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‘I will not remain quiet’

Melvin 'Mitch' Turnbull. File photo

Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull. File photo

While announcing a number of projects to be pursued in his constituency using more than $300,000 allocated in the budget this financial year, representative of Second Electoral District Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull said he will not stop campaigning for the Cane Garden Bay Police Station to be permanently opened and manned.

He said he has grown tired of excuses when residents of communities such as Cane Garden Bay, Windy Hill, Ballast Bay, Brewers Bay, and Chalwell are left ‘unsecured’.

“We have a police station; we need to have it manned. There is no more time for excuses. And I will not stop until we have that police station reopened and manned on a daily basis. That is our right and that is the least that they can do.”

Turnbull’s comments came after Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews stated recently that the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force does not have enough resources to keep the station in Cane Garden Bay open 24 hours per day.

Commissioner Matthews also previously told Turnbull that police officers are the ones who provide policing; not buildings.

Responding to the top cop’s remark during his second annual district address on Saturday evening, Turnbull asserted that he will not keep quiet about the issue.

“I asked the commissioner some questions during a Standing Finance Committee deliberation, and his response was that the police station doesn’t police. But I want to make it clear that I will not stop. I will not sit back, and I will not remain quiet, because we are paying thousands and thousands of dollars per month.”

Some 2017 community projects

Meanwhile, Turnbull, who touted several of his accomplishments since being elected in 2015, said his constituents should expect much more from him this year.

He promised to ensure that a public restroom facility is made available in Brewers Bay, and that the road project is completed on Jost Van Dyke.

The first-term politician also promised full restoration of the dinghy dock in Cane Garden Bay, as well as restoration of the basketball court in the Diamonds community.

Turnbull said most, if not all of the projects, will be completed this year.

He did not give the cost of all the projects he listed. But he noted that a combined total of $175,000 has been allocated for the aforementioned basketball court and restroom projects.

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews

“We were able to – through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour – put an item in the budget for $100,000 to build this year, a restroom facility in Brewers Bay Park area,” Turnbull said.

“We were able to reconvene works on the Diamonds basketball court last year, and this year we have been able to allocate a $75,000 line item in the budget to complete the Diamonds basketball court and have an opening and renaming ceremony for it in honour of the late Eli ‘Boogie’ Hodge and Mr Raymond Anthony. That’s going to happen this year.”

He continued: “We’ve also been able to identify in the budget [funds for] the completion of that road from Rudy’s Bar all the way to Foxy’s in 2017.”

Turnbull then specified that $150,000 has been set aside in the budget to ‘renovate, overhaul and rebuild’ the Cane Garden Bay dinghy dock.

He explained that work was done on the said dock recently, but that was a ‘temporary fix’.

“Because the yachts come into Cane Garden Bay and overnight, the dinghy dock is essential to livelihood of the businesses in Cane Garden Bay,” added Turnbull.

Insistent and consistent

The political representative tried to assure residents that he has the will to deliver the projects promised.

“You heard the premier [Dr D Orlando Smith] talk about me being insistent and consistent. I make noise. That’s what I do well.”

“I may not achieve and be able to do all the things that each and every single individual may want done. But as long as we continue to work together in district two, we will continue to go forward,” Turnbull further told his constituents.

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