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I reported the Governor to the United Nations — Premier

Governor John Rankin and Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley said he recently reported Governor John Rankin to the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on June 29, Premier Wheatley said his report was based on Governor Rankin’s recent statement that he may exert additional powers over the Virgin Islands.

“In early June, I travelled to the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York to appear before the Special Committee on Decolonization, also referred to as the C-24. I also informed them of where things currently stand in the relationship between the UK and the Virgin Islands,” Premier Wheatley told the House of Assembly.

“I did place on the record my administration’s objection to the UK continuing to maintain an Order in Council in reserve, that can immediately suspend the constitution. It is not necessary. UK parliamentarians, CARICOM, OECS and the C-24 agree with our position. I also expressed our deep concern about recent statements by the Governor regarding him potentially obtaining additional powers over the Virgin Islands. This also is not necessary,” the Premier added.

Recently, Governor Rankin gave his quarterly update on the progress the government is making to implement the good governance recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry. The Governor’s overall conclusion was that the government was moving slowly and he mentioned there are powers he can use to achieve important deliverables if the elected government continues to lag behind.

“If we do not see the ‘meat on the bones’ of these reforms by my next quarterly review, additional action will be necessary,” Governor Rankin said in his report. “I will hence be exploring options for additional resources, powers and technical expertise to accelerate reforms.”

Elected leaders have traditionally taken offence whenever a Governor uses his powers to make decisions without their approval. The Governor also warned the elected representative that Britain’s Order in Council is still in place and the UK needs to see significant progress in the governance reform process before it removes the Order in Council that threatens to take power away from local leaders.


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  1. Styles. says:

    The only thing Natalio does is complain.

    He should focus on getting things done in the territory. Since he took office (after Foy’s arrest), NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING was done to improve:
    – education
    – infrastructure
    – healthcare
    – tourism (no your stupid concert doesn’t count)
    – marine life

    Natalio, stop complaining and get to work.

    You can only blame others when you are functioning yourself.

    One more time for deaf Natalio: GET TO WORK AND GET THINGS DONE PLEASE!

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  2. SNITCH says:


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  3. WOW says:

    The Premier blew the whistle on the Governor

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  4. good says:

    Put it on the record.

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  5. Big Man says:

    What does this future President of these Islands propose as a new name for his Country. When removing the word BRITISH. Perhaps, Republic of the Virgin Islands, having Coke the official currency and a Republican Flag, Red with the words,’ Little Secrets’ in gold lettering and the National Airline, V. I. Republic International.No w!orries

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  6. Report yourself says:

    ..Go and report the xenophobic ways of the bvi
    ..Go and report why the children who born here can’t get a passport
    ..Go and report the injustice of employer collecting money out of ppl pay and not turn them over to nhi and ss
    ..Go and report the modern day slavery that’s has been taking place here… working without pay and working for $6 an hour

    With your nonsense!! Shut the … up and move the country forward! Fix the infrastructure!!!!! And stop complaining!!

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  7. Dumb A@z says:

    The name is the Virgin Islands. Please explain how can the word British be removed.

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  8. Hey Styles says:

    Maybe if we could get through to his mother or grandma?

  9. Action says:

    What is wrong with this *. Can we as a nation be so curse to have such a person in office. But God love the bvi. Sl**man is cursed, his seed is cursed going back 4 generations. How to I know his seed is curse, how do I know God love the bvi. He refused to allow his seed for reproduce, he dried up his seed in order to stop the curse. Never again from that seed back 4 generations should ever again be inflicted upon these islands. There will never be a slo**man junior. But if sl**man pays someone to give him a seed just know that that don’t count. The gods have spoken.

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  10. YES TO UK says:

    Natalio Wheatley the UK should shut you down now; I don’t know what they are waiting for. To the UK if you have any feelings for the people of the BVI shut these people down now they are not going to change, take over for a few years and set us free of this government.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    J am with the UK on this!!!!

