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I was a witness at wedding – Murder victim’s uncle

Nelson. Photo provided

Apostle Dr Gerald McLean said there is no logic behind assertions that his late niece Sherika Nelson was part of any plot to murder Lennox DaSilva – the man she later married and relocated to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to spend the rest of her life with.

The uncle also told BVI News Online in an exclusive interview that he had not received any report of his late niece ever cheating on DaSilva, who was her husband of three years.

DaSilva is now at Her Majesty’s Prison in the BVI, accused of butchering Nelson on June 10 this year

Roughly three years earlier, however, DaSilva was shot and wounded in Jamaica while he was visiting his then girlfriend Nelson. Jamaican police stated that the incident, which took place specifically at Palmers Cross in the parish of Clarendon, was a robbery.

Nelson’s uncle this week stated that, based on the information he has received, DaSilva was shot and wounded while he tried to protect Nelson during the robbery.

“When he came to visit Nelson in Jamaica, some unscrupulous gunmen went into the home of Nelson, and Mr DaSilva was held up. Some nieces of Nelson, and a female friend were also there. They put the gun at Nelson’s head and they were robbed.”

“I heard that Mr DaSilva got up because he was trying to assist Nelson. He said ‘No, you cannot kill my girlfriend’, and they shot him,” the uncle further told BVI News Online.

He stated that Nelson stood by her then wounded boyfriend throughout the period he was admitted to the May Pen Hospital, Jamaica.

From all indications, the shooting incident solidified what was thought to be the truthfulness of the love affair. Marriage eventually was raised.

“After Mr DaSilva was hospitalised and discharged, he said he wanted to marry Nelson before he came back to the BVI, because she has supported him. They were in love.”

“I wouldn’t say that she was involved in the shooting. If she was involved in the shooting, she wouldn’t have committed to marrying Mr DaSilva,” added Nelson’s uncle.

Nelson’s relatives in Jamaica approved of her choice for a husband, DaSilva, because they too thought the love affair was powerful.

“I myself was one of the witnesses for the wedding,” Nelson’s uncle further told BVI News Online.

Following the marriage, Nelson relocated to the BVI to reside with her husband.

Roughly three years after the marriage, however, Nelson’s relatives are in the BVI to collect her body.

The man accused of slaughtering her over suspicion of cheating is her husband, DaSilva.

I want to see Mr DaSilva

The victim’s uncle, in the meantime, told BVI News Online that he would like to meet DaSilva face-to-face to have him explain directly what happened on the fateful night of June 10 at Greenland, Tortola.

“We have had dialogue with the [BVI] police asking their permission to see Mr DaSilva, but it seems futile,” the uncle told BVI News Online this week.

“I would try to find out what caused him to [allegedly] take the life of Nelson. I’d find out what led to any misunderstanding and I’d listen to his utterance. I don’t have any animosity based on the fact that he [allegedly] killed her… We serve a God of justice. We have to just trust God and let God have his way.”

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