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I use marijuana for my diabetes, police tampered with drugs

Kelvin Mercer

An East End man who claims he uses marijuana to treat his diabetes has accused local law enforcement of tampering with evidence in his case.

Kelvin Mercer, a government employee, was reportedly found with 105 grams of cannabis and an undisclosed amount of dime bags at his Vanterpool Estate home on May 15 last year.

He pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled drug but not guilty to possession with intent to supply.


During his trial on Tuesday, Mercer told the court that the cannabis that was found in his apartment and the cannabis brought before the court as evidence were different and he suspects that it was tampered with.

He claimed that his cannabis was found in one bag and was weighed, sealed and placed in an evidence bag in his presence at the Road Town Police Station. However, the marijuana brought before the court was now divided into four small bags.

He also said he does not recognize the signature on the evidence bag as his own.

He further said that, despite only having a search warrant for his home, police officers searched his sister’s home as well as an abandoned building.

He said he was brought to the aforementioned areas against his will and believes that one of the police officers who executed the search had a ‘vibe’ against him.

I use marijuana for my diabetes

In the meantime, the court heard that Mercer is suffering from diabetes and, as a result, uses between two to three dime bags of cannabis per day as medication for the illness.

When asked if he was using prescribed medication for his illness, Mercer said his diabetes was not ‘at a high stage yet’. He further said he once read that smoking cannabis could heal him.

He, however, rejected the prosecution’s claim that he was a supplier.

“I came to tell the truth today. I smoke, I got diabetes and I use it for my own use,” he told the court.

Mercer’s trial continues on Wednesday, October 17.

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  1. rambo says:

    that something else

  2. Hodgie says:

    If he was using it in the form of tea. I would more likely to believe him.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, 3 dime bags a day equals about $11,000 a year! Wow!

  4. Lol says:

    What a big fool.

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  5. Snow flake says:

    Guess we better be thankful he doesn’t have a—– cause then he would claim to be using Cocaine for that

  6. OG says:

    Dude, just man up and admit you were slanging the weed. Five O did not tamper with anything. Five O is rolling up on the block because quarters is getting dropped.

  7. olie says:

    welcome to tortola

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  8. ! says:

    Marijuana for diabetes? I never heard that use for it before.

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  9. dog man says:

    We still going after the weed. Come on bvi.

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  10. toohot4you says:

    ME TOO #LegalizeIT

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  11. says:

    All jokes aside. I had an illness that I was placed on prescription for. I never use my prescription beyond two days as it made me sick due to the harshness ,however I took the tea and sometimes because the plant was hard to get I smoked. After an evaluation using once per day for two years, I went back for an evaluation over my time and God knows the Dr said that my issue was completely cured . All I am saying is it works. While the Dr think it was the use of medication he gave me ( I use twice) he was unaware as to what it really was. I however stop usage because abuse do lead to substance issues. We need to look at its healing properties. Start at the medicine level. However start at small amounts. Why full up the jail for non sense and people drink drive and walking around impaired and that ok. Stop the formality and apply common sense.

  12. a question... or two says:

    Who is his weed supplier, or should I say his bush doctor? Or does this young man have a farm?

  13. Concerned says:

    It is strange to hear that weed is used for treatment of diabetes. I don’t believe him.He must fooling the court.

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