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I am fully capable of representing BVI as premier internationally

Fahie. (Photo by Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News)

While Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Chairman Andrew Fahie may not be short of supporters who are confident he is a strong leader locally, there are some who have questioned the politician’s ability to represent the territory on the international stage.

In what can be described as a spirited speech inside Maria’s by the Sea Hotel in Road Town, Fahie addressed that concern.

He made reference to the UK’s controversial public registers policy that shook the BVI last year, and how he was handpicked to travel to Britain to hold talks with UK officials on the matter.

Fahie said: “When the premier (Dr D Orlando Smith) needed someone to accompany him to the UK at the most critical time in the life of this territory, can I tell you that he did not call the chairman of the now NDP1, neither did he call on the chairman of the NDP2, nor did he call on the chairman of Progressives United (PU). He called on Andrew A Fahie.”

The chairman referred to as ‘NDP1’ was Myron Walwyn, and the ‘NDP2’ referenced was the breakaway, Ronnie Skelton-led Progressive Virgin Islands Movement. Julian Fraser is Chairman of the PU.

In the meantime, Fahie — who suggested that getting selected is proof of his competence — added: “While there were those that were lamenting that the trip was a waste of time and money, I am happy to report that through many additional collective efforts, the UK foreign office has now communicated to the Overseas Territories that they need not introduce compulsory 2020 public registers until 2023.”

Fahie was speaking at a VIP event on Wednesday evening.

His party is looking to retake government from the NDP which has been in power for the last two consecutive terms.

Coupled with the resistance the VIP is expected to receive from the governing NDP at the polls, the VIP will also have to contend with the newly-formed parties — the PVIM, PU, and the Reform Action Alliance.

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  1. Strupes says:

    He called on the leader of the opposition. We want to hear what input you made.

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  2. VG Land says:

    You were leader of the Opposition then sir…he would have called on you….I too DON’T think you are international material.

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    • Not2Sure says:

      I am not too interested in hearing politicians squabble about who gets credit for a concession which the UK made to all the BOTs (not just the BVI).

      I am much more interested in hearing what Fahie and the other party leaders plan to do to address the demands of the EU in relation to ‘substance’.

      But they seem to have run out of ideas and have nothing to say.

  3. Me says:

    That’s why I choose not to vote.I knèw Andrew would have retort to such low.I only expected that he would have said it earlier.If bad had come of that meeting Smith would have been under the bus,only because of the good news a few days ago.IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF ANDREW.Remember ur words Andrew upon returning(we did our best).If u were honest u would have said what was said & by whom it was said.Smith did the best thing take the leader of the opposition to witness.If it was yesterday Skelton as leaderof opposition would have gone.So stop this political ploy get on with ur campaign but not my vote nor my family

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    • @Me says:

      Oh please. If he didn’t go you would have still be here talking piddle. He put country above self as a true leader should.

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      • Not just BVI-ALL OT says:

        “He said that 2023 was chosen as the new deadline because the former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, had originally set that the date as the target for ensuring worldwide obligations on adhering to public registers. He added, though, that the obligation for public registers would remain for OTs whether or not they were adopted worldwide: an outcome which he admits is unlikely.

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  4. No nonsense says:

    ????Dear lord! please send help to our territory, if ever a time we need you is now. Time for change from our present situation.Amen!

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  5. vip heckler says:

    NOT YOU!!! Can you go to america? Think we forget what’s on

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    • To VIP heckler says:

      That’s played out. We all know now that NDP went to all lengths with their friends in high offices to try to destroy Fahie when he was younger in politics. It didn’t work then and 20yrs later it will not work now. BVI will be better with Fahie as Premier.

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  6. strupes says:

    That’s a cheap shot andrew…..He took you along because you was the leader of the opposition

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  7. take that to the bank says:


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    A party need 7 seats to form a government and i cant see the VIP winning 7 seats

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  9. LOL says:

    First you will have to win locally to achieve that but either S—- or The brown girl will prevent that. Tatch Island backings alone cannot get you or your party elected.

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  10. Time will Tell says:

    Please!!! You could hardly represent us now locally. Look how well you represented us with education..We were going from good to great with mold in carrot Bay school, bee hives in others, no bathrooms or library at High School, sewerage running in the yard in Bregado Flax and don’t get me started bout Cane Garden Bay. You could not negotiate with your own people to get your job done, but you want to convince us that you woke up and the ability to represent us internationally miraculously manifested itself within your being??!!Go sit down..Have several seats!!

