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I didn’t get any team ‘I wanted’ — Fahie rubbishes claims

While noting that he has a strong team of candidates going into the upcoming General Election, VIP Chairman Andrew Fahie has rubbished claims that he has gotten the candidates he was secretly hoping for.

Fahie dismissed those assertions on Saturday after the party Congress selected Sharie DeCastro, Carvin Malone, Shereen Flax, and Neville Smith as the four At-Large VIP candidates for the elections, which must happen by April 16, 2019

“You have some persons who are WhatsApping telling me ‘you have the team that you wanted’. I think that’s so disrespectful. But, it’s their opinion. I didn’t get any team I wanted. We had a process. I didn’t have a hand in it. I didn’t influence anybody who voted. All of them had to go to the districts and they had to go and campaign. They had to say what are they going to do to help get the Virgin Islands better — how they are going to help the people become more empowered,” Fahie said.

He further said, though his team is united, it comprises persons who are independent thinkers.

“We did not assemble a team of friends and family so that they could just be yes-persons. We assembled a team out of the bowels of the people of the nine districts [who] have come together and said, based on our voting, these (candidates) are what we want to go forward.”

Other VIP members who vied to become an At-Large candidate for the VIP include radio talk show host Claude Skelton Cline, author Mitzy Simpson, former legislator Irene Penn-O’Neal, media owner Julian Willock, and former VIP candidate Elton Sprauve.

While each of the unsuccessful contenders did not get very much votes from Congress, Willock only lost his bid to run for the VIP by four votes.

In the meantime, the results for the successful VIP At-Large contenders are as follows: DeCastro — 51, Flax — 44, Smith — 58, and Malone — 58.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    This was a plot…It was coerced…The fact that those 2 guys got identical numbers make things look fishy…Now i believe Fraser was bamboozled…This guy cant be trusted

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  2. strupes says:


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    • To strupes says:

      I am a member of the VIP Congress and Fahie or no one influenced my vote or any of the other seven members from our district. Fahie showed through this process that he is a true leader so just exit stage left with your lies.

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  3. blind man says:

    I don’t see the VIP winning no more than 3 seats

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  4. as far as i see says:

    them didn’t want w—— at all

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  5. BIG QUESTION says:

    Can you really afford to put this country in these guy hands ?????????

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    • Jaigon says:

      @BIG QUESTION. Certainly we can and it will be put in their hands. Some of you have no shame. Look what the NDP has done to this little territory, yet you here chatting piss. If we gamble with the NDP I do not see why we cannot gamble with this team. Certainly they will not be as bad as the NDP.

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      • Ok says:

        What have they done? And while there are some negatives, please list the good things as well. We will wait for your list of all they have done to this territory.

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      • Reasoning says:

        @Jaigon, apparently Alzheimer (normally an old age disease) is spreading throughout our population). Some years ago When VIP cleared and paved a few of the guts to make it easier for the rain water from the hills to flow and go into the sea, they were accused of wasting tax payers money. I’m sure it wasn’t anywhere in the millions. When the dirt was removed from the foundation of the new Peebles hospital and piled up below near the water’s edge, they called it Mt Savage; I supposed after the governor at the time. Today, the hospital is way oversized and many more millions cost to taxpayers; though its original designed by the VIP was lot less and the soil that was Mt. Savage, most of it has gone into upgrading the Queen Elizabeth
        Park. Today, the 7-million of the people’s money is apparently forever gone; given away to the 1-plane airline. Millions more given away to some consultant for TBL Airport expansion; the 8-million for the sewage project in the east is also gone; the million + paid to to garner votes for NDP supporters for the small wall around ES High School, the 40+millions over-run on the pier park; should I stop there? Imagine the unbelievable, unimaginable condition our economy would have been in, hadn’t some clear-minded nationals speak out against the premier 400 + millions commitment to borrow from the Chines to extend the said airport. That four hundred million added to the 400 million+ we have to pay back to the UK for the recovery loan. Our debts would have been over a Billion now. And folks have the nerve to be here chatting P**s as you amusingly put it.
        Though it might be mass early Alzheimer, it can also be mass sight Impaired. Well at least there’s an eye specialist on their team. But here in the 9th his constituents think of him as the MIA (missing in action), absentee Rep

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        • Question says:

          Those things mentioned as positives where are the individuals who spearheaded those? We want to here more about education and sports. ???????? One in there who help kill something. Like we say welcome to the big club. This will be interesting.

