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‘I was shocked Walwyn was not re-elected’

Premier Andrew Fahie. (BVI News photo)

What is believed to be one of the greatest surprises of the 2019 General Elections was the crushing defeat of NDP Chairman Myron Walwyn, who up to recently, was known as one of the single biggest vote-pullers in an election.

That reputation vanished when voters chose not to re-elect him to the House of Assembly for a third consecutive term. Even Walwyn’s political rival, Premier Andrew Fahie, said he was surprised.

“I’m going to be honest with you, it really shocked me. Although I was knowing the VIP’s four At-Large [candidates] had a chance to win, it shocked me … I believe in my team. It’s not to say that they could not win. But, from all indications you were hearing, you would have thought that he (Walwyn) would have still been up there,” Premier Fahie said.

“But once you’re in politics anything is possible,” he added.

Now that Fahie has been sworn in as the BVI’s new Premier, the territory awaits to learn how he intends to assign the five ministerial portfolios among his eight-member team. Notably, if the VIP stays true to its manifesto, a sixth ministerial portfolio — Tourism — could be created.

The five already existing ministerial portfolios include the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Natural Resources & Labour, the Ministry of Health & Social Development, the Ministry of Education & Culture, and the Ministry of Communications & Works.

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  1. VG says:

    Don’t be surprised Hon. Premier Fahie , God Was and still is in control.Please you and your team make us proud. I know with God’s help you all will.

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    • Bush Tea Sipping says:

      Listen this is a warning to the VIP & NDP, we the people are in control. If the VIP think they can go in there and run our country like it is there personal piggy bank, then they too will be out. This is not a joke and we are not playing with political parties any more. VIP we are watching you like a shark, now lets get to work and build the BVI.

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    • Oops says:

      Once we get the result we prayed for, cursed for, campaigned for, defamed for God is in control? If it was otherwise it would have been the devil’s work right? Hypocracy and ugliness does manifest in subtle ways ain’t it. I am happy the people get their wishes granted and mostly so the territory can return to a place that was hidden for some time.. Yes MW should go skidding and enjoy his wife and family. In time to come he will not be the hot topic anymore. That should bring him much joy I hope. Apparently he raised the devil in some Godly folks.

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  2. BVI People says:

    True BVI people are not stupid. They saw where MW were taking the country and what he was doing to its roots people. They kept wise as serpents and innocent as doves and acted accordingly. To love the BVI one has to have strong roots and strong rooted BVI people will see who for BVI and who not.

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    • Very Well Said says:

      I could not have said it any better even if I had tried. I was very concerned for our beautiful Territory. God remains in control.

      Lawmakers now need to ensure that BVIslanders feel at ease and protected (and not threatened) in their own country.

      Congrats to the winners.

      Proud BVIslander

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    • son of the soil says:

      He tried to phase out the indigenous by filling up his team with candidates with outside parentage and we had to put a stop to that. We didn’t want to create another monster. NO MORE ISLAND PEOPLE IN OUR HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY

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      • Resident says:

        Stop your divisiveness already threequarters of the bvi have a parent who not from here!!!!

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      • uk says:

        if UK took away belonger status look how many of you will have to use your US passport.

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      • Where is the BVI? says:

        I wonder where you find that comment to make. Well let me tell you something we are all from an island, we are not living or we are not from continents. Most of the persons either way that came from down the islands are much smarter and more educated than the people of this same BVI so you need to stop talking things you dont know!!!

        PROVEN FACTS!!

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      • ...? says:

        Keep it up.

      • Rip the dogup says:

        @Son of the soil, you are one foolish jack a×s

        • Wow says:

          Caribbean people are not their problem,let’s get real with this NDP did not win because they weren’t enough BVI brand names in the line up. The few they had, took office.
          These people have sick minds, I heard a teacher said to the kids in school at one time that your last names can’t do anything for you anymore,you should focus more on your education. After reading this and seeing the results of it I am more then convinced that it’s a name thing. IF THAT’S THEIR FOUNDATION IT WILL CRUMBLE AND FALL ONE DAY, TEACH THEM TO USE THIER ABILITIES AND NOT THEIR LAST NAMES.