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  11. Madam Boss says:

    Big fool talking nonsense about NDP1 and 2. This man ran against Lavity, Fraser left the VIP and formed a Party. Anybody referring to him as VIP 2. This s**t is such a turn off.

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    • @Madam Boss says:

      We the majority on the streets see them as NDP 1 & NDP 2 just split up trying to see if they can fool us. Both of them sat there in the midst of the corruption and said nothing. If it wasn’t for Fahie alot of thier wrong doings would have not been known to we the public. This is why I am voting for FAHIE and the VIP. We can depend on him to look out for us.

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      • @@Madam Boss says:

        Speak for your dumb self and not the entire street. Some of you are so limited with your thinking that you gravitate towards nonsense instead of thinking for yourselves.

        Hon. Lavity Stoutt was a member of the United Party until he break away and started the VIP. I guess the people back then were smarter because VIP is known as VIP and not United Party 2. Anyway, we will soon get over speaking such nonsense.

  12. FACTS says:

    Andrew you are not making no sense if the premier is the leader at that time why would he have to ask for ronnie and myron to accompany him when he is the leader of the party and premier. You were the opposition leader at the time so it will make sense that you be there. I really think that Karl Dawson should of been VIP leader he have more sensible approach when he addresses issues and solution

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    • @FACTS says:

      What you think does not matter. Fahie could have not accepted to go with the Premier but he did. That shows he is a true leader. Fahie revived the VIP from almost the dead to now going to be the next Government. That shows that he is a true leader. Your negativity cannot keep a good man like Fahie down.

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  13. Not this time says:

    NDP bloggers can’t fool us! Andrew kept us informed as Leader of the Opposition. He proved his leadership skills in the aftermath of the storm. He constructed a quality team and the masses support him.

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  14. Hmmm says:

    I am with Fahie. He will make an excellent Premier.

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  15. Great says:

    Fahie is a great leader

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  16. Clearly says:

    It is clear that Fahie is an intelligent man and a man for the people.

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  17. 8th District says:

    My vote is for VIP ALL THE WAY so that Fahie can be Premier. He will do us proud.

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  18. WOW says:

    The NDP 1 & 2 always at Fahie but the majority is for him. He will make an EXCELLENT Premier.

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  19. LOL says:

    Fahie going to stick in some of ayo evil throat but ayo few can’t stop him from being Premier.

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  20. Haha says:

    Lol ayo could keep hating and bringing up false allegations about long dismissed offshore alerts but Fahie’s seat is safe. Fahie didn’t just pop up in the First district or pretend to be for the youths for personal gain or political points.

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  21. Joann says:

    The NDP bloggers are out I see and they blogging hard. If you tell a story long enough even you begin to believe it. None of the VIP Candidates are perfect no one is but they are good decent people. I stand to correct you Fahie made a very good Education Minister. Compare him to the one we got now “God help us”! A man that has adapted every single thing in education just to put his embled on it. Myron did and Myron did. Education is at an all time low. Let students and teachers tell you how many times high school students were allowed to redo tests to get passing grades. Or maybe the teachers that were compelled to give passing grades. Well look at the high school and see. We need to do a survey and see if the rate of teenage pregnamcy hadn’t risen tremendously. I could bet with those kids on their own half the day withno supervisor. Annoying businesses and customers in the school area with their fights and behavior. Do you want me to continue? He can’t run a Ministry and wants to run the territory. I heard everyone saying ndp supporters like bird box. Well I had to watch the movie and boy they sure on point. I guess if you like what they doing and you think what they doing is beautiful then go ahead vote for them. Kill yourselves and your children as well. BIRD BOX really defines an NDP following.

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    • Nonsense says:

      This talk about NDP bloggers is tiring now. Every Fahie article always has 40 + comments within a few hours, EVERY SINGLE ONE. The voters of the BVI will not elect Fahie and the team he has assembled to take the helm of the Territory in this crucial time.

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  22. My two cents says:

    No matter what bad some of you post to try to paint Fahie in a bad light the one thing you have to admit is that the man gets things done. He knows how to put the right people around him to get the job done. He loves people and his creator and he’s an intelligent man and down to earth. This is enough for me to put him as the next Premier.

