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I don’t respect the way Premier had me fired

This BVI News photo captures Christian speaking to members of the media about being fired as Junior Minister of Tourism on Thursday, November 15.

By Davion Smith, BVI News Staff

Territorial At-Large representative Archibald Christian has said he is displeased in the manner in which Premier Dr D Orlando Smith went about having him fired from his post as Junior Minister of Tourism.

“I don’t respect the way it was done at all,” Christian told BVI News.

“It’s not something that anyone would feel good about but, to be honest with you, if the premier feels that’s how he wants to conduct business in this country where he can just fire his ministers without having a conversation with him, I think we have a sad state of affairs in our territory,” Christian added.

At the recommendation of Dr Smith, Governor Augustus Jaspert booted Christian from the ministerial post on Thursday following his (Christian’s) resignation from the National Democratic Party (NDP) — the political banner under which he was elected nearly four years ago.

While accepting that the Premier is well within his rights to recommend that he be stripped of his ministerial post, Christian said be believes the reason for his firing is not justifiable.

“I can only assume that the appointment was revoked because I resigned as a member as the NDP … [But] as far as I am concerned, I am serving in this honourable House [of Assembly] as an elected member and my resignation from the NDP should not have anything to do with the fact that I sit in the House of Assembly as the Junior Minister for Tourism,” Christian reasoned.

Premier Smith, however, does not subscribe to Christian’s sentiments.

Speaking with members of online media after Thursday’s sitting of the House of Assembly, Dr Smith said Christian made his intention clear when he defected the NDP — the current governing party.

“If you receive the go-ahead, so to speak, from the community to be government and [you] resign from that then it is logical that you do not wish to continue to be a minister,” Smith reasoned.

Only I decide what side to now sit in parliament — Christian

What is now to be seen is whether Christian will be seated on the side of the parliamentary opposition (where opposition legislators Andrew Fahie and Julian Fraser sit) or he will remain planked on the side of government when the House next sits.

When asked what the seating dynamic will be for that upcoming session, Premier Smith said he “would expect” Christian to migrate to the opposite side of the political aisle.

Christian, on the other hand, says that is a decision for him to make.

“That’s up to me, yes,” Christian said while noting that he has not made a decision yet.

He said he will have to “pray” about it before he decides whether to move.

In the meantime, Christian said, on account of him getting fired on Thursday, he is now officially associating himself the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) — a breakaway political party which is reported to be under the leadership of sitting NDP minister, Ronnie Skelton.

Interestingly, Christian told BVI News he “will be” a founding member of PVIM which, although not officially launched, was reported as being in existence weeks ago.

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  1. Fire him yes! says:

    So let me get this. Archie resigned as a member of the governing party. He then goes out publicly to say he is supporting the new party headed by Ronnie, right? And then he still expects to sit on the governing party side and hold on to his junior minister post. If I am crazy please tell me. Archie should have resigned his post as junior minister if he had any decency rather than having to wait to be fired. I hear these guys speak about integrity but it’s just a word for them. How can you be forming a new party while sitting as a minister on another party? That is highly unethical. These guys are on a power trip. They are hungry for power. You can see it and you can hear it. They will get a rude awakening.

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    • Z says:

      Well said!! I don’t know how he want to resign and still keep his post. That is just awkwardness! lol

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    • Anonymous says:

      Hungry for what Power? The guy said he is not running again. But I agree he should have resign from the Jr Minister Post.

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      • Not2Sure says:

        You are dreaming if you think he is not running. He will “pray for guidance” and then come to the decision he is running after all. Just wait and see.

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    • Not2Sure says:

      Boy, I cannot wait to vote his azz out.

    • Weird flex but God says:

      The scariest part of this whole thing is that bit of the former Junior Minister’s response which reads “[But] as far as I am concerned, I am serving in this honourable House [of Assembly] as an elected member and my resignation from the NDP should not have anything to do with the fact that I sit in the House of Assembly as the Junior Minister for Tourism”, clearly failing to realise the wide distinction/chasm/solar system/everything big between his capacity as an elected member of the House of Assembly (the legislature) and that of Junior Minister as part of the executive arm of government. How on earth is it possible for him to have sat in Government for all these years and not appreciated that? To the point of making that statement? Are the people around him also that clueless that nobody could have corrected him prior to this interview? Good grief. But God…and this may be why we have all this shaking, to clean house. By the grace of God, we will be ok but hold on because the ride over the next several month up to election and when things settle after, will be rough. We need to be on our knees asking God for mercy and grace and His peace, for this country.

