order to continue providing care and shelter for the hundreds of unwanted animals on the island in need our assistance”.

          Notice the words $500,00 to build? Learn to read. I guess you just can’t fix stupid.

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          • @dumbassreadthe article says:

            maybe you should read the whole article…“The Humane Society has been working on a plan to build a new shelter for many years. We have purchased our plot of land and a large steel frame building to establish a new shelter. However, we are now in critical need of donations to fund the erection of the building.
            Ha ha – you must feel like a clod now

      • No says:

        Yes that would be a cheap alternative but not a sustainable one. If you’re only to build the facility then build properly. Metal containers will get extremely hot (yes you can add ventilation and air conditioning but think about the energy usage in the long run. Also we all know power is unreliable here). Your way of thinking is not that of an architect. I can go on but I’ll stop there.

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        • Wrong says:

          As guess if your an Architect your heads been buried in the sand too long. Shipping containers world wide have become the go to source for affordable housing world wide. I guess they are ok for humans but not animals. The biggest benefit is that the structure is instant. With construction techniques in the BVI bordering the primitive this would be the best and most economical solution. What it doesn’t do is allow the local architects and contractors to suck the life blood out of the project.

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      • more costs says:

        You also still would need to excavate the land, build a concrete floor, build a septic tank, pay for doors, windows, plumbing, electricity, cages and fencing etc. If you (or a construction company you know) can do all that for $150k, I’m sure they will be happy to hear from you.They already have the building so the containers are not needed

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      • not permanent says:

        Not a Cat 5 hurricane solution especially for a large number of animals (currently some 77 dogs and 30 cats)

  2. mismanagement says:

    This has been coming a long time and was entirely foreseeable. Perhaps this is a good time for the current board (particularly those who have been involved for a long time, or are not resident in BVI) to do some honest soul searching and consider whether they are the best people to move the Humane Society forward.

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    • Curly says:

      New board members joined 15 months ago and since that time there has been significant improvements in so many areas. Transparency, figures posted on line. Let us see what happens first before we jump straight to criticize there were not many willing to push the shelter forward and join the board.

    • 3 new board members says:

      There are 3 new board members since end 2018, who have changed the shelter drastically in the last year they were on board. have a look at the shelter and you will see a huge difference. Don’t only look at the mistakes of the past, but more to the promising new future for this organisation, if they get funds for a new location

  3. Forward ever Backward never says:

    I am an animal lover and I will like to see a proper shelter for animals. I can’t stand to see animals being I’ll treated and abused. I also love people. We have human beings sleeping out in the elements exposed to conditions not fit for animals. Aren’t we better than having people setting up house under the gazebo on the Stickett in the heart of Long Look? Or are we oblivious to the plight of these unfortunate souls. They are not worth anything, or not worthy of proper shelter? Let’s look within ourselves and give consideration to the animals as well as humans.

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    • you are right says:

      You are absolutely right that people should get priority above animals, but is that not what the government is suppose to organize with donated funds after Irma? Please note that the Humane Society does not get any funds from government and it is not on their agenda either. Please donate to which cause you find more important, but be helpful and generous…

    • Jane says:

      @Forward ever Backward: I agree people are more important than humans. But your argument is something called “Whataboutery”. It’s not that you are wrong but as a society we ought to be able to address more than one problem at a time. If you are passionate about helping people suffering from homelessness then you can make that your priority: volunteer at an NGO, donate money, raise awareness etc, but that does not diminish the efforts made by others to try to solve other problems. There is a tendency on these blogs for people to shout down anything that they dont personally think is a priority instead of accepting that each of have different matters they feel are important, or where they can feel they can make a difference.

  4. Anonymous says:

    smh. 500k?

  5. Facts says:

    The government need to look into the new location that the humane society is trying to relocate.the road to that location need to be widened to accommodate the traffic. Presently the road is to narrow in josiahs bay to handle more traffic. It is my the mercy of the most high that there isn’t any fatality as yet.but with more traffic it is going to happen. I am also an animal lover but i would nerver want and animal shelter in my backyard and none of the folks who operates the shelter want one either. Why are you putting a shelter like that next to the guy property. With all those barking dogs who wants to live next to one??. As i said none of these folks want one next to them .

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    • @Facts says:

      You canot speak for EVERYONE.

    • Sleepless Nights says:

      There are enough chained up ghetto barking dogs in Josiah’s Bay already !
      Inconsiderate nasty owners who are apparently unaware of the noise pollution from their unlicensed dogs.. Dept of Agriculture need to do their job and enforce the laws.
      My bedroom is a sealed up tomb with plywood on all doors and windows just so I can get some sleep at night..

