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I thought $400 bag of groceries was ‘garbage’, says accused thief

An unemployed man accused of stealing $400 worth of grocery items from Bobby’s Supermarket said he took the items because he believed they were “garbage”.

Thirty-seven-year-old Myron Rubaine of Baugher’s Bay pleaded not guilty to theft when he appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent last week.

The court heard that about minutes before midnight on March 29 last year, Rubaine parked at the Road Town-based supermarket and loaded his vehicle with the items.

The grocery items ranged from Kraft cheese to baby back ribs, the court heard.

“I met those things on the ground and thought these were garbage,” Rubaine told police who reportedly witnessed the incident and confronted him.

He was subsequently charged and was later granted police bail.

RiteWay theft

Seven months later, Rubaine allegedly visited RiteWay food market in Pasea Estate and stole $100 cash.

The court heard that the funds were left unattended by one of the cashiers.

The accused man allegedly spotted the cash, covered it with his grocery, and artfully took it away.

However, the court heard that surveillance cameras allegedly captured Rubaine taking the monies.

He pleaded not guilty to that offence during his court appearance.

Rubaine was subsequently granted $10,000 bail and is scheduled to return to court on October 30.

Part of his bail conditions is to report to the Road Town Police Station between 6 am and 6 pm every Monday and Friday and surrender his travel documents.

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  1. hmmm says:

    Myron Rubaine is NOT 37 years old

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  2. LOL says:

    I didn’t know he used to pick up garbage? I know his grandfather did

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    • Wide Eyed says:

      Really tho, why you had to bring his grandfather into it, he is dead let the man RIP. He made an honest living.

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    • Come on! says:

      Mr. Austin Rubaine worked an honest job collecting garbage to keep the BVI clean. There is no shame in it because it was honest work for honest pay. Not everyone can be a CEO of a company.

      You are the one I am ashamed of Mr.or Ms. Blogger. May Mr. Rubaine’s soul rest in peace. Utter disrespect!!

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      • Errrrr says:

        The person merely asked… They never disrespected Myron by asking if his grandfather picked up trash? Calm down

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      • The person says:

        Why did they need to ask such a question, it’s irrelevant. Let me add and say Mr. Rubain never picked up a piece of garbage, he was the driver of the truck and that’s all they could have gitt n him to do. For your information might. I add that he was a Policeman in his home country before he came here.

    • Wth says:

      He missed the filthiest piece of garbage tho, you.

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  3. Glue trap says:

    Baby back ribs and Kraft cheese as garbage?LOL guess the $100 he stole from Rite Way was scrap paper LOL this dude SMH

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    • NOT SURPRISED @ Myron says:

      Ahyo actually surprised? Myron stealing a long time now….look how he skillfully take up the $100 from riteway. All these stolen things yet he dint drop his price when selling his hotdogs and snacks. Cmon man we are all VIslanders together if you get the five finger discount like you often times do, reduce your price too nuh….geeesh.

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  4. Dude says:

    “granted $10,000 bail”
    All I want to know is was it really worth taking $100 for a bail on $10,000?

    Nothing beats an honest day’s work for your money.

  5. Hodgie says:

    Did he have a contract with the said supermarket to collect their garbage?

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  6. Reply says:

    Sticky fingers have apparently struck again. When will the thievery end? Not even baby back ribs are safe.

  7. Diana says:

    Is this the same Myron that sold drinks and food across from the High School? My how far people can fall.

  8. Santo says:

    A local man struck again…. Don’t want to work for their honest bread.

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  9. Virgin Islander says:

    It’s apparent that it still goes on as insiders selling the employer goods.This is a case where it seems like a drop off.

  10. What a lie says:

    How does anyone mistake groceries for garbage. Liar, liar pants blazing in the heat. This is his —-.

  11. Jeeze says:

    As expensive as baby back ribs are, No one is going to set them in a garbage pile. Ratchet —– that is what — is straight up ratchet —–. — —– the stuff and sells it.

  12. Hmmm says:

    Are you sure the goods left out back wasn’t a case where the $@ntos put it there to collect it later after they got off from work. I hear a lot of that use to go on at that supermarket which is why it got bankrupt a few years back. When they were late in collecting it, the items made their way all the way to the dump. Shame on them!

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  13. Rubbish man says:

    He have to give some examples of other times that he cooked and ate “garbage” in order to stand a chance of winning this case!

  14. Shame says:

    I hope an example is made of him. It would have been better than he had told the truth. He s—— and provide an excuse for his c——. I guess he has a garbage truck. Where the garbage dump in his house? He s—— his family, his children and the community that he currently serves, students of the ASPS. Parent be careful he may —– from your child.

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  15. Out of rope says:

    Who on here remember hot dog buns! threw the back door he run.same person

  16. Who Cares says:

    In other news.. bill Cosby get 3 years for assaulting women!!

  17. Capt. Obvious says:

    This cannot be the first time. Obviously an inside job. Bobby, check your people.

  18. Rock says:

    Check that fat red cashier with all the common sense in her belly front

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    • Shame says:

      Myron shame on you, you have brought shame on your grandfather’s head. He should have left you all in St. Kitts and this wont happen.

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  19. lawyer says:

    Myron is innocent. He did not remove the groceries from the supermarket. One of the employees did, but Myron got to it before the intended recipient. He went looking for an empty box and came across the bag. After close examination he decided his findings were good stuff. He never counted on getting in Super Cop way, much less taking his stuff. If I was super cop I would have locked him up too. In the case of Riteway, cash has no owner. Finders keepers. If I found cash on the street, am I to assume it belongs to the street cleaners? If a cleaner finds the cash he will clean it up. It is no longer cash. It is Trash!

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  20. CNN VG says:

    I laugh!!!!!! When u want to play like u better than people but theifing groceries.

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