    • james gialni says:

      you were a minister@ the whim of the primier and not @ your whim . noot so?you got to be a mo mo to continue as minister. you deserve not be dismissed as aa minister but should have been booted out. first of al you were there because of dr.. smith’s personality and not yours. what kind of ignorant thinking is it to say you broke way from the party that gave you extra respect than you deserve you played fool with it and now baalling out……..

  2. Wise-Up says:

    You should have just kept your mouth shut and you would have been in a job today. But there you go again babbling away, so you still have some more learning to do.

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    • Reply says:

      I am of the opinion that keeping his mouth shut just to hold on to his title/job all the while knowing full well his intent was to move on to another party would have been just as bad, if not worse.

      Such a move would have been unfair to the NDP, and it certainly would have been unethical at a minimum.

      I presume this is the avenue the others who are reportedly leaving are taking. I personally think it’s wrong.

      If you want to go, go and be gone. Stand for something if you believe in it. Don’t stick around pretending to be a part of something when you know in your heart, your intent is to leave. That’s disingenuous.

      Sticking around until the right moment may be viewed as wise by some, but in my view, in this case, it’s rises to the level of calculating and non-trustworthy.

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      • Wise-Up says:

        I concur with everything that you have said as being the “ideal” scenario.

        But this is politics we are talking about that is, a dirty game. Clearly the man didn’t want to lose his job. So while it might seem disingenuous to you, in reality it was a foolish move for him to come out declare he is leaving the NDP at this time.

        Now he is paying the price in unemployment and embarrassment.

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        • Reply says:

          Lets assume for discussion sake that he had stayed until the government was dissolved in anticipation of the upcoming election, and shortly thereafter joined this new party.

          IMO, he may have earned a few more extra pay checks, but more importantly lost more in terms of his credibility and his reputation if he was going to seek re-election again.

          I am convinced, he would have been better of and had a stronger argument to make to potential future voters if he had quit completely including all post and state it was done on principle rather than this suicidal stunt he pulled.

          But you see, when you have bad intent, quite often you stumble and make mistakes which reveal who you really are. I think this was the case here.

      • Ooh says:

        But isn’t that what Ronnie is doing? Keeping his mouth shut to hold on to his title?

  3. ndp heckler says:

    See when your backside was up and down saying “aye” for every stupidness he was doing, (eg airline 7 million), yo didn’t know he would’ve turned around and kick yo ?????

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  4. Reply says:

    I cannot believe that Mr. Christian could think that his firing was not justifiable. That thinking just shows how misguided he was/is.

    IMO, he committed political suicide. What did he really expected the Premier to do after he resigned from the NDP and declared he would remain the Junior Minister of Tourism…a position he inherited from the same body he resigned from?

    Clearly, he was not thinking straight, or was ill advised.

    I find it incredulous that he would feel disrespected about the way he was fired. The disrespected started with him; the Premier and the Governor just finished it.

    He made his bed; he will have to lay in it.

    He needs to do as the Premier suggests and “migrate to the opposite side of the political aisle”, and start campaigning with his new party. He has 5 months to get his act together.

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    • Jokes says:

      What is funnier is he had his chest high saying “I WID SKELTON!”. But where is Skelton? Still with NDP and holding his Ministry! Archie is a dim bulb and it is sad to see a grown ass man mess up the little thats left of his political career. Any party that can put him on their team to contest elections must be out of their minds! How can you resign from the party that is Government, confirm that youre with a new party but keep your ministerial post? HOWWWW????????????? These guys say they are leaving the NDP because of integrity and principle. Glad to see Christian leading by example. You really cannot make this stuff up! Now he is the victim!

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  5. them ain't no good says:


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  6. Voter says:

    Should have prayed about it before you open your mouth. What did you expect when you publically tell the Premier you dont support what he stood for. You were not elecred Junior Minister. Stop groveling. Show some pride man. Have some spine. Go sit on the other side.

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  7. well sah says:

    It seems like archie was setup to take the fall for his new party in order for the governor to call an early election

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    • Hawk says:

      @well sah

      No, I believe this is simply a clear case of stupidity or lack of common sense.

