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Dr Wheatley hoped to have more educators vaccinated already

Dr Wheatley

While admitting that he had hoped to have more teachers vaccinated already, Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley said his ministry continues to work with educators who require more information about the COVID jabs.

“I am aware that some educators have taken the vaccine. I am also aware that there are others who are planning to take it. Certainly, I would have hoped to have more persons take the vaccine at this point, but we will continue to provide education for those who need more information,” Dr Wheatley told BVI News.

Reports are that there is a significant number of teachers who’ve not yet taken the COVID-19 jabs.

Dr Wheatley did not confirm this report, nor did he give BVI News the specific number of educators who have taken the shots to date.

But he reiterated that the BVI society stands to lose if much of the population refuses to be vaccinated.

“There are implications for the entire society if we refuse to take the vaccine. Firstly, we will not be protected from a disease that has killed close to three million people globally. Also, our society will not function as normally as it could with a vaccinated population. This includes the education system. Certainly, I will have to discuss with health officials and my elected colleagues the policies that we will adopt if vaccines approach the expiration date, and we have not met our targets,” Dr Wheatley stated.

Face-to-face learning the most ideal in BVI?

Educators are the newest set of civil servants being urged to take the AstraZeneca jabs. The teachers are being urged to get vaccinated for the government to consider the full reopening of schools territory-wide.

It is believed that face-to-face learning is ideal in the BVI as schools provide a safe haven for students while their parents are at work.

Additionally, some students are being left behind because of internet challenges and lack of supervision when classes are held remotely.

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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    No person who willingly allows themselves to be an unprotected germ target should be let anywhere near children.

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    • @Rubber Duck says:

      Give it a rest with the fearmongering nonsense. You are under every single post with the same drivel. Suppose there are people that want the Pfizer vaccine, or Johnson and Johnson vaccine as opposed to the AZ vaccine? IT IS THEIR RIGHT! Everyone who does not have a medical or religous reason for opting not to vaccine should do so in my opinion however, if someone is more comfortable with another form of the vaccine then why should that be a problem? Open the schools and Territory with proper health protocols and we will all be just fine. If healthy living and proper diets were being pushed as much as these vaccines we would be in a far better place but this is much more than vaccinations, it appears to be a stepping stone and disguise for trampling on people for no reason. Where are the healthy campaigns to ensure a stronger territory moving forward? That’s what I thought! Take the shot and continue with the unhealthy living but atleast the data says you’d be protected from COVID.

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      • Parents take the lead says:

        Parents need to tell the schools that teachers who do not take the vaccine should lose their jobs!

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        • hmm says:

          go to h**l for that comment we not taking it and I wouldnt let teachers either.

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        • Pressuring teachers says:

          Why stress that teachers should be vaccinated? Are they the only persons students come in contact with? Parents go to supermarkets, church, stores and various work places where they mingle with countless people. They can easily contact the virus in any of those places and go back home to their children. Do the parents consider that or all their focus is on teachers? Bear in mind teachers are not the only persons your children come in contact with on a daily basis.

        • correction says:

          I hope you will be willing to replace any teacher who decide they will not take the vaccine. What about parents who do not take the vaccine? Should they lose their jo as well?

        • Ben says:

          parents need to step up to the plate and get vaccinated first before looking to the teachers. You want your child in school, then you go get vaccinated from knocking on teachers. Child and Health security among other things begins at home.

          don’t the parents intend to do anything for their children instead of relying on teachers.

          Step up to the plate, then maybe teachers should.

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      • @response says:

        and the BVI continues to live in LALA Land. Do you think other vaccines will be made freely available? Grow up, there is a vaccine on offer now, stop thinking that the entire world evolves around the BVI! Take what is available or deal with the consequences if you fall ill!!!

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      • Resident says:

        Where will the Territory get alternative vaccines; also countries that took the approach you suggest have not been able to function; look at Brazil, Germany, France and the US (until recently as Biden seems to be getting things more under control).

      • Future says:

        Could not have said it better.

    • ... says:

      The choice is personal! If mandated We back to Jim Crows Laws.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        No sir. There are many cases where the rights of the community supersede the rights of individuals. You have to obey car laws, seat belts, insurance, licenses. You cannot rob because it pleases you. There are already many areas of the world where vaccines for various things are required for entry.
        Would you agree with a teacher being drunk, unwashed, wearing dirty clothes etc in a classroom? Of course not. If they choose that lifestyle they can’t teach.
        So what’s different?

