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‘I found loaded gun, nobody is perfect’, offender tells court

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A man held with a firearm that was loaded with two rounds of ammunition is claiming he was unaware of the possible ramifications of his actions.

Twenty-two-year-old Jamori Hart pleaded guilty to keeping an unlicensed firearm and possession of explosives when he appeared before Magistrate Giselle Jackman-Lumy recently.

He told the court he stumbled upon the gun and bullets after the catastrophic weather events last year.

“I’m not a young man of troubles, I do not get into problems at all,” he told the court on Monday.

“We all make mistakes … we are not perfect,” he added.

The Prosecution’s case

It is reported that the weapon was found in Hart’s Parham Town residence during a recent police search operation on August 2.

The court was told the gun had one bullet in the magazine cartridge and the other in the breech of the firearm – the chamber where a bullet goes to get fired.

Police also found eight additional bullets in a ziplock bag at Hart ’s residence.

He was subsequently arrested and charged.

Hart claimed he had no intentions of using the deadly weapon, though a bullet was already in the gun’s breech.

He will return for sentencing on August 24.

Under the BVI’s gun laws, a person found with a firearm is liable to a minimum term of five years imprisonment.

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  1. nativeson says:

    really? I found it? how stupid can you get for the judge to believe this bs..

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  2. Absolutely Correct says:

    I wonder when the segregated portions of non African people will be searched?

    Answer is, Never!! They use the most drugs, legal and illegal and are deeply involved in smuggling in of the latter and weapons, but they are never scrutinized. They have full immunity from law enforcement prying eyes and enforcement of the law..That is the truth.

    And truth, they do not like. Prediction, 50 thumbs down, which will indicate the truth..

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    • Wahhh says:

      Stop whining like a baby.If yall didnt act like fool..think like fool…screw yer face…dress like you want everybody watch you..and on and on… wouldnt get wrap up..remember this is not the states.So it just crab in a barrel buisness salting up yall selves……waaaah..stop ball…Stop show off and boast.Realman do them ting in the shadows,Stop blame thing on everybody but your less selves.

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    • Guess what says:

      Is this a justification for the Young man’s breaking of the law

    • Hi says:

      they din’t tell on each other

    • Call out racism says:


  3. Idiots on the loose says:

    I am so sick and tired of these lame a$ $ excuses when these idiots are caught with guns. So if he found it, he didn’t think to carry it to the police station? PLEASEEEEE tell me the judge didn’t fall for this idiotic explanation. It seems like everyone and their grandmother has a gun these days and we wonder why so many people are gunned down in the streets SMH. The law needs to be more harsh on these fools

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  4. What!! says:

    Total BS I hope the court does not believe his stupid tale and puts him away for the max the law allows as a warning to others as that is the only way we will get guns out of the hands of fools like this.”found” it , turn it in to the police, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Again this “we all make mistakes” having an illegal loaded gun is not a mistake it is against the law.

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  5. Wait says:

    This ain’t dude with the sweet ting working Ports? Well sir … haffi eat!

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  6. Concern says:

    You found a gun and bullets in a ziplock bag, and you decided to take them to your house – then you must be the donkey of the week.. Sorry don’t believe you. HAHAHA!

    Lock him up.

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  7. Dog ate my homework says:

    Really??? Can’t think there’s too many people who son’t know that guns are illegal, so if he found it why didn’t he tell po-po instead? Pretty unimaginative lame excuse

  8. Sweet thing says:

    will be busy when he’s in the BG hotel..

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  9. Rubber Duck says:

    We must stamp out guns.

    And an amnesty , turn in your gun to the police and no questions asked.

    And an incentive to inform on gunmen.

    Or the killings will continue.

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  10. Gumption. Official says:

    From since the hurricane (found it) and they only get it 11 months after because they did search and found it. Sounds like you’re only sorry that you was caught. You maybe not the make trouble type but you had 10 months to make a choice now the choice is make it’s own. I support or don’t endorse anyone having any illegal guns in our community. Everyone is (the realest and good people) until something seriously happen than people be like (I never knew them to be so) we often wait until it hit home to stand up: However young man you still have to be that man you’d like to be. Keep God close and remain humble.

  11. musa say says:

    please give him a light chance 5 yrs up d hill

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