      And if he comes back to say God told him to continue to sit on the Government side, I will update his condition to include insanity or delusion.

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  8. wow says:

    archie losing some of his pension

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  9. SMH says:

    So Skelton is still a member of NDP, Minister of Health, yet the Leader of a new Political Party! Hmmm!

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    • RADICAL says:


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      • Plain says:

        Dr Smith is a chess player not a jacka**! Everyone is thinking he’s asleep and he is soft but you will learn about that man. Pay attention and you will see what the gentle fellow is really made of.

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    • Hmmm says:

      Agree they should be fired now. Can you imagine how they are going to back stab each other in the new party.

      No class at all

    • oh yeah says:

      Ronnie showing us who he his. Can take a lost of a in house election that was held fair and square. What going to happen when he lose in the election?? What a BIG BIG baby with no “b***s”. AYo get the Pampers ready. Ain’t the Island people alone voting for Myron. A lot of “we from here” voting for Myron. Myron is a doer!!

  10. Come on Now says:

    “If you receive the go-ahead, so to speak, from the community to be government and [you] resign from that then it is logical that you do not wish to continue to be a minister,” Smith reasoned.

    I am not pro any party as I intently watch and listen to decide on my votes.

    That being said, not one of us can expect that if someone we place in a position for e.g. Liaison Officer of our team and that individual resigns from being affiliated with our team that any one in their right mind should not would be kept in the position.

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  11. hint hint says:


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    • Hint says:

      Stupid comment , get a hint .

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    • Real Stupid says:

      You sound to be real stupid. Who are you. You think this is a monopoly game.

    • Our Country Too says:

      Let them all resign, no. We the island-people that they don’t like will send a strong message this election season. We love our new home the Virgin Islands, but we don’t like how some make us feel. We are not going no place. We decided to call here home too, but as God is our witness, we will vote with the party that shows stability. We will stand with Walwyn, and if you continue to think we don’t count, our VOTE shall be counted on Election Day. We are glad the trushies are flying away. WE ARE GOING WITH TEAM WALWYN ALL THE WAY.

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      • @Our Country Too says:

        For Realz, I got you on this. We are going to take Myron to the top. Myron don’t treat the outsiders like they are less than humans. Watch, every outsider is going to vote for Myron. You all better recognize. Team Myron all the way.I wish my little Yorkie Cydni could vote,his little paw would be casting a vote for Myron.

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      • Love for My Country says:

        @Our Country Too: If you think that we Virgin Islanders will sit down and let those of you who seek to use these islands for your own personal gain, think again. You may think that you have us outnumbered but remember we are here and there – in all Virgin Islands. MR.MYRON IS NO SAINT AND NO DIFFERENT TO ANYONE OF THEM THAT HAVE BEEN SPEAKING OUT. HE HAS BEEN UNDERMING THE PREMIER LONG TIME SO HE COULD GET POWER AND HE IS THE ONE THAT HAS DESTRYOED THE NDP WHICH IS SO SAD! HE WANTED POWER AT ANY COST TOUTING ALL THE TIME BUT HE IS TOP VOTE GETTER AND BROUGHT IN CONSULTANCY TO FOOL PEOPLE. TIME WILL TELL! UNTIL THEN,YOU BE VERY CAREFUL WITH YOUR WORDS AND WHAT YOU SEEK TO DO TO THESE ISLANDS!

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      • Run Forest says:

        Poor you. Don’t you see the deplorable state of the BVI? You were better off when you came from.

    • Check again says:

      The Government can’t fall if the three of them all leave. It will take four of them to leave for that to happen. This will leave the gov. split 6:6 with one vacant seat.

  12. big s*t says:

    all the man he iz y he dont try fire ronny ?

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    • VI gyal says:

      soon to come, but Ronnie smarter than Archie.

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    • Soon Come says:

      Ronnie turn coming and it needs to come soon. These NDP guys and gals leaving have no integrity and should not be voted for under any other umbrella. They should have stayed until the end, and then depart.

      I could never trust them again. What Ronnie and those guys are doing is hypocritical. Who’s voting for hypocrites next election?

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    • TCP Party Heckler says:

      All the man Ronnie iz, he shoulda done resign long time.