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        • Wow says:

          The difference is it is their body and the should have a say on wwhetherthey want to put a vaccine in it or not. Why the community keep attacking TEACHERS. Teachers like they are at the bottom of the food chain. Wow…As people said previously THEY are not the only people that students come in contact with. I better go read up on these human rights bills because soon and very soon we are not going to have any rights. Their are people because of their health do not feel like the vaccine is a right thing for them at the moment… You cannot compare a 1 year old vaccine to 50 pluse year old vaccine. Give it a rest people. You all are more concerns with controlling teachers than trying to control these unruly children. I still hope this is a Democratic society.

          • Sense/sensibility says:

            Teachers sit in room barking molecules at kids for an hour straight. Wake your b— a— ignorance up. Teachers in USA and bvi full of —k. Take the shot or move for teacher that is vaxd.

    • Wow says:

      @stupid duck.go and find the nearest cliff and jump without hesitation.

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    • @Rubber Duck says:

      Everybody who is alive is the direct result of parents being “unprotected germ targets”. Lol

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  2. Pandora's Box says:

    You Sir, are the biggest disappointment in a year plus of endless disappointments, bad decisions, and set backs! My stomach churns thinking of you as the guide to lead our educational facilities, curriculum, and future of our youth!

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  3. lol says:

    Do like ralph gonsalves

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  4. Teacher says:

    Have you gotten your shot as yet Minister?

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  5. Styles. says:

    Hi Natalie

    You thought?

    What do you mean you thought? You don’t communicate with the teachers? This Covid crap is going on already for a year. That a vaccine was coming is also known for months now. And now you are saying you thought the teachers would have been vaccinated already?

    What a waste of a minister you are. You are absolutely clueless what it means to be in charge of education.

    I petty the current generation of young people who are screwed out of their education because incompetent people like you are in charge.

    Shame on you.

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  6. You thought? says:


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  7. Gma says:

    Those who do not take the jab should start looking for other jobs, like cleaning toilets and sweeping streets, so that they are not in a position to mingle with our children.

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  8. Ha says:

    Thought make a man sh*t himself

  9. 007 says:

    Intelligent people should refuse to let their children be in a classroom with an unvaccinated teacher. End of.

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  10. OH PLEASE says:

    Natalio Wheatley, how dare you. I heard you in a teachers meeting clearly saying that you will (allegedly) not be taking the vaccine. And you will be using bush.

    Please show us your vaccination card and we will follow.

    You are the worst education minister ever in history.

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  11. @Gma says:

    Children have not being vaccinated and the same can be said for most parents. Students pose a greater risk to each other than teachers to be students.

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  12. Withhold says:

    Just let the unvaccinated teachers work from home and withhold their pay until each teacher gets vaccinated.

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    • Hilarious says:

      You want the unvaccinated teachers to teach from home but they should not be paid……hmmmm…..that’s illegal!

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  13. Lame duck says:

    Worst minister for education in the history of the BVI. And we have him to deal with at the most critical time. But we get what we vote for.

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  14. Call the man says:

    Call Myron for help please and thanks. Put your pride aside. We all know he would have been on top of this. Students would have been in school long time with a plan in place to deal with the situation.

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  15. Lookeee here says:

    So now he is blaming the teachers for their failed policy and procedure in the vaccine roll out. Mr. Minister you said that you were not taking it. You preferred to use Bush. We the teachers prefer bush still to.

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  16. Sowonday says:

    If Sowonday wasn’t in politics, nobody woulda get him to push out he arm for the jarb either. Actually he would protest.

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  17. Vaccine Apartheid says:

    Do some people read the things they put in these forums? “Have the unvaccinated clean toilets”, have them go home on leave without pay. This is despicable behavior for a somewhat democratic society. Before the vaccines came on the horizon it was all fine, now it’s here some have turned possessed and causing this segregation in society.
    As black people we know some of our history having to deal with these atrocities imposed upon us as a people from slavery, now the unvaccinated face this today. Decent hard working people that we might are choose to criminalize because of a choice not to take an Experimental vaccine.
    The same protocols still apply whether fully vaccinated or not. Do you treat persons with HIV like this in society, and yes I know the transmission is different.
    The social impact of this Apartheid will be more far reaching if we choose the wrong path with this.
    Why are some businesses giving incentives like 10% off store items if vaccinated? “NONESENSE” Can anyone give me guarantees if any serious side effects? Can’t we sit and take a deep breath and see the madness unfold before our eyes.
    Unvaccinated people have a right to life just like everyone else. I’m not committing a crime if I choose to reject an experimental vaccine that is causing blood clots in women and being paused for people under 65. I don’t care if they say it’s a small number, if someone is the bread winner in the family and fall into that unfortunate category of no return then who fixes that issue.
    This can become more of an economic issue in the future than you think.
    And for the ones saying send them home be very careful what you wish for.
    Another note to schools in the BVI or any business implementing policies to make things hard on others.
    Have any of you consider those who has allergies and conditions that exempt them from taking vaccines.
    Have the idiot people who say they took the vaccine after they’ve had covid and their bodies already developed the antibodies needed to fight the virus are taking a big risk “HyperImmune response”.
    What’s the percentage of persons actually checking with a doctor before taking the jab.
    Luckily most of the damage happens on the second dose.
    Have a great day.

