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‘I don’t have a job; I drink everyday’

Jeremy Nibbs

Jeremy Nibbs

Jeremy Nibbs, who racked up multiple charges after he reportedly kicked a police officer in face, has been ordered to pay $1,950 in fines and compensation in the Magistrate’s Court.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-Dabreo fined the East End resident for disorderly conduct, disorderly conduct at a police station, using indecent language, and criminal damage.

The offender, who pleaded guilty to the said charges, explained to the court during his sentencing that he was drunk at the time of the incident.

He noted that he drinks alcohol to keep ‘stress’ away.

“I don’t have a job. I drink everyday,” Nibbs told the court moments before his penalty was announced.

He was fined $1,000 for criminal damage, but will spend two months behind bars if the sum is not paid. He was also ordered pay $250 in compensation in relation to the said criminal damage charge, or serve 30 days in prison.

In relation to the charge of using indecent language, Nibbs was fined $350. He will serve 30 days at Her Majesty’s Prison if he does not pay the sum.

He is also to pay $200 and $150 for the two charges in relation to disorderly conduct. Both fines come with a default sentence of four days in prison.

The offender has until May 30 to pay all the fines.

What happened

Reports were that, on August 3 last year, police were called to a section of the Greenland public road.

Upon their arrival, they saw Nibbs and his girlfriend entangled in a brawl that caused traffic obstruction.

The police approached Nibbs and told him to desist from restraining his girlfriend. Nibbs reportedly continued to behave disorderly, and was further warned to desist or he would have been tasered.

“Tase me you white m#ther sc**t; tase me,” Nibbs reportedly said. Police subsequently shot him with the taser gun.

When taken to the East End Police Station, Nibbs started to resist the police.

The court heard that he kicked an officer in the face, and had to be restrained by several other cops.

Nibbs also damaged a chair at the police station, the court heard.

He, in the meantime, denied ever assaulting the police officer. As such, he had pleaded not guilty to assault with intent to prevent lawful apprehension.

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