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I haven’t accepted ‘hush money’ | Cline blasts gov’t

Bishop John Cline. (File photo)

By Davion Smith, BVI News Journalist

Former Chairman of the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) Bishop John Cline is refuting claims that he accepted financial bribes to turn a blind eye to continued reports of misgovernance in the National Democratic Party (NDP) administration.

Residents began accusing the clergyman after noting that he has become less outspoken on national issues.

But, Bishop Cline released a statement this week to “clear the air”.

“There has been a rumour that I have been silent because I have accepted ‘hush money’. Let me be clear, Bishop Cline has not taken anyone’s hush money. I listen, I work in the background, I only speak when necessary. But know this, I am not fearful of anyone, nor am I intimidated by anyone. And I certainly cannot be bought by anyone,” he said.

Cline then went on level fresh criticism on the Premier Dr D Orlando Smith-led government.

NDP a set of ‘cannibalistic dictators’

The bishop said the future of the territory is ‘blurry’ under its current leadership. He then described the NDP government as a crop of anthropophagist dictators.

“The current leadership has become cannibalistic in its behaviour; destroying all those who have different opinions to theirs. They undermine and marginalize their supporters and turn a deaf ear to wise counsel. We need better from our leaders,” Cline said.

“Our present government needs to change their ways. And if they don’t change, we will change them … Right now we have this dictatorship-style leadership going on, and it is not acceptable. Every citizen and resident of the BVI, whether in the private or public sector, has a right to respectfully voice their opinion in a free and democratic society without fear,” he added.

The bishop himself was forced to resign as Chairman of the BVIHSA last year after criticizing the Premier Smith administration.

Road Town stinks, where is the vision?

While commenting on hurricane recovery for the territory, the Bishop said government needs to create a clear and long-term vision for the BVI.

“Good leadership not only has good vision, they have a plan. They have a plan for the next 10, 20, and 30 years —not just for the next four years. And because we have had no national development plan, we have wasted the country’s money, allowed our infrastructure to deteriorate, and allowed corruption to set in.”

“Our ocean has become polluted, and our beaches have become less desirable to residents and visitors alike. Sewage still runs in our streets like we are a third-world country. Our nation’s capital smells of raw sewage,” Bishop Cline lamented.

He continued: “These things are not acceptable. We deserve better. We have a budget of $300 million a year, which equates to $1.5 billion every four years. We can do better but leadership matters.”


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  1. LOL says:


  2. sam the man says:

    For once I agree with Bishop Cline on most of the points he makes! its clear there is some “blood is thicker than water” in his comments….he should avoid criticism of the government just because they don’t have any time for M’s views ( which are generally pretty irrelevant anyway as they lack the very vision he talks about) …..I just hope this isn’t another attempt to build up support for another attempt to become a politician …. It would be great though to have a visionary leadership! we just don’t have that yet sadly

    • Sam the man says:

      Please don’t mis understand me I do not rate Bishop Cline at all… – however some of his observations are correct …. Road Town is a disgrace after 6 months and there is a desperate need for visionary leadership – I just don’t know who can fill the vacuum? Answers on a post card….

  3. These people says:

    somebody got several acres of land at Paraquita Bay a few weeks ago to set up green houses and grow fish. I wimbder who that was?

  4. Sickening now says:

    I am just all Clined out. What is this self i—— about with this group? Go away already. Tired of you all.

  5. Sad says:

    Unfortunately I sense that this is a f——d response just so that Bishop Cline can get in the headlines again….I just wish ministers would stop sticking their oar in and criticizing the government. My bible says they should rather be praying for them not continually running them down just because they don’t listen to you or members of your family who are NDP…..

  6. Urrgg! says:

    For the love of God, please go away and leave us in peace! Sick of seeing Cline ‘this’, and Cline ‘that’ in the news like you are all something special or l—- out for us BVI! Nothing a Cline says is —–, unless it is s——–!

  7. Looker says:

    The vision is waste money on worthless over inflated contracts because the awardees are born here or support a party. Stop acting like we don’t know what’s going on and as if we didn’t support it and continue to support it. We are only making noise now because the cistern dry. The worst is yet to come and it’s amazing that this man and the other one, only started speaking out against NDP when they lost their positions. This is the same NDP that they served under as Director of PA and Chairman of HSA respectively but all of a sudden the Government is the worst? I hope the smart people out there can connect the dots and make sense of the ridiculous behavior displayed in the HOA in recent weeks and months.

  8. Wendy says:

    No rumour anywhere about hush money and this clergy. I beleve he is making a s——n so somebody please help. Put hush money on his — so that he and all ah we could get a relief from his incessant —.

  9. Fed up of them says:

    Look at the carefully woven plans. The C—s are trying to control this country or put in who they can control in charge. This whole behavior started with the one who wasn’t sent back to the Port and this one who got fired from hospital for his mouth. They are using the other C– in HOA to propel their a—. … Pay close attention to these people BVI.