    Let the people decide. .

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  12. Mad Max says:

    This government does appear to be treading water with no clear path for improvements. Just lots of excuses, patches and celebrations as the Territory deteriorates.

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  13. kweenie says:

    Coke is already the currency of the United Kingdom. They took the largest ever haul from a drug bust from here and resold it. Never ever destroyed it, there is no proof. When drugs are destroyed locally the is proof, pictures of it being burned.

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  14. It's Funny says:

    It’s funny how he is quick to call out a so called colonizer for literally doing his job, but we live in a country where locals think it is okay to treat expats like slaves and less than garbage for doing work that literally keeping the country afloat.

    Seriously who is holding this premiere accountable? Since taking power there has been no significant or note worthy change in the quality of life or improvement in infrastructure. Yall literally getting paid and doing zero. VI people wake up and realize the ppl that you allow to lead you are leading you down a path to ruin. if the UK pull out I pray everybody with a british passport pull out and move, because anything after that will be followed by nothing but struggle.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    Clean air

    These are our Human Rights but daily yearI Year out they are consistently violated and you tatt l e tailing a Gov to the UN.
    Take care of business Sowande. What Jnde l sndence can be sought when e n u doing u our people l e dirty on a large scale.
    $250;000 could have filled many cisterns in the drought.
    Giving out paydays to updeislun musicians while there are schools still not rebuilt and GOv offices is self serving for your inlaws and your upislun relatives . You are worse than the worse of Chief Man.

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  16. sigh says:

    OMG how dare they force us to run the country’s affairs responsibly and transparently. The wicked evil colonizers trying to stop us from squandering tax dollars enriching our friends and family; we want to keep throwing party while all the infrastructure fall apart. All I’m sayin is make sure the people of the BVI agree with you on this before you go speaking on their behalf abroad.

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  17. @It's Funny says:

    You’re treated like a slave here huh. How are you treated in your home country?

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  18. Get Real says:

    Nobody in the (British) Virgin Islands ever give this accident premier nor his brother the special envoy any authority to be constantly running their mouth at UN and other international agencies. Fix the roads, education, health system, clean up Roadtown, clean up the island in general including the district where he live. Fed up with this pappyshow.

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  19. Ok says:

    It seems that these comments are mainly from expats. Any reasonable person can see that the governor is going to far.

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  20. United Nations says:

    They should investigate the prevalent racism using words such as NON BELONGER, wait times of decades to get rights to live and work in the BVI and bad treatment of foreign workers as modern day slaves…plenty to report from the BVI towards the UN!

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  21. Laslow says:

    He found Fahie’s playbook.

  22. Q says:


  23. Failure says:

    Any government that starts off with mistakes, gets a s3cond chance and keeps on making mistakes and brag, boast, and complain instead of mendi g its wayz is doomed to be short-lived. Watch out. Elections in less than 4 years. This Titanic is about to hit an iceberg.

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  24. Snitch McSnitchin says:

    I’m sure many people in the BVI would love the UN to look into how people (especially foreigners) are treated in the territory. They call the guyanese people all sorts of names,but now they have oíl, we want their money LOL! We hate the jamaicans,but love their jerk chicken,we hate the USA,but love their unemployment cheque…you get the picture LOL!

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  25. Outsider says:

    Who pays the Governor? Even if Britain pays him, I think it is full time, that The UK cut out their hypocrisy in installing all sort of characters who have no genuine interest whatsoever in seeing these islands rise to self determination. It is sad that some politicians have proven themselves unworthy of the people’s trust and psychologically that hints the need for the UK’s continued presence and control. It appears to me, that the persons so appointed may have served England well in previous capacity and they are rewarded governorship of these islands as payment before they officially retire. Everywhere has mixed bags of people so the VI is not unique wise and foolish, even those with multiple degrees. Would it not be better, that several persons ( Virgin Islanders and Belongers ) are given scholarship in diplomacy and managing government affairs? And the governors are appointed from that pool, than to have a bunch of people, that does’t resemble them promulgating the UK’s dictates. This saga is ridiculous, the people elected their representatives, the COI stipulates that certain adjustments are needed, if they are are met timely, maybe the problem is that they do not know what is required, so get off the high horse and gently share what is required, instead of waving your big stick over the people’s head.

