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Hundreds more motorists licensing vehicles, DMV reports

Data from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is indicating the department has been seeing an increase in revenue since the catastrophic hurricanes in 2017.

DMV Commissioner Kye Rymer told BVI News yesterday (May 29) that, compared to the corresponding period last year, vehicles that have come to the Pockwood Pond-based DMV headquarters for licensing purposes has increased by a few hundreds.

While citing records on the island of Tortola only, Rymer said: “From January to May 2017, we would have licensed about 6,000 vehicles, and the same time this year we would have licensed about 6,300 to 6,400.”

“We continue to license and register vehicles at a higher pace than the previous year,” he added.

The DMV Commissioner said he attributes the said increase to last year’s disasters, which caused a large number of motorists to replace their vehicles.

He further noted an increase in licence plate purchases. They are sold for $25 per pair.

Customer Service to be improved

In the meantime, Rymer said the DMV’s customer service offerings are expected to improve.

He further said, going forward, customer service is one of the areas in which persons can expect constant enhancements.

“Our goal is to provide efficient and accurate service and customer service is something that we try to promote. We want to ensure that the service is exceptional so we are trying to find ways to be as innovative was we can,” he said.

He also said some DMV services can now be booked online. Those online offerings include bookings for road and cone tests for learner motorists.

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  1. concern citizen says:

    The Government need to BANN all vehicle that’s over 8 years old from entering the B.V.I. Only commercial vehicles that is over 8 years old should be permitted. Guyana did it about 3 years ago.

    • @concern citizen says:

      Why only commercial…they are the ones more placed to afford newer vehicles…and they should impose the ban if you decided to pay the difference for everyone. People suffering and barely making ends meet and this is what you going to talk…Guyana didin’t suffer from a debilitating disaster 3 years ago or at all.

    • @concern crap says:

      Ain’t everyone rich like you I will never buy a brand new car it make no sense it’s like throwing away your money I buy what I can afford and I maintain it I have a 2006 BMW X3 had it for 4 years from japan and it run better that your 2018 car

    • Crazy says:

      Are you crazy?!!!! I rather get a 1995 jelopy just to make sure I have a roof on my head to call my own. Madness with some people. Irma aint change alot of people boy. Hope you can shelter in your 2018 vehicle in the event of another hurricane.

  2. Rubber Duck says:

    Mr Rhymer s an example to every other government employee. Pleasant, gets his hands dirty, always looking for ways to improve. Respect. Give him some computers.

    • Newbie says:

      Word on the streets is that —- now considering a run for politics. District 5 to be precise. Way to go Mr ——!

  3. Retired says:

    Makes sense for increase in motor vehicle licensing after the 2017 storms. Now if the Dept. of Waste Management could just get the wrecked/derelict/eyesore/storm damaged vehicles off the roads, parking lots, sidewalks and and other unpaved land Tortola would look much better. There are still dozens of these derelicts littering the Sea Cow Bay, Nanny Cay and Pleasant Valley areas.

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