  10. Slippery says:

    Who didn’t get money maybe get —. Check it out you see! Who is doing the greenhouses of up Pari?

  11. ok says:

    I’ve never heard the rumor!

  12. They always say... says:

    …a guilty conscience…

  13. WOW! says:

    Shots fired!!!! I find it soooo interesting that the Pastor is all of a sudden calling the NDP corrupt…. but more to the point how on earth can he be looked to for g——-…..He really had to put out a disclaimer? Wonders never cease!!!!!!

  14. Well says:

    If Bishop Cline did not inform us of this rumour, some of us would not have known. He has now raised more questions

  15. Truth says:

    Check out the acres at Paraquita Bay

    • Youth says:

      Oh yes leadership matters

      If our lord and savior comes now would you be ready to answer god for nlbc

      What we need to hear after is comforting word of god with prayers and songs in this distress world

  16. BVI says:

    The Bishop is right regardless of how we feel about him personally. I remember when the NDP people saw them as the type of people the BVI needed to move the country forward. They were seen as honourable men and women who would put national interests about Party politics and self interests. Somewhere along the way they lost it all. Now sadly we find ourselves in a position where we are leaderless. We need a new breed of leaders who are young, courageous and care about country.

  17. Distressed Properties Tken Over or Bought Outright says:

    The rumour mill has it that a certain bank has in its portfolio almost or at least 100 properties that were lodged with other banks. I am trying to find out the facts. Every bank has a right to make money and that is why they exist. Were these properties distressed because of the hurricanes and the owners could no longer pay their mortgages? Were the initial banks approached by this investment bank, or the investors just happen to lodge the home with this investment bank, or did the initial banks approached the investment bank? Would the original owners get the properties back after the mortgages are paid and after the investors nake back their money? If the answer to the last question is no, then the current administration will have a hart tine returning to leadership ub the next election. The reality that I know is that property owners have got to stop squandering the proceeds of their mortgages (rents from renters) and employ good money management. On the other hand, the government need to look into the matter where if the distressed properties, albeit if they were in distress before the hurricanes, did not have any clause for return to the owners after the mortgages are paid off and the investors make some money off of managing the properties. If the distressed properties are not return and if the owners are voters, it means the voting base for any party or leadership in power would be eroded. There is another aspect to consider is that if those properties were largely in BVIslanders hands and now taken over by non-BVIslanders, it means that this group ownership of the soil is decreasing and at a rapid rate. Admittedly there are some persons who choose to be a part of this country and are sympathetic to its people, but are very few. Then there are others who are vultures and want a return to colonialism mentality (European) and there is a particular country (Far East) that goes around the world enslaving others economically (even it own people)and taking over incrementally. They come being gifts of being economic hitmen, investors, non-profit organizations, community organizations, and other. These vultures are in it for the long haul which can be 30 to 40 years. That long !!!!. Get to know your global history people, teach your children to love this country, be entrepreneurial, get your basic education as well – up to secondary. Most of the successful business persons did not have degrees. There success came from hard work and relying on good people around them. Be wise as serpents!

    • BVI says:

      Let’s wait and see. Let’s get the facts first. The law gives lenders certain rights which they can exercise when a borrow goes into default. This includes the right to posses the property before the ink is dry. The lender can also exercise its right through public auction or private sale, the right to foreclose, the right to sue on the mortgage contract and the right to appoint a receiver. Equally, the borrower also has certain rights but usually the borrowers are in the weaker position so while the court might be able to offer extensions or make the lender give the borrower additional time to pay the amount in arrears but at the end of the day it’s a contract between the bank and the borrow and each party is expected to keep their end of the bargain.

  18. Stay in your lane says:

    This bishop should know that leadership matters indeed. Look at how both him and his twin C— has the church d— over their b— statements and e—. Why is it that this Bishop always have to find a way to insert himself into something to look i——. I don’t value your views Bishop because I do not — you. I do not —- you because you have done too many things that go contrary to teachings of — that you should be representing. You have not —- to the s——d required by a ——— and now you want to go into another arena and call the shots. I say, clean up your own yard first before you move on somewhere else. Your backyard d…

  19. BVI man says:

    I have read the article and comment by the Bishop and find this a case of I didn’t get my way so you are no good. The Road had been stink for years before the hurricane. I think mr. Clyne is using Clynmatics and not mathematics. $300 millions by 4 years is $1.2 billion

  20. Diplomat says:

    The headline read: I haven’t accepted ‘hush money.’ But was it offered? Everyone has a price. Is it not interesting when people are feeding at the trough how quiet they are about what ails government. But as soon as the spigot is shut off, they get loud, shouting from Sage Mountain how bad government is. Did government get bad after the faucet was shut off or the signs and evidence were always there ? Where is the credibility? Money, social status, positions, influence…….etc gone so goes the loyalty and silence. An hy…… word comes to mind.

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