    • @ Big Question says:

      H**l to the d**n yes. We haven’t forgotten Shady Past.

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  6. Lmto says:

    Only 1 seat there. The three on the end can’t even dress to represent us? Why the women seated as though they aren’t strong enough to stand alongside men. Like let’s give them special treatment. Green is the party color but people in blue. Get it together. Dead before arrival. Only 2 people under 40? We don’t want no more old people representing us!

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    • @Lmto says:

      SO once you are over 40 then you must be discarded? That is the stupidest statement that I have ever heard. You all in the BVI are the most negative set of human beings on the earth. You deserve all the bad treatment and mismanagement of funds what the NDP is giving you.

    • To Lmto says:

      The reason I like the VIP is that they are real people who are intelligent, humble, innovative and about country. They are not about the show. They are about the people and with that the VIP does have it together. They have great ideas and they love the people and God and that’s more than enough to get my vote.

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  7. Yow says:

    The captain look like he stared the ship yo no work good Bvi news. Listen all shareen and Neville interview on JTV give the answer. School children say Andrew wants someone from the sister island and a youth. All you understand politrictics. Just ask Fraser about Fahie.

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  8. FBI says:

    Why was the leader of the opposition calling Sheep’s wife for him to run?

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  9. Interesting says:

    Not impressed but I am willing to wait to hear what they have to say on the political platform before making any final decisions. There are a myriad of very serious issues facing the BVI. This is not a game. Whoever wins this election will have a monumental task ahead of them so that team has to comprise of persons who (a) understand what we are up against (b) can show a track of record of being a CAN DO and WILL do person and not just a talker or a promise with nothing to back it up and (b) have solid strategic and viable plans to address the issues individually and collectively. This is what I will be looking to be convinced of by all candidates in order to decide where I am casting my votes. It CANNOT be based on popularity. As I ponder some of persons who have put themselves forward for political office, I am wondering if they even have a clue about the massive task that lies ahead for them if they are successful. Somehow I don’t think so. Perhaps I am judging prematurely. Time will tell.

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  10. Well sah says:

    Fahie don’t mind these people because you can never please them. Just keep doing what is right and time will take care of everything.

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  11. Great says:

    I admire the VIP for how organized they are and for allowing the people in their Congress voices o be heard and their decisions to matter. Don’t mind the noise, VIP will be the next government.

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  12. lol says:

    Fahie bloggers out hard, the least they can do is switch up their lines so it’s not so obvious all the time on every story with VIP.

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  13. Insanity says:

    So the people do not want seasoned nor new representatives; too young nor too old. I also detect that they do not want them to be tied to well-off (black, yellow, red or white) families with a long history in the BVI. They don’t want educated nor uneducated. They don’t want them to have any friends but they should be friendly to everyone. They don’t want them to fraternize with members of opposing parties but they want them to form a consensus on plans of action for the territory.

    What they want are representatives suffering from multiple personality disorder. Pure insanity.

    People need to stop doing the same things and expecting different outcomes.

  14. Jump ship says:

    Does this mean Willock going with Frazer.

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  15. Trust says:

    There will be no transparency with a—-, s—– and c—-. A mathematician, player and nipple man oh

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  16. Native says:

    After flax had so much to sing on poor Ralph T and the VIP…. know she joined them what will she be campaigning on cause the same problems she sing on we still facing except for uncle falling asleep…. bad choice with her…

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  17. Hmmm says:

    At least VIP has a fair, accountable & transparent process in what they do with their Congress including the selection of the candidates. They are practicing what they preach unlike the NDP who preaches well but never practices what they preach.

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