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      • Observer says:

        You are one of those ignorant people who continue to create division within the caribbean. Where would the bvi be today without us islanders? Go back with your divisiveness

      • *Hmm says:

        No worries son of the soil you soon won’t need to get your briefs in a twist bout “island ppl” in the house once the UK infiltrate & impose their many changes on us. Soon it will be a bunch of brits ruling while having their afternoon teas & crumpets. What will you do then huh who you going complain to strups. We got bigger fishes to fry son

    • Naturalised Belonger says:

      This has to be one of the most prejudiced piece of garbage I have ever had the displeasure of reading. So I happened to be born on another Caribbran Island, I grew up here went to school, was sent a way to school and unlike many ppl I did the BVI proud and actually came back, I guess because I don’t have BVI roots I am not capable of loving the territory? Despite the VIP’s history of nepotism, I voted for them because I saw them as the better choice in the recently concluded election. Love for the territory is not dependent on whether you have deep roots in the territory or not. It is wanting to see the territory and all its people prosper, who ever those people are. To ensure that we elect a government that is capable of enhancing the socio-economic conditions of BVI people. Merely having deep roots in the territory does not necessarily mean you love and want what’s best for the territory or else you would have voted in PVIM.

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      • BVI People says:

        I guess you do not understand the term, roots. Deep roots = deep love. The deeper the roots, the deeper the love. Many of us can trace our ancestry back to our great grandparents, the lives they lived based upon what our grand parents told us. The rough seas they travelled simply to support their families, neighboring families and the BVI community as a whole. The sacrifices they made. Some of us can go back one more generation. I am 45+

        Also note that there are varying degrees of love. But the deepest love is the love that is LOYAL & FAITHFUL to the fullest degree. Do you understand?

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        • shallow rooted says:

          And how many deep rooted people are still here, toiling through the dark and stormy post Irma months, rebuilding what once was? And, how many came back just to vote and eat guava tart and have gone again to uncle Sam while the shallow rooted people remain and toil so that BVI may rise again?
          now, what again is love?

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        • Ungrateful says:

          Some just to d**m ungrateful. The BVI was not booming as today. Some came in a time when BVI was nothing, work hard like slaves and build up Tortola.

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    • Insider says:

      Such an ignorant comment. Continue to interbreed.

  3. I am a VIP supporter, but Myron supporter too says:

    Myron needed to be elected as he needed to remain in to form the opposition in house of assembly to help monitor/watch you guys together with Fraser.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Many doubt you were. Hypocrisy in open air is so easy, ain’t it?

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  5. US says:

    Mr.Fahie/Premier, best of luck to you and may God continue to bless you and guide you. Stay focus and follow the path that God wants you to follow. Again,good luck and God bless.

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  6. LOL... Boo Myron says:

    We showed up and showed out…you think we are fools, the big joke is on you. FYI, you didn’t even win VIP’s at-large candidates…. Eat your heart out. You think you run things in the BVI…. News Flash… No you do not! Now go sit dung from feeding scheming the people and telling them lies. Hon. Fair in and he’ll get to see all the other things you guys tried to hide and cover up. VIP all the way.

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    • Just Saying says:

      Myron living better than many of us. Some of us here bashing him left, right and center, but he is not hand to mouth as some. Remember its he along with the entire NDP. (Dr. Smith and Team) did not do all good the BVI). When bad decisions were made, all to blame (NDP 1 and NDP 2 members). Have mercy in this place. Its done and over with and its time to move on. Let the place have some peace Damm.

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  7. frazcar says:

    Apparently he flew out with the thrushies….lol

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  8. every dog has his day says:

    He suffered the same faith as Irene Penn Oneal…From the top vote getter down to the bottom of the pit

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  9. no not for premier says:

    Obviously the BVI didn’t want no island man to be premier

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    • @no not for Premier says:

      Capital a*****e

    • 007 says:

      if one born here they are form here and with this kind of behavior thing will change in this country

      when we the born here outsider ready will vote in someone who born here but parent not form here for Leader and there will be nothing that those who against us can do about it

      This was a political suicide again Myron V. Walwyn form PVIM & it founders

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  10. MW for Premier - Must be joking says:

    To think that MW actually thought the people of the VIs were silly enough to make him Premier. ???? So you really think we’re that stupid huh? You create so much contention and division amongst all persons that call BVI their home and want to be our Premier?… Mosquito pleeeease. You

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  11. hog city says:


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  12. LOL says:

    LEH HE TEK DAT….My name is JW and i approve this message.

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  13. Guess what says:

    Myron you don’t have to pull anymore stunts to try to get sympathy… It didn’t work. We are on to you… Bye bye and farewell, you are not wanted in Government. Guess what, the same one you referred to as little boy in HOA got reelected by the people and you’re on the outside looking pitiful looking in. ????