      Any day now Ronnie going wake up and realize he doing himself and his new party more harm than good by not resigning. People are smarter than he thinks.

      All he is doing is taking more and more rope to hang himself with.

      Watch how seen he going wake up now.

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    • Fireworks! says:

      Tell Ronnie, all the man he is, why he don’t resign also from the NDP and see what happens. This is bigger than Ronnie, Parnah. The Constitution shall run things until we get a new one. All playing dumb and don’t want to hire legal advice. Let them tek it in them skin like a big man sitting down. Resign your post and go form your party legally.

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      • In the meantime says:

        ….Mr new Chairman and his minions holding onto their government jobs for as long as they can before election so happy that they didn’t have to launch the new party they too were forming. Jokes! The NDP is no more. We do not have a GOVERNMENT and long before these resignations.

        Alll this integrity talk is pure words. The current Government is no more and the Premier and new Chairman of his party should just call an early election. Stop holding our country hostage. In this environment it is impossible to properly handle the people’s business

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          • Definitely not Mikey says:

            Stupps. Certainly not him. I’m a voter who is looking on and realizing that this fall out been going on quite a while and even before Hurricane Irma. Clearly there has been a major fall out that is beyond repair so the Premier should lead from the front and call elections asap. There is no trust within your party, no trust from the voting public and you still trying to behave as if it’s business as usual. Rubbish.

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        • @ In the meantime says:

          You see this is where you are wrong! If those defectors cared about the country they would come out as grown men and say “Look, we have a difference in philosophies but we are willing to serve out our time as Government and move things forward for the betterment of the Territory!”. They have not! The temper tantrums and petty nonsense are the reasons why the Territory hasn’t moved further along with recovery. Let us call a spade a spade, nobody is saying that people can’t change course in their political careers but it’s not always what you do but how. I find it interesting that we are in November getting these resignations but everyone know who all would be resigning since last year based on the behaviors. Who is really fooling who?

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  13. Really!!!! says:

    But…. How could you resign and still expected to have your post? #askingasavoter

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  14. For Real says:

    You quit Mr. Christian. Why are you wanting to do a job you resigned from. The ministerial position goes with the ruling government. If you are not a member, you cant be a minister. You should have been removed the minute you declared that you are associated with another party. You did not think this through. Someone advised you to do this. Next time think for yourself and don’t let selfish people make you do things for their benefit. That new party already making a fool of you. Wow.

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  15. Wow says:

    Archie is really more clueless than I thought. I honestly thought he was bluffing when he said he was willing to stay on as Junior Minister. You resigned dude. You are still an At Large representative. The Premier doesn’t owe you anything. It’s quite an awkward situation with the rest of them also. They all need to resign and be stripped of their positions. Either way, this is looking very bad for the NDP. What a complete failure as a government. My God…

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  16. Welllll says:

    His mouth is what did it. R did not confirm that A was on his team. A tossed R under the bus.

  17. Intelligence says:

    Mr Christian, I thought you were an intelligent person until you open his mouth. These are who we have as leaders?. I am leaving Tortola to go live with Trump at lease he would know better.

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    • Great Idea says:

      The Republicans and Democrats can’t stand each other but,at the end of the day,they work together. A, all you had to do was keep your mouth shut and did what you had to do.You should have made your exit like the two others did. They caught a lot of heat but not as much as you are catching the heat and backlash. Next time think for yourself.

      • RealPol says:

        “Republicans and Democrats can’t stand each other but,at the end of the day,they work together.” Great Idea, really! Think President Obama would endorse your way off the mark position? No.

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  18. Story Time says:

    Employee: “Boss, I quit, I am done, I’m no longer a member of your firm, BUT, I’m not yet ready to leave my actual post as Compliance Director and expect my salary, NHI and SS payments to be as normal until such time that I’m ready to give up my substantive post!”

    Boss: “You are FIRED with immediate effect! Pack your things and vacate our premises!”

    Employee: “WHAT??? That is quite rude and disrespectful, I’m going to the Labour Dept NOW because I don’t see what I could have said or done to deserve such nasty treatment from you!”

    ….to be continued!