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  26. Interested says:

    If foreign workers are treated that badly why remain here?
    Surely they can go back home,can’t they ?

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  27. Clean Hand Doctrine says:


  28. @Snitch says:

    Got to stop this stupid lingo.

    You dont even know what a snitch is.

    Unless the premier and gov are in the same gang or involved in the same ship there is no such thing as snitching.

    Now if you and your buddy go out to do some work and you both mess the place up, you telling on your buddy as the dirty worker is snitching because you were both in it together.

    Face palm. There is no such thing as a law abiding snitch unless its corporate backstabbing such as feeding info to the competition.

    The premier has al right to speak out against the legacy of SLAVERY and racism which still permeates our VI reality.

  29. Rubber Duck says:


    You cant teach a donkey to play chess.

  30. @Action says:

    I rebuke you in the name of God and all that is good and right. You are evil. May your curse return to you, multiplied.

  31. ,,,,,, says:

    It’s all about power and control not the people of this country what a man wow he need to stop complaining and lying but uk got he right way they want him.

  32. @outsider says:

    Take it from an insider: the BVI would be a wasteland if it weren’t for the B in the VI.

  33. UN detectives says:

    should show up here in the BVI soon to investigate this incredible report!

  34. Interesting says:

    So let’s remove the British from the Virgin Islands. Let’s remove the American dollar from our economy. Let’s not have any UK influence whatsoever. Another natural disaster, No UK help, round up your own prisoners, patrol your own roads. All surrender your British passports and be independent. You must obtain Visa’s to travel to all US territories as the agreement the UK has made with the US will be null and void. Let’s see how that works for ya!!!

  35. Re: insider says:

    When the UK wanted the islands to be cleared of inhabitants and transferred to what is now largely the OECS, HL Stoutt, and others
    stood proudly and tall and set about building the territory. The UK wanted to relegate the VI to a bird sanctuary. History 101, know your history.Say NO to bad politicians/peoples of whatever nation or persuasion and NO to colonialists imperialistic behaviors.

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  36. @Kweenie says:

    Hydrogen peroxide is more efficient way of destroying cocaine. It’s also cleaner and safer than burning it.

  37. Hmm says:

    Last time we went go complain on people we get a COI. Wasted 8 million on UK lawyer and still get an order in council on our head. How about we just make the changes we need to make to make sure the place run properly and move on. At least make it harder for the nonsense that happen in the past to happen again first nun man.

  38. Smh says:

    Like the UN just going to side with him because he complain without checking to see if the situation actually had to be this way because of how poorly the country has been run for decades.

  39. poppyshow says:

    The reason this is a joke is because:
    1. We already agree to implement the reforms.
    2. We agreed to have them completed within a specific timeframe.
    3. The progress is slow and we falling behind schedule.
    4. When asked why the progress is so slow we complaining about recourses and personnel to work on it. (we cant get it do no faster)
    5. The governor say fine if you cant get it do no faster I gon have to make moves to get it do faster.
    6. We run gone bawing to the UN

    Please explain what you expect the UN to do about this!
    I cant even call this man slow no more is we the voters is who slow!

  40. WOW says:

    I wonder who will complain Mr. Wheatley, the VIP and his cronies to the UN.

    We want our roads fixed, schools equipped, children to have their rights, infrastructure to be upgraded, poisoning of West End residents to cease, THE DRUGS GUNS AND MURDERS TO STOP

    Who will complain to the UN on behalf of the people?

    The audacity of the Premier.

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