  6. ..... says:

    Every few years this pops and they have fundraisers ever so often and they have some pretty big fundraisers. Last year, I recall they had a big and successful gambling/games night at Nanny Cay. What has happened to the money from that?

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    • rfr says:

      there are massive ongoing costs to running the shelter. The huge number of animals that are cared for there need to be fed, need veterinary attention etc. The Humane Society doesn’t get any money from government so they need fundraisers like the gaming night to cover their day to day costs. There isn’t enough left over to put towards anything else.

  7. LOL says:

    Wasnt there a huge fundraiser some years back to develop the facility in Josiahs Bay? The same story was given then that the landlord needed the land back.

    • Ausar says:

      Those of you animal lovers, in this country: I urge of you,to support this cause!

      Animals are creations of the Lord and are in need of care and support from us humans, in whatever endeavors that we can!

      This is an endeavor that should cause concern for us all. Strays, unneutered, and unhealthy animals poses a threat to us all.

      And such a shelter, could go a long way in the abatement of these issues, as well as providing a safe and lovable environment, for all animals.

      Again, I urge of you BVI animal lovers: DO the right thing and give!

  8. Truth says:

    Facts you are so right the road to josiahs bay is to narrow presently. Imagine the animal shelter goimg there with more vehicular traffic one can only imagine what is going to happen

  9. gofundme says:

    If you go to their gofundme page (at the ned of article) there is an extensive explanation of their new plans and what happened after Irma

  10. Help says:

    Why are they trying to put an animal shelter in josiahs bay. Because someone owns a piece of land they can do what ever they want?? I wish i know of any one person that would like an animal shelter next to their property. There is always noise. I think we need to start a petition and get the residents of josiahs involve. I do not want an animal shelter next to me in josiahs bay. There are two chicken farms in josiahs bay and they are really away from other residents so the smell is what use to affect the surrounding homes but that has been taken care of almost 100%.that piece of land that the humane society owns next to the pond should not be use for an animal shelter.

  11. which traffic? says:

    i live close by and I don’t recall traffic build up as a result of persons going to the Animal Shelter. the little bit of traffic build up (and even this moves swiftly) is because of the parents or family members of students at First Impressions. y’all acting like Josiah’s Bay is one major residential area with residents to the level places like Long Look, or even Fat Hogs Bay. please. stop exaggerating.

  12. true says:

    I am confused, why are they renting? Why are they going to build on rented land? When they purchased land years ago out of money donated for the animals? After the purchase of a $45,000 truck I stopped donating

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  13. Facts says:

    Which traffic its not the build up of traffic its the narrow road to and from Josiahs bay .from the you start entering from the top of the hill two vehicle can’t pass at the same time one gas to stop to allow the other to what are you trying to say??. I do not want an animal shelter next to me do you want one??

    • which traffic? (responding to Facts) says:

      the first three words in my comment “i live close by” should be self explanatory. I guess I should’ve said “i live close by to the existing animal shelter. a facility like this is needed, and it should be located somewhere. with the BVI being extremely small, naturally such facility is going to be “close” to somebody one way or another. i’m wondering if a situation arises where the owners are forced to move before they can be accommodate elsewhere, and you will see what the bigger nuisance is….a little more vehicular traffic in Josiah’s Bay, or more stray animals (as if we don’t have enough) all over the place. just saying.

  14. Haha says:

    I’m surprised the GoFundme has not exceeded the goal by now. We know certain people love those critters more than human beings. Dont take my word for it just check the history of comments from the Community Board.

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  15. Lodger says:

    Although not an animal owner in the BVI I have donated thousands of $$ over the years. I was also very upset when they bought an expensive truck. The Shirleys have been asking them to move for years. Maybe this short notice is a final wake up call. There is no way they can build it in two months, so the ultimatum wont stand. Unfortunately successive governments have been of very little help in helping them to find a suitable location (which they could have donated). Look at the great tract of land they have finally given the college after years of asking. Its an unfortunate fact that generally in our society there is not a great love of animals and so their welfare is not a high priority. I will wait and see how the gofundme goes before I consider making another donation. Hit the airways, social media, press, interviews etc.

  16. Gofundme says:

    35,000 residents. Say 20,000 working @ $25 per person in donations that makes the $500,000. Some people and or organizations can donate more than $25. Some can donate an easy $1,000.

    Also, why can’t contractors come together and build for free as part of their donation?

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    • Gofundthem says:

      Why y’all always want make comments on how people can help animals especially dogs but when it comes to human beings y’all have nothing to say or do. They been at this for years and have the full support of a bunch of companies. Anyway,it’s a good cause but people need to care about people first animals after.

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