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  19. wow says:

    I’m speechless! Did you have a conversation with the Honourable Premier before tendering your resignation from the party and the post of Treasurer? So why do you think the Premier owes you that courtesy before firing you in the circumstances? Honestly Mr Christian I think you are losing your marbles. Where is your wife in all of this? Couldn’t she have talked some sense into your head during pillow talk before you set about to embarrass yourself like this? And the bit about the new party you are joining even before the something is a fait accompli. Good gosh. Didn’t you indicate just a few months ago that you would not likely contest in the next general election? Clearly that was just idle talk because look at you now. Not quite ready to give up the power just yet I guess. I understand. Seems to be a very difficult thing to do.

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  20. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Archie, really! You owe me a new shirt, for I spilled cocoa tea on it reading this nonsense. Seriously, you resigned from the NDP, the sitting government, and expect to still serve as minister. Boi, pure nonsense. You out smart your self and now acting like a “ninkom poop”. You should have resigned from the NDP and your ministerial position. But wait you did when resingned from the NDP. Who will be fired next. The Premier needs to fire “tout monde bagay.” It is poor French but you get the message. Archie go siddung.

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  21. Like duh!!!!!! says:

    A bandwagon of educated idiots!!!!! Wth!!!! They went to which colleges and universities? Ooops obviously it dont matter. None of them show one drop of sense. Dissolve the damn government they working on behalf on themselves not the people!!!!!

    Mitch and Marlon its unfortunate you all will be backbenchers this time around vs. In leadership positions where I kinda hoped you will be. ANY OPPURTUNITY TO STILL CROSS THE FLOOR!!

    Hon. Danica Penn is the key to our great country building back. Andrew you always talk about country before self. Talk to her move aside, let her become premier a d you deputy.lets make this solid! Clad iron.

    Trust me on this one my brother!!!!

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    • HA! says:

      On what basis should Dancia be Premier? List her accomplishments when she was Deputay Premier and give reasons for why she would be best place to lead this Territory. Waiting…………

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    • Hmmmm says:

      Ok Kareem.

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    • wow says:

      Dancia Penn as leader? No offense to the lady but look at her track record or lack thereof when she was AG. She has the gift of the gab, I will give her that. But surely we need more than that. The next government must comprise men and women of substance and accountability who are DOERS, not just talkers. The VI is at a critical juncture in its history. This is a make or break election. We cannot be content to just recycle the same old tired candidates and expect to see results. The electorate has got to think very carefully about who they put in this time and it cannot be seen as a popularity contest. Boils down to having candidates who understand the myriad of very serious issues the country is facing and who have solid and viable plans for how they are going to tackle the issues and move the country forward.

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    • Danciawho? says:

      What you going calling up that woman name for? We need people who will work hard for the country. You think she can work in this bitter hard time? You mussa think it was a joke they were calling her “Honourable Walkabout.” Rest she down. I trust Fahie to work harder, even though he bigger and fatter. He got the interest of the people and country. Dancia, hope for not moving this country forward.

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  22. Looking thru says:

    But in all fairness Mr Minister, I don’t think the premier is wrong for doing what he did. Any other premier would have done the same thing. Do you think it was right in doing what you did without having a conversation with the leader of the party first? Then you went and said you’re joining another party with one of the ministers in the same ruling NDP government? You sir are something else. Smh

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  23. LOL says:

    first time i am seeing archie so serious in a picture…i guess when it hits it hurts

  24. ndp heckler says:

    Archie needs to lodge his complain with the minister of labour and his department and see if he gets his job back…..LLLLOOOOOLLLLL

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  25. Slayer says:

    The best part is that when the campaign starts this same new party will unravel when these vagabonds can’t get their way. Stay tuned, keep watching, wait and see. Just look at the different personalities being scrambled and put together just because they don’t want to see one man lead. The same fight for power and position will start under this new banner.

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  26. Dummy says:

    He is as Dumb as Dumb gets Doc did the right thing close your A$$

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  27. Awwwww Mr.A says:

    You really f***ed up this time. Haven’t you often heard the elders saying a still tongue keeps a wise head? I guess you did not listen to that advice.

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  28. Old people say says:

    There are 3 kind of dumb in this world.
    Dumb, Dumber and Sheep. Look how he blindly follow them down a blasted ravine.