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    • Eu citizen says:

      Can you stop pulling that stupid slave card please?
      Nobody cares or feels sorry for you.
      You were never a slave. Your ancestors maybe. But that goes for 100% of us if you back long enough.

  18. Slumber says:

    We still don’t have no furniture in the school. A whole 2 years and months since you have been our minister and no furniture. This would have never happened under Walwyn. Never

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    • @slumber says:

      Not one of them seem to think that getting furniture in the school is important. No chairs in the school have been going on since NDP time. We taught that this Education Minister would be better than Walwyn. They are all the same.

      • @@slumber says:

        Walwyn was a good education minister so move from here with that nonsense. You all start up with your lies already. They will not work this time.

  19. Y'all ain't serious says:

    We have had a silent and deadly killer sit in our classes, offices and places of employment for YEEEAAARRRSS and with the passing of Hurricanes IrMaria it has gotten waaaay worse. 100s of students, teachers, custodians and parents etc have fallen ill, some have died, others have lifelong illnesses and monstrous medical bills. The Alarm has been sounded continuously over the deplorable state of our classrooms and buildings due to Mold Infestation and Terrible Air Quality, moisture build up and the list goes on and on, yet these immediate Life-threatening issues HAVE NOT been addressed but you gonna come on here about Vaccine this and Vaccine that??

    Give me a freaking break!!!!!! WE DONT WANT YOUR VACCINE!!! ALL this BS about the Vaccine being “SAFE”. Tell me that Ish 5 years from now when y’all immune systems can’t fight off simple illnesses and coon colds because your bodies have been compromised with GMO nonsense!!

    Why aren’t we educating the public about what our God-created NATURAL bodies and Immune System Defenses can do once we eat right and grow our own food??? Where are the campaigns for that??? How about educating our people about the Herbs and Natural Remedies that are right on soil that can do 100x better than this man-made crap y’all trying to choke down our throats??

    Sowande, you protest and are loud-mout about the opression of black people and the liberation of africans but yet here you are being a SHEEP led to slaughter by the tail of your coat!!! Wake the Heck Up!!!!

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Another self taught expert from listening to the juju man in the bar.

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    • Eu citizen says:

      Can you stop pulling that stupid slave card please?
      Nobody cares or feels sorry for you.
      You were never a slave. Your ancestors maybe. But that goes for 100% of us if you back long enough.

  20. @call the man says:

    Stuffing as many children as you could in a mold infested building is not a plan.

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  21. They ate their cake.. says:

    They ate their cake and they still want to have it….The Minister needs to create a firm health and safety Policy in the education system in regards to all close contact activities,,,, If they do not want to take the vaccine they must keep their mask on at all times,,. Failure to do so is a health risk..

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    • ok says:

      Yeah, this mask business, to keep the COVID 19 from flying out the nose or mouth, so why the COVID test has to go way up into your throat from your nose? Why wouldn’t a saliva test show POSITIVE or NEGATIVE? OH wai who makes those tests? er and masks?

  22. The nation says:

    Rushing people to take a vaccine that do t stop them from contractinv COVID-19 or spreading it. Pfizer vaccine better they say but look:

    • Rubber Duck says:

      This what happens when you vaccinate…

      And when you don’t…

      Reduction in Covid cases from the peak

      UK: 97%
      🇿🇦 South Africa: 95%
      🇪🇸 Spain: 82%
      🇲🇽 Mexico: 76%
      🇺🇸 USA: 73%
      🇷🇺 Russia: 70%
      🇰🇷 South Korea: 42%
      🇮🇹 Italy: 37%
      🇩🇪 Germany: 32%
      🇫🇷 France: 25%

  23. East Man says:

    Realy disappointed in this man. It’s a good thing people know the truth. Being vaccinated will not protect you. In will reduce the severity of covid symptoms. Dr know nothing please tell my people the truth. Over and out.

  24. Curly says:

    I personally will not letring my child be taughtt by a teacher that has not been vaccinated. If you say it’s their choice whether they vaccinate it’s my choice as a parent to try and keep my child safe.

  25. HMMMM says:



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