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  14. Bell Bottom says:

    Based on his attitude, I think we are better off without MW. Andrew has been in this game longer than most of them, and he has stayed humble and down to earth. Just about anyone can approach Andrew and talk to him. And he will listen. MW, although relatively new to politics, allowed his position to go to his head.

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  15. Suits says:

    Now its time to take our new Premier to the tailor and get some GQ suits fitting for his premiership. I know once he remains humble and remember who put him there (Jehovah God) the impossible will be possible and will be done in this term…watch out and intercessors stay on the wall for Premier Fahie!

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  16. PLEASE says:


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  17. Cabinet says:

    I think the Junior Minister for Trade and for Tourism was a good idea. There should also be a member who is liaison officer between the Administration and the RDA because we need to get the infrastructural projects going. We need the high school back for 2019/2020 term…we cannot afford to pay $32,000 NDP rent. We need more support for the police and fire stations…better infrastructure and better equipment and supplies.
    We also need to get the works started and completed on the GOvernment Complex THIS YEAR…too long civil servants been working in deplorable conditions…get these things done Hon Fahie and trust me…you in for another term as long as God wills it.

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    • Tired says:

      Complaining, complaining for every damn thing. We just came out of 3 very devastating natural disasters. I am begging you God please don’t take back to 2017. Have mercy on Heavenly Father in our ungrateful Self.

  18. West End Ferry Dock says:

    And now we know we going to see action on the rebuilding of the west end ferry dock. Thank you Jesus!

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  19. Laura says:

    The Silent kiss of many politicians entails greed, ego and deception. They never believe that the rules they set apply to them, so on their way up the ladder they never assume that they can fall (and in this case he fell hard).

    It takes considerable courage and commitment to be brutally honest with oneself. I suggest that Mr. Walwayn takes along look at why and how he came to his own demise. Regroup and come back better able to serve the people and country he loves.

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  20. love ❤ BVI from DC says:

    Take it from me Prmr. Fahie…be humble, focus on the job before you, teach the one below you, and learn the one above you ( unknown. Don’t waste time commenting on your opponents or small matters. That should be below you and is a waste of precious time. Love you all and pray the BVI is on a fiscal, emotional and physical healthy path. Be an example of what you want your people to reflect..humble emotional intelligent people.

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  21. Qiestionable says:

    If I was Myron i will never run. The BVI is full of hatred for island people.

    I am not a full breed tolian so i know how ut feel.

    The lord has his hands in this election by allowing the truth of how BVI Islanders epecially the full breed ones how they feel about expatriates.

    They only need them to do their dirty work and make them rich.

    We wanted a full breed priemier and we got it I dont hope you all dont be ungrateful.

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    • Not So says:

      I disagree. It is the outsiders who dislike BVI belongers, yet expect BVI belongers to love them. I have been in many positions to observe this, aid it does not matter where you guys are from. All expats (including the white ones) get together to keep down locals. That’s a fact.

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      • @Not so says:

        We do a good job of that all by ourselves. Maybe we should take a page from their book and see how pull together to be successful and not pull down each other. We like crab in barrels and then we blame the outsiders for everything. We don’t even believe in here ourselves because we born all our children in the US. That speaks volume.

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      • Pityful says:

        What a load of crap. It’s people like you, thankfully the minirity, that give belonged a bad name.
        I see you in the labour Dept, in immigration and the police. I see you in the taxi driver who won’t let me ride because my skin is white. What do expect when you come at us with this xenophobic attitude
        PS. I love most belonged, but you need to stamp this out.

  22. waylox says:

    He was acting too doggone cocky

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  23. Vincy tolan says:

    Son of the soil you sound so dumb

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  24. Hellooooooo says:

    Ayo leave Myron alone. He has more integrity in his little finger than all who pointing fingers at him. All who here bashing him can’t do half of what he can do. He went to college and became a lawyer and some a ayo can’t even spell so GO SIDDUNG!!!!!

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  25. Proof in pudding says:

    Why should Myron be our Premier after all the lies, and wasteful spending he has done. He is a man that has never accepted responsibility for anything he has done wrong… Always quick to play blame game or to downplay his mess-ups and most times even tell lies and half truths. What the heck will we want Myron as our Premier? Then at that he so arrogant and think he smarter than everyone else but Hon.Fahie wasn’t afraid of him. He exposed all the nonsense Myron and the NDP were doing by himself. He thought he was such a big giant, but he must remember David killed Goliath, it’s God VIP was dealing with while he was busy dabbling into…let’s leave that there. At the end of the day, the underdog, the one he loathes so much is his Premier… Now let he talk that!