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  29. Ya deaf says:

    Ya out ya deaf

  30. Wendy says:

    Archie delirious. But really deliriously affected by reality. Reality is that The Hon Premier is a gentle,extraordinarily gentle reserved and patient man but not stupid or sleep as his detractors would want others to believe.
    Archie you should have initiated an exit conference with your brain and the couple pieces of common sense that you had remaining after disposing of go siddown You forget you is upde islun roots? How could you be turnin your nose from Walwyn. You mek me shame.

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  31. Check Archie Face says:

    Priceless. As if he wondering what did he do wrong. Archie… thank you for the belly full.

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  32. Cudjoe says:

    Time to uttr these words our fathers have taught us :


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  33. Sense alone says:

    If the truth be told every time you have to point out to a Virgin Islands (BVI) of their Unethical behavior and trustworthiness the get hot with you and say we calling them down. but look at the headlines this week. These Men who wants to represents us..

  34. LMAO!!!!!! says:

    Look he face!! Like when you crank up to let out a hard fart and it come out hot and wet! Ooops!!!!! The sad part is that even among the set he is now joining he is the laughing stock and poor thing doesn’t even have a clue, can’t buy a vowel. I can bet you that even after this he will not even get a seat on the new party’s slate.

  35. These Jokers Ain’t Loyal says:

    Sit back and watch them all be exposed…time longer than twine.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The BVI need leaders who are God fearing and will have the country at heart. Many who are seeking political office are doing so for their own selfish reasons, not for love of country.

    • ? says:

      God fearing, not GOD COMPLEX! Who is anyone to judge whether or not a person’s actions are really for the country? This mentality is disgusting where we dismiss persons’ contributions based on our personal feelings. Minister Skelton had West End burning for months, people had to buy high grade face masks as a result and not one statement or plan of action for the people. That is love of country? I live in Carrot Bay and the smoke was choking people off and these so called lovers of country had nothing to say about this. Every single thing is Myron this or Dr Smith that. Every single one of you have had missteps so stop with the foolishness.

  37. Inside out says:

    Is Archie for real. He won his seat on a party ticket. I’m sure bet he would not have won had he run as an independent candidate. The government is an NDP GOVERNMENT. You resign from the party and still expect to remain a government Minister. How in the world was this man elected to the HOA and two terms at that. Smh. Nuff said, moving right along.

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  38. Lordie says:

    So we have a couple of Myron bloggers blogging like crazy. Please rest ayo self cause you like ants on sugar man!

    Myron is not going any where.

    Lets go election 2k19 BRING IT ON!

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  39. Concern East says:

    The Speaker of The House Still got Her Job. He Thinkin the same Way. It just Teach u if u aint with them u going to get booat out

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  40. justified says:

    pay back is a b-tch a—–. do you remember that old man who stop yo by the hospital o complain to you about being sent home from his place that he worked for 40 years without his severance pay, and your reply to him was you don’t expect to go home one day.i watched as that gentleman shed tears because of your response to him, now its our turn take it like a man they should have done it a long time ago you selfish, arrogant son of a b–ch.

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  41. Jazzo says:

    Dr. Smith did Archie a favor by forcing him to make a decision he hadn’t prayd for yet. Sometimes karma just forces our hand like that.

  42. Ausar says:

    Well Archie, I warned you not to go nilly willy, joining any new party.

    You didn’t listen to sound advice and now you’re on the out looking in. How sad indeed!

    But you should have known that you were really the odd one out. You were only being used in my view to retain a seat, to retain power. Your oral skills were less than stellar and you was always seen as a liability.

    The NDP has always been a party of the “greats”, so to speak. If you’re not a lawyer, docter, or a learned one, of sorts with tremendous amounts of wealth, you’re not highly viewed among them.

    Sadly, you learned the hard way. You don’t rise in politics by talking everything. Some things are better left unsaid.

    Always remember, a wise head keepeth a still tongue!

  43. Mark says:

    Archie you just played urself. If u think u getting back in government well i got an island to sell u.

  44. What goes around says:

    Think about the TB staff you did not help out after Irma who did not deserve to be handled so poorly by your ‘Executives’!!


  45. mmario says:

    Every Dog has his day in life. And all dogs are having a day. Bunch of do nothing.

  46. Eyes says:

    He shouldn’t get no pention dew to the fact he didn’t complete 2 terms

  47. Musa says:

    Take your bass to labour department

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