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  23. wow says:

    I challenge any one to do a search of andrew’s name on and tell me what your findings are……….It’s surely not offshore racing or banking

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  24. Big Facts says:

    Fahie as leader of the opposition performed the best of anybody currently in the HOA, the Premier failed miserably, Minister for labor failed miserably, minister for communication and works failed miserably, Minister for education was just Ok. He would have been rated higher if the focus on the wall was directed to something that deserved more attention and if fixing the schools were a priority after Irma knowing that the youths are our future and makeup a large segment of society.

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  25. Gloria says:

    Honourable Andrew Alturo Fahie is more than capable to represent us Internationally. We may not agree all the time but I always speak the truth.

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  26. good to great says:

    Google ( andrew fahie) and see what comes up then get back to me

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  27. Wendy says:

    Simple Simon met a pieman hoing to the Fair
    Said Simple Simon to the pieman,” Let me taste your ware”
    Said the pieman to Simple Simon show me first your penny
    Said Simple Simon to the pieman ” Indeed I have not any”.

    Andrew is not equipped. Lacking in sensibility ,integrity, personality.

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    • Cud says:

      Simple Simon,indeed.
      This man’s rhetoric,his reasoning is nonsensical,juvenile to the point of being idiotic.
      He has got to be pretending ignorance. Dumbing down to suit what he perceives as meeting the IQ level of his supporters.
      He has to have been sent ,programned and retrofitted by an entity of BVI destroyers.

      Pay Attention!!!

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    • To Wendy says:

      You need to get your simple disrespectful behind from posting piddle. Fahie does not hang out with the “JONESES” but he is one of the most intelligent human beings one will ever meet. If you do not want to support him then that’s your choice but don’t try to down grade this good intelligent man out of hatred.

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  28. Qiestionable says:

    Andrew has failed the youths by lying but 95% past and in the end at the college level they were not well equip for such level of education. Andrew has failed the youths in not getting the secondary education level for CXC making it mandatory that now in the history of the virgin islands under Myron leadership our children are now in the top 10 in the caribbean. Andrew as minister of culuture good not create a national wear or a territorial song whereas today myron as culture minister we have such today where we boast of national pride.

    Andrew ignored for yes as education minister in the east end the need to fix our recreational field and built a good basket ball court. Develop a national sports policy,
    Development of walter’s park in valley virgin

    Never saw the need to develop the basket court in Virgin Gorda. With Myron a covered Jeffrey caines basket ball arena

    Never improve the community sports facilites in bellevue court myron did so

    Funding spports to start baseball leagues in sister islands done my myron not andrew. Exoloring works in the development of proper running track in VG myron did that not andrew and the list goes on with Myron. However what we got from andrew over $60,000 dollars spent to CC for after school program not came about it, thousands spent on drag racing
    Notthing come about that thousands spent on medical school nothing come about that. SO WHO FOOLING THE YOUTHS.

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    • Haha says:

      The territorial song and uniform has not done anything to improve anyone or the BVI and that’s a fact. All that was accomplished was something we can tell people., “We have a national song and wear” while some people still have nothing to sing about or clothes to wear after Irma. Improving national pride could have been simply achieved by fixing our pothole ridden roads and economy. Stop burning garbage out in the open like savages and stop wasting public funds to help cronies. Where were you when Fahie was dragging his fat @$$ around the old basketball court as coach for the Bulldogs and Guns. Speaking about national pride, you need some commenting publicly with so many errors. Almost made by eyes bleed.

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  29. Say wha? says:

    Did you say, you are happy that the BVI is ranked number ten (out of 11) in education in the Caribbean? Are you happy with being second to last? Why can’t we be number 1?

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  30. Qiestionable says:

    We were never ranked in the top ten for decades. At least we are now there for 3 years. That is progress we neef to uplift our youths onstead of bringing them down. Andrew had the ministry and did nothing with CXC

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  31. Xaveryna says:

    Hon. Myron we have an election to win so stop wasting time on Andrew who can only run in a district. My PS seat is waiting on me. Leh We Do This Thing Again

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  32. Tell Me says:

    I am going to google right now. I keep hearing about this and need to find out exactly what it’s about.

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  33. A man says:

    I rather Fahie as president than Frazier

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  34. Ausar says:

    Yes, you are capable, Andrew!

    You will battle for our people on all levels and a vote for you will ensure just that.

    Keep engaging our people to bring home the victory!

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  35. pagu says:

    ayo will learn about he

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