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  26. Hon. Fahie - VIP says:

    BVI NEWS & Hon Fahie & VIP Team, somebody anybody

    Help me look into this. Hon. Fahie, I need you to do something about it and it wont cost money.

    Why is it that Romasco brings in ships, transport tourists and I believe also provide meals and/or take them all to Cane Garden Bay. Are there not other beaches with restaurants … money need to share for alllll businesses. ONE COMPANY / FAMILY cant take ALLLLLL the business. Proper distribution of tourist should be happening.

    Am I the only one seeing this and nothing being done. Other businesses are suffering from thus selfishness.

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  27. West End is part of BVI now says:

    MW you cannot punish the residents of West End anymore while acting like Hon Fahie dropping the ball on is. We know that the Hon Fahie never left us nor neglected us, his hands were tied and you made sure of that but the sunlight (good) has caught up with moonlight (evil) and the LIGHT (God) have the last say. You lost and Hon. Fair was victorious. Your smooth talking did not work this time… LOL West End is now part of the territory again, no more victimization and neglect from NDP.

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    • @ West End is part of BVI now says:

      Yes sah. You talk the truth. I don’t know who was responsible but the first district was neglected for times under the previous Administration. Only time we saw them was just before election in 2015 when we got election roads that were half done and election fisherman’s wharf. After Irma we were worst than a step child…we were orphans. Now like Lavity, Hon Fahie as first district rep is now Premier. We need to get the west end police station tackle and that area cleaned up and the ferry dock to come back.

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  28. You to says:

    The joke is on you because who laughs last laughs the best, so we will see who gets the last laugh!!

  29. SMH says:

    Such ignorance …how could you say, you did not want an Island man for premier, is Hon Fahie from a continent?, I hope when the UK pass their law and the white man from the UK becomes premier in some years to come, you all will have that same voice. Island people help to build this territory but you all always seemed to be threatened by them. Remember it is only about 25% of True BVI Islanders, Island people and other Immigrants helped to vote the VIP in , including myself, stop the nonsense

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  30. Meshon says:

    You need to be a born rooted BVI Islander, parents, grand parents, great grand parent and great, great parent grand parent most be from here to be the Premier of these beautiful places okay. This is our country and we are going to keep on fighting for it.

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    • Observer says:

      Ignorance at its best. We are one Caribbean people, stop the divisiveness.

    • @Meshon says:

      Are you crazy??? All of we BVI Islander as u stated Great,great parent grand parents came from another Caribbean Island besides Tortola. So u need to check your Heritage and Family Tree. Maybe a Family Reunion is in order so ALL of us will know exactly which Caribbean Island we hail from.

    • Insider says:

      Well you BVI women need to stop looking island man to be their husbands and vice versa then!

  31. Longshanks says:

    I am not a belonger or entitled to vote, but the saddest sight in the BVI right now is the high school. As minister for education, I would have put that on MW in terms of ultimate responsibility.

    Best of luck in his future endeavours.

  32. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The true power rest with voters and the voters are smarter and more attuned to the world of politics than many think. Many take voters, especially mass voters, for granted. However, voters have flexed their muscle and have spoken loudly. Take voters for granted at your own risk. Premier Fahie’s shock at Walwyn lost is rather interesting. The VIP ran 4 candidates at large that won. Were there doubt that all four were not going to win? Walwyn was the top voter getter in 2015 and many projected him to win 2019.

    However, the lay of the land was different, the competition was different, the NDP performance record was diffrent…….etc. The NDP made its bed hard and had to lie in it hard; it had to wear its performance record. Many try to distant themselves from the NDP record but they couldn’t run far away; they had to wear the jacket. It (NDP) exhibited poor stewardhip of resources. For example, the $7.2M giveaway to BVI Airways will be a thorn in its legacy side for an eternity.

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  33. Gods child says:

    May God have mercy on the negative talkers against Myron. People we all are human be careful of your words against God hand made. What goes around comes around be mindful of your words mind you… today for him tomorrow for you.

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  34. Nothing to see here says:

    The same thing that happen to Fraser happen to Walwyn. The people do not want them as Premier…at this time. Reality. Regroup and deal with it.

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  35. That's why says:

    That’s why I said no Debate for them. Let them answer questions!

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